Primark p.s primer water review ( dupe for Urban decay all nighter? Smashbox primer water or Mac’s fix+?)

I never thought much of face mists or setting sprays until I started using Mac’s infamous fix+ years ago and started seeing what the hype was all about. Macs fix+ plus is amazing to set and melt the makeup into the skin- especially for example when wearing powder foundations…

I then discovered the amazing Urban decay all nighter setting spray- which by now everyone and their dog own-Amazing at prolonging the longevity of your base! review here by the way….and next up, my recent stop was the amazing Smashbox primer water!

Primer water is a whole new concept in that this spray is designed to prime your face before makeup application and also can be used after application – however not necessarily to set it, but to allow the makeup to mesh into your skin and also hydrate the skin! It makes perfect sense to use this prior to base application, as your skin becomes slightly moist allowing any foundation/ base to apply and blend easily.

Now although I absolutely adore the smashbox primer water, I do find it to be quite pricey. It smells amazing, and is so refreshing that once I had finished the travel size was eager to purchase the full size…Until I caught site of something else….

I stumbled across the P.s primark primer water for a mere £1.50 with a whopping 150ml. Now how could anyone resist!? I mean if it isn’t good then it won’t hurt my pocket nor would I feel too bad if I had to throw it out.

However things are different- bceause the Primark primer water is friggin amazeballs! 👏👏

The actual bottle that it comes in has a fantastic mist- one that mists the face, and can be built up- depending on how wet/ moist you want your face. Furthermore, it even smells just as refreshing as the Smashbox primer water and works in just the same way. Need I say more? Well let me just tell you that I recently just finished a bottle and am using my back up bottle…need to go out amd get some more. 🤗

I mean, because of its super affordable price tag I do NoT hesitate to use it for all purposes. Be it to wet my beauty blender or to wet my brush. I don’t mind just spritzing away…

Also the primer water is great for when you need to re-touch your makeup- a few spritz of this, reapply some powder and your good to go! I even like to just spray some through out the day if it’s at hand as it’s pretty refreshing and can help with any cake-iness through out the day! Also silicone and alcohol free! 🤗

All I can say, is that although I love the Smashbox version- something about it feels more special- and just a bit more nicer, ( don’t ask me how?- Maybe smells nicer and has better ingredients???) I really feel like this Primark primer water is one that has been replicated so well…there’s really nothing to dislike about it so I highly recommend!

Until next time I’m signing out….:))

Let me know of you have tried it and comment below? Loved it or hated it???✌


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