Revolution Pro pressed glitter refill eyeshadows review..are they any good?

In my books, there’s no reason not to sparkle everyday or any day! Festivals, parties, weddings are justm some excuses to wear glitter but for me – glitter just excites me and you can wear it whenever you want and how you want ( I love a good glitter eyeliner on top of my regular black liner!). I love how aesthetically pleasing they are to look at and even more so on the eyes! I feel like with glitter- if applied correctly, can make any makeup look go from beautiful to stunning, by just giving it that beautiful reflective shine..Be it all over the lid, just on the centre or even as an eyeliner!- it’s gorgeous!

I’ve been waiting for the drugstore to launch some pressed affordable glitters! And yet again -Makeup revolution seem to have done it again! And just to point out- Affordable to the point where each pan costs £1 each!!

And so today I am reviewing the Revolution Pro pressed glitter refill eyeshadows. I have both 5 packs- glisten here and glisten up.

Glisten here

The color selection in this pack is right up my alley!…golds,reds & pinks- especially suitable for your glam nights out and even for olive skintones and it even compliments indian attire!

Glisten up

This pack ‘Glisten up’ consists of 5 gorgeous shades.The Blue and teal shade just are super attractive and look amazing on any eye color! Great as a glitter eyeliner too, by just adding a pop of colour without being too much!

The other 3 shades are amazing to be used in a Halo/spot light eyelook- by just adding the glitter to the centre of the lid. The white shade is amazing- it’s definitely duo chrome because in some lights it’s white, and other lights green or pink! Very unique!

Onto the product performance…

First amd foremost I must let you know that these glitters have been just pressed into the pan, which means a glitter glue is essential. Without a good sticky base, the glitter will not stick nor stay on.

Next up, I must add that the actual glitters in the pan are slightly chunky..I feel like once you have applied a good glitter glue then I would recommend that the glitter is firmly packed on with either your finger or a good small dense flat brush.

Last but not least I do recommend that you do your eyes first when using glitter, as there is some fall out which can be a nightmare to remove if you have already done your base. However if done prior to base application, you can remove any fallout with a wipe!

In regards to lasting powder, these are amazing! Once on, I felt like they looked pretty much the same throughout the day, and I had to use a good eye makeup remover to completely remove the glitter. Even my swatches wasn’t completely removed with a wet wipe! So great for long nights out or parties!.

Overall the colours that are depicted in the pan is what you truly get. Beautiful pigmentation and true colour pay off. I do feel like these are good pressed glitters that you can put in a refill palette. A point to note is that even though you do get more product in a glitter pot, there is always the difficulty of dispensing the product, wheras this is more efficient and much more easier and compact.

My only gripe with this product is that I wish it was made in a wet formula where you can just apply the glitter without any glue! I mean like is it just with me?…but my eye primers and glitter glues always tend to go missing!!!

Nonetheless though, I still highly recommend! Good affordable glitters that apply well and are just as good as some more higher priced versions!

Have you tries these? What’s your thoughts?

Until next time i’m signing off…


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