MUA luxe velvet matte lipsticks! #dupe alerts

I walked into Superdrug and just felt like a little lost beauty blogger with all the new products Makeup academy ( MUA) have launched. I mean like where was I? MUA most definitey have re-vamped their whole makeup line..everything seemed so eye-catching and with just so many new and exciting products to try, I just had to take it easy…

However with the new mua luxe velvet matte lipsticks, I didn’t think twice…picked up 3, and here’s why…just LOOK at them 👌

Considering the fact that I work with premium high-end beauty all the time, these MUA lipsticks for a mere £3 each is just beyond me. And not to mention I got these on a 3 for 2 offer , which means each lipstick was £2! OMG!!!!

Beautiful gold and black luxe packaging, which makes them all the more appealing. I also felt that the lipstick has some actual weight to them like a more expensive Tom ford or Nars-esq feel.. More over I just can’t get over how beautiful the lipstick bullet has been designed.. Just look at the detailing to the lipstick. I feel that if one was not to know the price of these lipsticks, these could easily pass as a high-end lippie!

Really nice lipsticks for the price! But without further ado..Lets jump right into the swatches…

MUA luxe velvet matte lipstick- shade; #three

#three- is a beautiful deep rustic burnt red shade with strong brown/red undertones.Although it looks like a standard red shade depicted above…it’s similar to something like Nar’s Mona.Definitely was more darker on my lips than expected.

Also do note that the lip colour may differ on other skintones, as everyones lips are naturally of a different shade.

MUA luxe velvet matte lipstick- shade; #five

#five is that standard red shade. Although upon swatch it seems like a mediocre red shade, I feel like this red lipstick is one I can wear on a regular basis without feeling like everyone is looking at my lips, or without the feeling of it being too bright, smearing or just not perfected enough. Ahh …**trail of thought*** more of a day time appropriate red lip colour! Exactly that- a very muted red shade and just very wearable..

MUA luxe velvet matte lipstick- shade; #eight

#eight is one my favourites. A perfect nude shade with brown/red undertones. It definitely appears more lighter on my lips than upon swatch. Yet I am luckily able to pull this one off without a lip liner. Perfect paired with a smokey eye!! And omg yes! This is very similar to Mac’s Taupe!!! 😍

Heres a side by side comparison of the shades. From left to right: #three #five #eight.

And for those of you whom love Mac’s taupe- look how similar #eight is to taupe, however Taupe is more brown!! #dupe alert

From left to right: #eight taupe and #three

Onto the formula and application...

Now onto the actual product- one swipe opacity with a creamy matte texture. Initially the lipsticks can feel ever so slightly drying, but I feel this is a plus to the lipsticks as they are not too creamy where they slip off your lips or transfer. I also feel like once applied properly, the lipstick sets to a complete matte finish, almost feels like a comfortable cream/matte liquid lipstick!…

They last quite well with some fading throughout the day- definitely more fading than a liquid lipstick would stay but a bit less than a normal lipstick as they do set onto your lips.

I wouldn’t say that these are the most comfortable affordable lipsticks I have ever tried, but most definitely for the price and packaging it’s some of the best you’ll get..( I mean even some Mac lipsticks are uber drying!😣)

I also must add that because of the way in which the lipstick bullets are tapered, application is so precise and just very easy to use, which for me adds to the likeability of these products!

On that note, I highly recommend these fabulous lipsticks! Give them a try and let know what you think!!

Until next time, I’m signing out…


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