Primark PS glow and blush palettes! Anastasia / Nars dupes? Only £5!!!

Don’t you just remember those days when Anastasia beverely hills were releasing their first glow kits which pretty much had not even come to invention ( or just wasn’t as good) at the drugstore, and I remember just sighing due to the exhortionate price tag of what the more premium brands had to offer. Now it’s a whole new makeup revolution at the highstreet…with just immaculate high quality makeup for a fraction of the price!

And so the moment I realised that primark was releasing blush/ highlighter palettes…I just had to go and search for them! YES search for them as my local Primark just gets in everything super late!! And if you hadn’t read before, I absolutely adore the single PS pure glow higlighters reviewed here, and due to that amazing formula I just had high hopes for these!! But hey… Primark makeup is just becoming sOOO good!! Dont u agree??

Moreover by just glimpsing over some of the palettes on the other wonderful blogs, I was astonished to see how beautiful and high quality these highlighter pans looked! And so without further ado, let me get into the deets..

I have all 4 palettes they released over time- because if you didn’t know- you know now- I just cant get enough of highlighters ( and blushers)!!!.

First up we have the PS Pure glow highlighting palette and the PS Pure blush matte and shimmer blush palette. These palettes were released together…

PS pure glow highlighting palette

This palette is most definitely the most versatile palette of them all. The palette consists of shades suitable for fair skinned, medium and someone of a deeper complexion.

Here are the swatches :

From left to right:

Desert– a frosted white shade. This highlighter would be suitable for someone with a light/pale complexion. I like to use this shade as an inner corner highlight.

Glimmer– a medium gold shade. This shade looks gorgeous in the pan! Love it on my complexion. It’s just so glowy and reflective. 👌

Eden– a pale pink sheer highlight. I can wear this highlight and most preferably like to use this shade as a blush topper!

Firefly– super rich and highly pigmented deep gold/ bronze shade. Too dark for me as a highlight but beautiful as a blush! Very reflective and also love this shade as a eyeshadow as it’s very intense and pigmented.

PS Pure blush matte and shimmer blush palette

As it’s name suggests, this palette is predominantly a blush palette although it contains 1 highlighting shade. From left to right :

Fever– a dark pink matte blush- creamy and highly pigmented. Quite similar to Amour from Nars. Love this blusher for that natural yet strong blush..can be worn natural by sparingly using the product.

Flushed– looks similar to the frosted shade from the pure glow palette but this shade is actually slightly deeper with a pink hue and has a more metallic finish.

In the pink– my favourite dusky mauve matte blush. This blush just works with any look. Highly pigmented and blends well on the skin.

Hot pepper– this gorgeous metallic pink shiny blush looks even more satisfying from just looking at the pan. This shade is amazing if you love a blush and highlighter in one. You don’t need an additional highlighter with this one as it’s just super glowy.

Next up we have the PS Gold rush highlighter palette. This was released along with a few other exciting products with the same gold rush theme ( which I will be reviewing later).

I feel like this palette is geared more towards medium to tan skin tones just because the shades are a little deeper in comparison to the other palettes- however with a light hand you may be able to make these work on any skintone.

Aglow– a gorgeous highly glowy light pink shade- so beautiful!

Carat– carat looks similar to the shade firefly from the pure glow palette but this shade is more of a true gold and slightly lighter than firefly.

Treasure– is a warm bronzing shade which seems like a satin finish as it has a slight dusting of shimmer particles in it.

Blaze– is more of a red undertone bronzer blush. I really love this shade as I can wear this alone as it doubles up as bronzer and blush.

And last but not least we have the most recent addition which is the PS Glow palatte- highlight and sculpt cheek palette.

I must admit that the glitter cover to this paltte is quite appealing. I did think this palette would be either a highlighter palette or a contour palette. However when I opened it, I discovered this…

It’s most definitely a blush palette with the most exotic and unusual colour selection. Perfect summer blush palette and gorgeous with a tan!

This palette is the only palette whereby the shades do not have names! So from left to right- we have a lilac shade. This shade in the pan looks to be nothing special but upon swatch, has the most beautiful duo chrome pink/ purple undertone. Next up, we have a beautiful deep orange shade and then we have a mauve orange duo chrome shade. And lastly we have a very bright orange shade.

Now the reason I was intrigued to try this palette is because the 2 orange shades from this palette remind me so much of the infamous blush from Nars called Taj mahal!! I need to do a side by side comparison but from looking at the pans, one of them most definitely is a dupe! #dupealert

All these blushes have a satin finish which translate onto the skin with a slight glow. Nicely pigmented and a great addition to my collection.

Overview and final thoughts...?

All in all, I must say that for £5 each, these palettes are incredible. The sturdy packaging, with the satisfying magnetic closure makes them all the more bang for your buck. I feel like the only con for some people maybe the fact that they have no mirror but for the price, the actual products perform so well. The formula blends and lasts well on the skin. In my experience for about 7 hrs until you start to see some fading or may need a top up. For £1.25 per pan, these palettes are probably some of the best I have seen at the drugstore and even good as some high-end versions.

Also I admire the way in which each palette is different from each other. Although at times, some shades looked like they were similar, they were actually quite different and so even by owning all 4 palettes I don’t feel like there are repetitive shades which is good.

I also highly appreciate the way in which most of the palettes have shade names near the pan..

These are most definitely products I highly recommend from Primark’s beauty range. More to come from this range…so stay tuned.

Until next time, I’m signing off..

Is there anything you’ve tried and would recommend from this range??? Comment below…:))



  1. April 28, 2018 / 12:09 am

    These look so stunning, especially the blush palette, Gold Rush and Pure Glow x

    • bbeautyblog2015
      April 28, 2018 / 5:01 am

      Honestly they are! So worth the price!! Thanks for stopping by! X

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