The most AMAZING Imagic eyeshadow palette! #aliexpressfinds #underĀ£6 šŸ˜²

Honestly I just cannot believe how beautiful this palette is..This palette is ME- EVERYtHING i want. It’s one of those palette I just picked on a whim, because of how lovely it looked on the listing.However this is never the case with most products as sometimes the product can look less appealing in real life than online pictures. Now this palette is another story altogether…šŸ¤—

Now- * let me take a deep breath***–šŸ¤“ this palette is everything and more in terms of colour range and pigmentation…šŸ‘Œ

Lets get into the swatches so you can see exactly what I’m talking about:

From left to right:

Classic– cream white matte

Winky– dusky light orange warm tone matte

Rebel– metallic rusty orange mettalic

Smoked– rusty orange with red tones matte

Malloy– champagne shade metallic

Hung– lilac shade matte

Bubble-mauve/dark red shade metallic

Vamp– dark brown with purple undertones matte

Singh– gold metallic

Profesh– dark rusty brown/orange matte

Wine– dark rusty purple/ wine shade matte

Drama– dark pink matte

( from bottom to up)

Drive– rusty bronze metallic

Bold– dark brown with grey undertones matte

Garica– dark brown metallic

Prowl– dark black with grey-green undertones. Matte

Firstly the colour range in this palette is beyond beautiful…so many rich reds, mauves, bronze and gold shades. I must also admit with a whopping 16 eyeshadows, so many incredible looks can be created with this palette.

I am also very impressed that although the metallic/shiny eyeshadows are incredible pigmented and opaque ( this still can found in many inexpensive eyeshadow palettes.) However in this palette, the matte eyeshadows are equally as creamy and highly pigmented. All eyeshadows blend out beautifully. I also feel that it is important to slowly build up the intensity with these eyeshadows as they are packed with full pigment. I like to build these shadows up slowly, allowing the shadows to blend easily together.

I also find that the palette has a mirror, which is amazing. The packaging is quite sturdy too, with a beautiful gold/rose gold? exterior cardboard packaging..morover this is even more amazing as the palette has a magnetic closure which is so satifying! The fact that you know it closes properly, means that this palette is one that you can travel with- thin- sleek packaging, sturdy, and more importantly with 16 beautiful pigmented shades. I honestly find the metallic shades to be mindblowing as the intensity and smoothness is completely comparable to highend eyeshadows. The metallic shadows are soft so going in with a light hand is key- so take note of that!

With a whopping 10 matte shades and 6 metallic shades, – I find this palette to be sufficient to create a complete look. Some of my favourites for the crease shades are winky and smoked– both warm shades that look beautiful and also for more cooler looks, I really love the lilac/ mauve shades like hung and wine. I also like that you have the deeper tones to smoke out any look or deepen the crease like profesh, drama,bold and prowl. Prowl is amazing as its almost a deep black which I find is needed in such a versatile palette with so many shades.

Also for those of you who are keen to see the ingredients, then this is listed clearly at the back of the palette.

I must say I have already loved the brand Imagic for their liquid lipsticks that I have reviewed on my blog but this by far one of THE best finds from Ali express- not a copy or a fake or even duplicating a more high-end palette. I really feel like I have found a gem of a palette from a range like imagic and will continue to review affordable yet amazing palettes like this one!

A 10/10 from me, this palette really makes me thinks twice when purchasing more high-end palettes! Thats how good it is!!!!

Amazeballs for under Ā£6 with a whopping 28g of eyeshadow!!! More to come from Ali express as I have found some amazing palettes from the brand Focallure!!

Stay tuned, but until next time- I’m signing out….X

Let me know if you have any recommendation from ebay/ aliexpress…šŸ‘



  1. Yasmin Keshwani
    March 6, 2018 / 1:44 pm

    That looks awesome!

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