The best £3 highlighters.EVER. Primark’s ps beauty.

One can never have enough highlighters. They are just too pretty….and just when you think that drugstore highlighters can’t get any better..with amazing brands like Makeup revolution,makeup obsession and even models own or Lottie London makeup releasing such high quality affordable highlighters left, right and centre- you think you know what kind of quality they can offer…But it just got better!

However recently I had been seeing the release of some beautifully packaged primark highlighters- I do know they released a palette which I didn’t care for as much ( but now I wish I had got!) and had been dying to get my hands on these gorgeous gems.

Lo and behold- finally on one fine day, I spotted them in my local Primark and since – haven’t been able to put them down! And furthermore have even picked up a back up – yep that’s how good they are and I’ll go on to say that they are probably THE best inexpensive highlighters I have yet tried. Especially for £3!

Average yet sturdy packaging- yet the most beautiful embossing on the actual product. The fact that they have put so much effort into how the product is designed is quite impressive- especially when considering the retail price. Also in my opinion very eye catching too…almost too pretty to even swatch!

Now moving onto the actual product. Super pigmented and finally milled. No huge glitter particles or noticeable shimmer. Now the reason as to why I am in awe of these highlighters is because of the way they apply on the skin and provide the most beautiful sheen. The highlighters are very very buildable so you can go from a very natural ‘lit from within glow’ to quite an intense glow.

I highly appreciate the way in which these highlighters just meld into the skin. In all honesty I have had people at work ask what highlighter I have on (- and just as an FYI- I work on high end premium makeup counters! )And it was these ones – now that’s something ey 🙂

Now moving onto swatches- there are 4 shades to choose from- unicorn, brunch club,champagne and rose prosecco. Unicorn was only £2, not sure as to why it is cheaper but maybe because it is definitely a more unwearable highlighter. I prefer to use this shade on my eyes and if I am daring enough to use it on the cheeks then will only use it very sparingly.

(From left to right)

Unicorn– Definitely a shade for more pale skinned- its like highlighter shade which has a whitish base shade but gives of blue and purple duo chrome effect.

Brunch club is more of light gold highlighter and is very similar to Champagne.

Champagne– is definitely a more of darker version of brunch club and more of a pink/bronze undertoned colour highlighter. So beautiful!!

And last but not least – Rose prosecco ( as im sure other primark’s carry more shades!!) has a gorgeous pink- or even rose gold shade. It definitely would be a glowy blusher or if anything a beautiful blush topper. Its perfect if you want a product that doubles up as a highlighter and blush! 👌

Below are swatches of all 4 highlighters.

L to R: unicorn, brunch club, champagne, rose prosecco)

In conclusion, all I can say about these Primark highlighters is that I highly recommend them and feel that they are even comparable to some higher end alternatives and so for the price and 9g of product in each pan you just can’t go wrong! Amazeballs…

Until next time, I’m signing off.


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