Primark p.s camouflage palette review (New) 

Everytime I see something new at my local primark, I get super excited. Not only because I love buying new makeup, but because it’s quite rare for the new releases to hit my store- even though it’s quite a large store! 

I’ve found quite a few bits from primark makeup to be of quite good quality and so this palette really stood out to me.If it is a good one then be sure to be saving yourself some money! 

I love to have a variety of corrector/ concealer kits, because in my science of makeup – acing your base is key, for that flawless complexion.

So todays review is on Primark’s p.s..camoflauge palette- 5 shades to conceal & correct in medium dark. I only saw the deeper shade in stock and picked it up. In fact I’m always on the look out for a good orange corrector for those panda eyes I suffer from…

(From left to right: skintones shade, mid tone brown cool shade, deep warn brown, light salmon highlight shade, and orange corrector shade.)

How does it work? Any good?

First and foremost, what I I would like to touch on is the consistency of the cream products. I find with inexpensive palettes, the consistency can sometimes be off ( either too dry/oily) and feel quite uncomfortable on the skin. However with this cream palette, the consistency is perfect- not too creamy nor too stiff. I feel that because of the consistency, the product feels good on the skin and that is one of main reasons I highly recommend it.

Another factor I enjoy about this palette is the coverage it provides. I was a little sceptical about how much coverage it may provide but then again – it is called a camouflage palette? ..and so I found that the coverage is about a medium and can be built up well on the skin without caking up or feeling too heavy. I can use this palette to correct( using the orange shade) and then use a mixture of the 2 skintones shades to conceal. 

The 2 deeper shades are great for cream contouring ; to create those chizelled cheek bones!

I tend to prefer to use my fingers to blend out these concealers as I feel that the warmth of my finger helps blend the product  really well. Do note that when blending I do like to use a dabbing motion so that I get optimum coverage and the cream conceals rather than a swiping motion which will remove product away.

By now you probably know my verdict, -and that is that I am definitely liking this Primark corrector and concealer palette. I even have found it to be a dupe to a much higher end palette, with both of them performing very much in the same way with this one for a fraction of its price ( review comparison coming soon!) 

But for now, all I can say is that this palette is a thumbs up from me! For £3- you get 1.5g × 5 worth of product = 7.5g! 5 shades- and so you just can’t go wrong! 
Thats it guys; Until next time, I’m signing off…



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