DAY 1- Beauty bargain; Essence lash princess false lash effect mascara review 

I’ve recently been addicted to mascara. I’ve never been one to use mascara all the time ( because I had a fear of my lashes falling out when it comes to taking off the mascara- I bet some of you do too!!).However things have changed now and I feel the need for it to complete my makeup look, because for some reason, these days I feel  like there is something missing if I dont coat my lashes with some good old mascara- And on that note, not any old mascara but something like the fantabulous ‘Essence lash princess’.

A really bad/crap mascara can just make your lashes even more short and stubby and so your probably better of without it, and so the right mascara will just transform your look. Using mascara usually helps open up the eyes and gives the eyes more definition.

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara will help you unleash your inner princess! The special, conic shape of the fibre brush provides lashes with length, dramatic volume and a false- lash effect. The packaging is decorated with a gorgeous evening dress in black-mint. Princess(ence) deluxe!

I bought the ‘Essence lash princess mascara- false lash effect’ on a whim, seeing that Wilkinsons had a wide range of mascara to choose from; had it been my way I would have picked them all up!

Also just as as an FYI Essence mascara’s  are super inexpensive. £3.30! Yes you heard that right…

A fantastic mascara that performs as good as high-end- volumizing, lengthening and holds up your curled lashes so well. Also there is no clumping even when the mascara is built up on the lashes. I really enjoy how the brush is designed- plastic fibre bristle brush-  and quite comfortable to use on the eyes. The brush isn’t too big nor small;  allowing for you to really coat the lashes. I tend to do atleast 2-3 coats to get the most out of my short lashes.

Also as mentioned before this mascara is a fibre mascara and so I really do admire how this mascara doesn’t make your lashes feel weighed down because some fibre mascara can do so!..Application is easy and for someone who has quite full lashes naturally- be sure to know that you’ll be getting that false lash effect as Essence claims to deliver!

A superb inexpensive mascara- probably the best I have tried for the price and in all honesty as good as some pricier drugstore and high-end mascaras! In fact the Christmas tree style brush on this Essence mascara is quite similar to one of Estee lauder’s sumptuous mascaras- maybe a dupe? ( will need to test and find out..) 
Essence mascaras here I come! 🙂 

Until next time I’m signing off…



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