Home bargains beauty line: Olivia Hale makeup- only 99p each!

Like every beauty lover out there, I am always on the look out for new beauty brands launching- whether it is super affordable or highend..because lets face it- makeup is makeup. You will always find amazing gems in super cheap inexpensive makeup and even very poor quality makeup in even uber high-end expensive/ luxury products and so I’m one to give it all a try…
When a new brand has launched in a store, it usually has taken me atleast 2-3 visits to slowly see what I really want to pick up and then I’ve purchased a few bits here and there..

However Home bargain’s makeup brand- Olivia Hale was a whole different story. As I walked past the first isle, which is where the makeup stand is in my local Home bargains, – I just stood there and glanced over the products. 

The packaging and price just didn’t match!!!  EvERyTHInG was 99p, yet each product was boxed and beautifully laid out on the stand. Unfortunately there was no testers.Nonetheless I just couldn’t resist and picked up quite a few bits.

The packaging for price is definitely quite impressive and that is mainly what intrigued me try and see what the brand was all about. Not only are the products boxed but are also put in a protective plastic holder and then is inserted into a box. EVEN the lip liners were in boxes which high-end brands don’t even do!

Let’s get into what I picked up and I have used them for the past few days and so here’s my thoughts..

Olivia Hale Primer: a standard silicon primer which actually reminded of Maybelline’s baby skin primer. The primer made my skin feel really soft. Although I cannot say if it helped with longevity or any mattifying aspects when paired with the foundation from the range, it does feel really nice to use!… For now all I can say is that it feels nice on the skin; velvety soft and also made foundation application easier.

Olivia Hale foundation: The shade range of this foundation is limited with only 4-5 shades to choose from. I guessed my shade to be-  “honeysuckle‘- hoping there would be some warmth to it and a yellow undertone to it. However the shade isn’t perfect as its perhaps a bit light for me- but I still made it work. This foundation provides a light coverage even when built up and so a good everyday base product that will just even the skin tone out.

Ultimately what I really loved in this inexpensive foundation was the finish. It is a beautiful dewy finish and looks very natural on the skin. It also sets on the skin nicely and doesn’t feel too heavy for such an inexpensive base. 

In regards to longevity- on its own, I felt like the foundation only lasted for 5 hours and after that I felt like I wasn’t even wearing foundation anymore. However when I used it previously in combination with a powder foundation and set it down properly, my skin looked more flawless yet natural and the makeup lasted 8hours+.

I’m sure a lot of people may like this, -especially if you find a good colour match. EVEN if it’s not my favourite foundation     ( as I have wayyyy too many!),  I still don’t think it’s bad for the price and a good one for everyday use! For 99p it’s probably the best I’ve tried.. 

In all honesty I would have liked this foundation a lot more if it had more coverage. 


Olivia Hale concealer in medium :
I found this concealer to have a thin liquid consistency and just as I thought, also had sheer coverage. I find this concealer to not cover my dark circles at all- and that’s even if used on top of a corrector!  If anything I found this great to use after concealer, as a brightener. I also did find the shade medium to be lighter than a regular medium shade with base/concealing products.

Swatches below from left to right : foundation in honeysuckle , primer and right;  concealer in medium 

Swatches below blended out. Picture depicts that the shades wasn’t a perfect match but still workable. The concealer as mentioned before is quite sheer.

Olivia Hale blush in Bramble: 

This blusher is quite a large pan, containing 6.5g of product.It has standard plastic packaging which is still quite sturdy. I love how pigmented these blushes are and the shade Bramble is a gorgeous muted pink shade- perfect for everyday use. The formula is a little powdery- but once blended out- more of a satin finish. The quality for the price it is still commendable as the blush blends out beautifully and looks really pretty on the cheeks.

Below is swatches of the blush in Bramble and eyeshadow in opal.

Olivia Hale eyeshadow in opal

NOW these eyeshadows are huge with a whopping 4g of product. I wanted to pick a few shades but held back as I wanted to see if the pigmentation of the products were any good. I deliberately picked up this light champagne shade as I immediately thought it may work as a highlighter.  Did it work? Oh yes it did- just look at the swatches above, both blended and unblended!. These eyeshadow are smooth and beautifully pigmented. I loved the sheen this provided on the skin as a highlighter and it worked well as an eyeshadow too.Blends well and looks lovely on the eyes- will definitely pick up some more shades in the future.

 Swatches: Top liquid lipstick ; in Antique rose, 

Bottom lipstick; in blush  

Olivia Hale lipstick in blush.

A sheer lipstick. Not too pigmented but this light pink shade was very comfortable on the lips. I really do enjoy the packaging on these lipsticks too as you able to see the colour of it at the bottom.  

Olivia Hale liquid lipstick in Antique rose.

A beautiful pink gloss. This gloss was thicker in texture than a  regular lipgloss and so quite opaque on the lips. I really enjoyed how comfortable this gloss/ liquid lipstick feels on the lips. The doe-foot applicator allows ease of application accross the lips, distributing a nice layer on the lips. Not sticky ( which I detest in lipglosses!) and it actually gives a beautiful shine on the lips -making my lips appear more plump. If that’s what you want!? Go grab it for 99p!!:) 

And so that’s it guys, definitely recommend the Primer, eyeshadow, blushes  and lipsticks. I didn’t find any liquid eyeliners, mascaras or the shimmer bricks which I know is available but not in my local store and so am  very eager  to test them out too. Keep out for a part 2!!:) 
Have you tried anything for Olivia Hale?



  1. Olivia Wilkins
    July 22, 2017 / 7:44 pm

    This range looks awesome! 100% heading to Home Bargains tomorrow…

    • bbeautyblog2015
      July 30, 2017 / 7:12 pm

      Yep you can find some amazing finds! Give them a try and let me know:) thanks for reading!x

  2. Julie
    January 6, 2018 / 4:41 pm

    I’ve got the slate and opal eye shadows love them both would definitely recommend this range

  3. Sharon
    January 2, 2019 / 9:10 pm

    I’m presently using the foundation concealer and the mixed colour palette blush I’m very impressed with all of the products I have tried so far 10/10

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