Looking for Long lasting makeup? Estee lauder double wear makeup.

Estee lauder double wear foundation – The amount of times I have applied this foundation on customers/ passengers whilst working on the Estee lauder counter is endless. Long wearing, semi-matte, oily skin, high coverage are some of the many claims associated with this foundation. And that is why I always have those devout and truly loyal customers who swear by this foundation as it lives up to its claims of being super long wearing ( 15hours!) and to hold up on all skin types, that they come and re-purchase it without a second thought.

The UK’s NO. 1 Foundation.* 15-hour staying power. Flawless all day. This worry-free, long-wearing makeup stays fresh and looks natural through heat, humidity, nonstop activity. Won’t change colour, smudge or come off on clothes. Feels lightweight and comfortable. Now the flawless look you see in the morning is the look you keep all day. 

And so I was intrigued by the number 1 foundation status that this product has and so just had to just see what all the fuss was about….

I have tried the shades 3w1 tawny and 3w2 rattan   which are the shades that are most suited to my complexion  because of its perfect yellow undertone. Finally they have shades with more warmer undertones and so here is my full opinions listed below. (Estee lauder do have a shade system W-warm,N-neutral C-cool so it’s quite easy to find your shade with the large variety of shades they have!awesome!) 

*(I don’t have shade swatches of the shades I use but will update the post once I have re-purchased the full size)

  • The foundation is a nice consistency – not too thick nor runny and for the amount of coverage it provides it is pleasant and easy to apply.
  • The coverage is medium to buildable full. One layer provides a good medium coverage and this foundation builds up beautifully on the skin.. I prefer to use a beauty blender because it makes the foundation settle into the skin better and makes it appear more natural.
  • Contains spf 10
  • Doesn’t really need to be set as it dries to a semi- matte finish. ( If very oily then set with translucent powder)
  • The foundation most definitely wears up to 10 hours+ on me and I have normal to combination skin.It  doesn’t even fade after that mark and so I think if I slept with it on ( which I shall never intend to do!) I think it will still look nice and maybe wear upto 15 hours as it claims!!

Welcoming my beautiful niece Safa onto beautyfyingbeauty.com . Firstly I would like to say thank you for coming on here  and taking your time out to answer some of my questions.  Safa is one of those loyal Estee lauder double wear fans and absolutely adores this foundation and has always gravitated towards purchasing this foundation again and again! I interviewed her on why she loves it on her oily skin and here’s what she had to say: 

       What shade do you wear?

    Honey bronze – a beautiful  light brown shade with very warm undertones 

     How long does it wear on your skin?I have very oily skin and have suffered with acne in the past. I have a few marks that I would love to cover and this foundation does that for me. It lasts well on my skin from up to 8-10 hours, depending on the weather.

    Why do you love it so much?

    Let me just tell you – this foundation is my holy grail. I just find this foundation to be so long lasting and always holds up on my skin more than most low to even high-end foundations I have tried. I love the way this foundation builds up on the skin. I don’t have to apply a thick layer all over the skin and can just build up more coverage where required. I also love the semi- matte finish this foundation provides. I always prefer a matte base as I can apply additional highlighter to areas where I want that glow and not to mention that this foundation is semi- matte so doesn’t look completely flat. 

    It’s just one of those foundations that I know will look good and the shade match if perfect too! What do you guys think?

    If there was anything you could change about this foundation, what would it be?

    I would add a pump because I always pour out more than I need. Another thing is I wish this foundation was water proof. It would be the perfect foundation I would ever need as it wouldn’t melt off on very hot days. Though this foundation holds up in the summer, I still wouldn’t say it’s budge proof in humidity as it did wear off quicker than on days where it was less humid. (Tip: just spritz some setting spray on very hot days and it works very well!)

    *giggles* but it still is the foundation I wear even on hot days as I haven’t found anything better* end of interview*


     And a few downsides in my opinion (which can still be resolved) are that: 

    • Foundation doesn’t have a pump so can get a little messy. You may dispense more product than required as you have to pour out the foundation. ( however this can be solved as I have heard that the Mac pump works on it too!) 
    • The foundation does have a tendency to look mask- like if not blended into the skin well. Just blend blend blend and it’s beautiful… ( unless the mask look is what your going for!) 
    • Less is more- apply in thin layers and build up this foundation. Applying too much can cause cakiness! ( unless again if that’s the look your going for then you go girl!) 
    • Doesn’t smell amazing. ( but not too bad either! ) 
    • Can be drying on dry skins BUT I do feel you could still use this if you prep the skin well before application ( my best friend who has dry skin loves this foundation and that’s because she uses oils and a very hydrating moisturiser prior to application and it wears beautifully on her – and do note – she doesn’t get on with many foundations!!! So that’s something!) 

    You can purchase this foundation for £32.50  on debenhams.com and as I work in travel retail, the Estee lauder double foundation retails for  £25.80 at world duty free Heathrow, so if your travelling – it’s worth picking it up then, as you will save yourself a few pretty pounds! 

      And so that’s it guys, if your looking for a foundation that you need for a long day at work/uni, parties – where you’ll be sweating it out, hot holidays- then this maybe a foundation that you’ll sure need to keep in your collection! 
      That’s it guys, comment below if you love this foundation too! 

      Until next time I’m signing off 🙂 


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