Makeup Revolution Monday: Pro prime aqua priming base 

Welcome to another Makeup Revolution Monday and today is on another fantastic product which I have been using for the past few months ; Makeup revolution’s pro prime aqua priming base which I actually bought on a whim. I picked up a few bits on a 3 for 2 offer, had a glance at this and realised I have not used any primer in this format and so gladly purchased it and bought it 🏡 home.
Makeup revolution’s priming base is fantastic for numerous reasons. Firstly the spray is quite good in dispensing a good amount of product ready for foundation or any base product to blend on the skin easily. Second to that, is that I really like the smell of the mist-it’s almost like a fragrance that denotes that it’s time to put on my makeup and just makes you feel  refreshed and ready to enjoy your makeup ritual. In all honesty it smells to me like rose water- Definitely a pleasant and non overpowering smell that I’m sure not many people will dislike- unless you detest of any fragrance in beauty products.

 Now the reason why I recommend and enjoy using this product so much, is because of how well it sits and sinks into the skin without feeling uncomfortable. It slightly dries after 30 seconds, and then the  skin becomes ever so slightly tacky. This then allows the foundation to adhere onto the skin really well whilst providing a barrier between the skin and foundation. 

I have also  noticed that after using this product my foundation seems to  apply more evenly on the skin and also melds into my skin quicker, withdrawing any possibilities of foundation caking on the skin.I also feel like the water may help with blending thick/ cream foundations on the skin. Also because the primer leaves the skin feeling slightly tacky, the foundation adheres to this and so I believe it does help with prolonging the foundation wear time. 

I do feel however that this priming base is best to be used before makeup application because it does hydrate well, unless you want some extra hydration  after makeup application- and in that case you may then want to spritz some afterwards too.  It most definitely does what it’s intended for and that is to prime and pre the skin before any base. However contrarily this product does claim to be enhanced with multivitamins and is recommended for use even if you don’t use makeup as it does most definitely refresh and hydrate the face! It also claims to revitalise your complexion and boost radiance which in my book is a win win either way. Use it solely to hydrate the skin and for it’s other added benefits without using any makeup or as a primer for makeup application.

Also a point to note is that you can always layer different primers on after using this water. For example, if you have problematic skin concerns like large pores- a pore minimising primer will help or a mattifying primer just used in areas that tend to get more oily will further help with the longevity and perfection of your base.
And so that it guys, – you get 100ml of product  for a mere £5 ( I got for even cheaper 3for2)  and what’s significant is that the product works. I highly recommend you try this out. I feel like all skin types will enjoy this product, as on my normal to combination  skin, I didn’t feel like the priming water made my skin overly hydrated nor oily and so a great product for when your on the run. Spritz a generous amount of this after moisturising and your set to go.  Great product from Makeup revolution! 👍 

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