Tkmaxx beauty finds! Makeforever edition!! All for just £25! OMG 

        I just can’t tell you how excited I am to share this Tkmaxx beauty finds post as  it was a bargain within a bargain and I’ll tell you why later on in the post. 

The excitement gets to its peak when I get hold of makeup that I usually do not have readily available in the uk or have to pay full price for like Makeup forever, Anastasia or even Too faced. If you already didn’t know – 1.) I’m a bargain queen- and I have so much makeup that I kind of have to justify my purchases to myself and so if it’s that 20% off it makes it deemable to purchase it! (I know, it’s still not acceptable!ha!) And 2.) I work at Heathrow as a beauty consultant across a variety of high-end brands and so let’s be honest- we do get a good discount but these purchases at my secret beauty store- Tkmaxx just beats everything💗 so without further ado let’s get into what I actually picked up. 

Makeup forever pro sculpting duo£6.99 

I remember when these were released and everyone went crazy for the duo because of the highlighters. I got mine in the shade 1- there was no option as there was only this one left. Even though this shade is aimed at more fairer skin tones, I can still use the highlighter and so totally wasn’t letting this go! 

First impressions: As this was the lightest shade I didn’t expect the bronzer to be very pigmented. However as the product claims, ‘undetectable face contour’ – this is exactly the reason why I really love this product. With some building up I can sculpt and warm the face up but however much product I use to build up on the skin- it blends out so well and the finish just looks so natural and undetectable! 

Moreover I absolutely love the highlighter as it just gives off a gorgeous subtle glow to the skin. One that is yet again a kind of undetectable glow if blended out properly. Perfect for no make makeup days. The highlighter has no glitters or visible shimmers and just gives the skin a realistic glow.However on my medium olive skin,I do think the shade 2 in this duo would have been perfection. Nonetheless on the days that I do want my highlighter popping from miles away, I can still build this up and get the results I want! Totally love this product and the quality of the powders are amazing!- finely milled,smooth ,creamy and pigmented! 

The Makeup forever 9 artist shadow palettes (spring flower/rebellious flowers/vol 3 floral- so many names I know! ) is one that always does the rounds across YouTube because there are so many different editions in this range. I’m so glad this palette is filled with bright colours that are all still quite wearable and even great if you need to incorporate a pop of colour into any neutral look. A palette filled with colours I do not have in my collection. I’ve heard that Makeup forever shadows are supposed to be of amazing quality so we shall see.I cannot wait to create some fun looks with this, perfect in time for summer. 👌 I will definitely do a full review on this palette with full swatches and my thoughts! And guess what I think this palette is limited edition as stated on! Whoaaa….

I have so many mascaras and I would have never picked up any drugstore brands as I have so many I am testing but my mind kept debating on whether I should pick this up as the Makeup forever smoky stretch mascara was only £4.99. Even Rimmel and Maybelline  mascaras cost more than this so I had to just see what it was all about. 

First impressions; I kind of know from first application of whether I will like any mascara as this usually is true for most of my favourite mascaras. Now this one blew me away after one coat of because how well it defined and lengthened my lashes as the mascara claims to do. I love how the thin bristles on the thin brush wand, combs the lashes from the roots and instantly  lifts and lengthens. This mascara matched with my kiko mascara (review coming soon) paired together is working so well. I do feel like this mascara lacks in volumizing the lashes hence why I pair it with another mascara but if your looking for neat, spaced out long lashes that will not clump at all then this mascara is for you! I highly recommend it and for the price I purchased it for- it was well worth it! I do have an in depth review and picture demo coming soon on my mascara routine. 

And then there is the Makeup forever intense rouge lipstick 💄-£4.99 (36 satin fushia.) I can just never have enough lipstick in my stash!

There was actually many colours to choose from at Tkmaxx but I picked up this one as it is a true fuschia shade but still a wearable pink without being too bright and vivid.I’m more of a pink lipstick gal and so didn’t think twice when I saw the colour. Do I like it? I definitely love the formula as it’s very pigmented and very comfortable on the 👄 lips.A shade that I always wear and after some wear time the lipsticks does slightly stain the lips and leave some colour behind which I like.

Now I bet you’re all thinking how I got these products for so cheap? Now one must be aware that Tkmaxx’s original RRP on their products  is already hugely discounted as for example I did once see the artist shadow palette for £16 (reduced from £30 ) online and that was on sale. And so when I went in store the items I picked up like the Artist shadow palette and Profusion duo was in the final clearance section. No outer packaging either (which could be why it was further reduced).The  items were untouched apart from one eyeshadow in the palette ( I could see it had been swatched) and the Profusion duo was as new as can be and so I just took them to the till along with the other boxed items which was the intense rouge lipstick and mascara which both retailed for £4.99 each! (Not in clearance).

I stood at the counter with all 4 items and the lady went away to get some prices and came back  and > lo and behold; with a price tag of £7.99 for the palette, and £6.99 for the profusion duo. My heart skipped a beat from the excitement, I giggled from within, yet keeping a calm face,paid a little £25 and carried it preciously home! Now that’s what you call a bargain and to work things out, here is  how much I saved ; 

Makeup forever smoky stretch mascara Tkmaxx price £4.99 RRP / Sephora & $24 (£19) 
Makeup forever rouge artist intense lipstick- Tkmaxx price £4.99 RRP / highstreet – Debenhams RRP £16

Makeup forever pro sculpting duo- Tkmaxx price £6.99 RRP/ $39 (£30)

Tkmaxx price £7.99 RRP / & Sephora $34(£29)
That’s totalling to a huge £94 for all 4 products giving me a saving of £69!!! Fantastic! 🙂 And so that’s £25 for all for 4 items!

Both the profusion duo and artists shadow palette may have not been released in the U.K as I cannot find them on any U.K. Sites and the Profusion duo in shade 1 may have been discontinued as has only the shade 2 available. Also from research the palette I have bought is from Makeup forever volume 3 palette-florals and is actually limited edition! Hence these Tkmaxx purchases are all that more valuable. Also a point worth noting is that some eBay sellers are selling especially the profusion duo at a ridiculously steep price tag! (£62+!)

Also just to add I’ve seen more Makeup forever items like their plexi gloss, eyeshadow sticks, which I have previously purchased and not featured in this postretailing for £3.99-£4.99. I Even saw the Makeup forever HD foundation only in some deeper shades online on for as little as £10! 😲 OMG! 

So that it’s guys, hope you enjoyed this post. Amazing high end products at drugstore prices! 
Now just wait up guys, next up I have a Too faced, Nars,stila,Bare minerals and Belliepiere edition Tkmaxx finds in the line up so don’t go anywhere just yet! It just gets better and better! 

Thanks for reading! Please share and follow! ❤️ 

Until next time, I’m signing out…✌🏼



  1. May 13, 2017 / 12:35 pm

    WOW brilliant bargains !! I love TK Maxx for beauty bargains. I recently picked up an Illamasqua lip pencil for £5.99. Full price should have been £19 but your purchases beat that hands down 🙂

    • bbeautyblog2015
      May 13, 2017 / 12:37 pm

      Yh I’ve seen them too, they even had illamasqua pigments at around £7.99. I’ve recently picked some amazing bits from and Nars and Too faced which I can’t wait to share! Thanks for stopping by! X

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