Makeup revolution Monday: Newtrals vs neutrals palette ❤️ 

Makeup revolution’s  Newtrals vs neutrals palette is probably by far one of the best eyeshadow palettes from makeup revolution. In all honesty I don’t own many of the palettes or collect all the palettes from Makeup revolution (too many to get with a new release every week!) but have sure swatched them all every time I’ve walked into a Superdrug and so was blown away by the colour selection and pigmentation this palette had to offer, hence why it’s in my collection today. 

I don’t know what it is, but it’s seems that everybody is just gravitating towards those warm toned eye shadows; especially those peachy orange/red shades and I see clearly why. These shades just flatter every skin tone and can be adapted according to your skin tone and feel that it just warms up the face. 

There are a few shades in this palette that I absolutely adore and mostly purchased this palette because of those little beauties. 

Let’s get cracking into some swatches: 

The shades in this palette consist of 5 intense shimmery shades, 6 mattes and 5 satin finish shades, totalling in 16 beautiful wearable shades for a mere £6.99! 

I find all the shades in this palette to be very pigmented and this palette is perfect if you love your neutral warm shades so do pick it up as you’ll get lots of use out if it like I do. 

My favourite shades in this palettes are the beautiful warm peachy shades below; 

So all in all a superb budget friendly palette that has good pigmentation. I feel like none of the shades were lacking in pigmentation and all the shades had minimal to no fall out. They are also quite creamy in consistency, especially the matte shades. Good pigmentation of shimmer shades can be found in more inexpensive palettes but I find matte shades harder to find. However in this palette even the matte shades are quite creamy and blend out well on the eyes. I also love that the shimmery shades are almost like a pressed glitter consistency as the shimmer particles are not as fine as in some other palettes and so are quite creamy and thicker in consistency. This is great for when creating a halo eye and can be packed on, in the centre of the eyes to get that super pop of shimmer/ glitter effect. Longevity of the eyeshadow on the eyes were impressive too, but do note I did use the Toofaced shadow insurance eye primer before  application like I do before all eyeshadow application, and so they lasted just as well as my more expensive alternatives. 

So many looks can be created with this palette because of the mix of eyeshadow finishes in this palettes. I tend to use the orange / brown shades to warm up the crease, lighter matte and shimmer cream shades for inner corner and brow bone highlight, shimmer shades for a pop of sheen and the deeper shades to smoke out or deepen any eye look or for when creating a day look into a night look. I have been able to create numerous warm neutral looks to even smokey eyes with this palette!and so love ❤️ it! 

Only after using this palette, have I realised that I may need to pick up some of the palettes from Makeup revolution. I’ve heard great things about the I heart chocolate palettes! You can never have too much eyeshadow! Do you agree? What’s your best palette recommendation from Makeup revolution? Do let me know in the comments below.

Until next time, i’m signing off…


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  1. Marta
    August 21, 2017 / 11:43 pm

    Looks nice 🙂

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