Luxury splurge: Gucci Smoky amethyst Magnetic color shadow quad review & swatches! 

. The name says it all. Premium high-end when it comes to any product from this designer brand and in this post we are focusing on super luxury Gucci makeup .From outer packaging to the inner rim- it’s complete Luxury. The compact the eyeshadow comes in is beyond beautiful. The quad actually comes in a suede pocket pouch- this just adds that nice touch to its hefty price tag. 

Now let me tell you this much, this quad  ain’t going nowhere near my handbag as I would love to keep it just the way it is! (Makeup in my handbag for some reason just always ends up looking like I bought it 10 years ago? Does that happen to you?) 

So the story behind this quad-beauty joining my collection all happened on one sunny day (not really it’s always cold in England 😡)

Well my husband passed me a bag. I opened it, and immediately starting giggling in joy when I saw the beautiful Gucci sign on the box. He never usually buys me makeup. I Opened it and immediately fell in love.He got me the quad in the shade smoky amethyst.(I think he remembered I like blue on my eyes!)

 Let’s get into details…

Now  Gucci quad is a whopping £48, equating to £12 per shadow. (He got it for cheaper as we work at Heathrow  so it’s tax free!) 

Now in my opinion, Gucci shadows are exquisite in terms of formula and pigmentation. The Gucci logo embossed in the shadows allows them to be all that more expensive and un- swatchable because you just don’t want to ruin it.

In terms of packaging- sturdy,black and gold, sleek and beautiful. Something I like to just use on my special days as it pretty much deserves its place.Lets get into some swatches..


Now this palette was gifted to me  and so had I paid my own money or chosen it, I would have gone for a more wearable palette. Need to get every pounds worth..but nonetheless I do love my blue and purple shadows,  and lots not forget blue and black smokey eyes! and so I’m still getting a lot of use out of it! However not a palette I use on the daily or can just whack it on without thinking and just go (but you can with neutrals you get me?)

I do feel that in terms of bang for your buck you only get 5g of product for £48. But the thing is if your on the hunt for some very high quality eye shadows with über pretty and luxury packaging then this would be definitely be a splurge you could treat yourself too.

I for one does not own much premium highend  makeup especially in terms of eyeshadow. These days with so much competition I feel like drugstore and even mid-price ranged brands (e.g urban decay) offer eyeshadows with impeccable quality. And so I feel like just the way you would buy designer clothes or bags, this palette is designer and just feels that extra special.
I just can’t pull this out when I’m off to run some errands but more so when I’m looking to go out somewhere with the hubster, dinner date perhaps?To Westfield? 

Now regardless of the price tag, the question is how well does the actual product perform? From several uses I definitely find the eye shadows to be of a very creamy consistency,  and very pigmented with NO fallout. The swatches above are just with one swipe and go and as shown above are very opaque and true to colour. Even the only matte black shade in the quad is quite creamy and a nice dark black. I find the shadows to blend extremely well and have lasted well on the eyes too. 

I’m completely satisfied with this quad as the price  you have to pay for this kind of premium high end makeup, should have the quality aswell as packaging which is what you get in this quad. And so this quad – I do highly recommend. 👍 

That’s all guys, be sure to check back as I’ll posting some looks created using this quad.

Until next time, I’m signing off…



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