Makeup revolution monday: ft Golden sugar 2 rose gold blush palette 

Welcome to Makeup revolution Monday. If you haven’t seen last weeks Makeup revolution Monday’s post on the amazing dupe to the Ben nye banana  powder then be sure to check  that out here.

Today’s focus product is on Makeup revolution golden sugar 2 rose gold palette.  I don’t own the first version and admittedly passed on it without even having a look at them. BIG mistake! (As apparently the first one- golden sugar was their best seller!)

For those of you that want me to get right to the point- let me Tell you this: This blush palette is undoubtedly one of the best blush palettes I have ever purchased. -Now that’s a statement. Wondering why? Well read on to find out…

(Swatch of top row- 

First swatch- left to right:mid tone pink- Beautiful everyday – no fuss kinda blush that will compliment all looks.

Second swatch – pale tone peach shade– definitely a highlighter shade on me and probably for all skin tones as there isn’t much colour pay off- more sheen and glowing goodness. ❤️ 

3rd swatch- Gold highlight shade-Stunning and will be wearable for all skin tones.

4th swatch- medium brown bronzer shade- nice to bronze the skin up and the fact that it is included in this palette is an added bonus!

Second row of swatches- from left to right: pale gold/champagne shade – Will be great  on lighter complexions as it is the palest shade in the palette but  still a beautiful intense highlighter on my medium skintone.

2nd swatch- pink shade with lots of sheen-Gorgeous as a blush topper or could be worn alone for a pop of colour and a glow as this shade doubles up as a blush and highlighter in one.

3rd swatch- bronze/copper shade –
gives of a beautiful sheen. Gorgeous as a blush topper or could be worn alone for a pop of colour and a glow this shade doubles a a blush and glowy bronzer in one.

4th swatch- light brown -orange shade- with some orange undertones. Slight sheen and would be a subtle highlighter on deeper skin tones but as a nice blush on my medium skin tone.

As seen by the shades swatched above the blush/highlighters are so beautiful ranging from pinks, golds,bronzer shades aswell as one matte  shade that is amazing to bronze up the skin and even slightly contour.

But let me tell you one thing; -if you love shimmery/ glowy shades on the cheeks then this is for you. Otherwise it’s a no-go as like I mentioned before this palette only consists of 1 matte shade and my love for this palette is because of how well  pigmented and beautifully they apply on the skin- providing a healthy sheen on the skin. 

I personally love products that give me that glow, sometimes blushers that have have a bit of sheen can double up as a highlighter and blusher in one and that’s what some of these shades do for me. All shades except the last shade in the bottom right corner can be built up to your desired effect.

In terms of formula, some of  the shades have more of a sheen because they are more finely milled and some have some micro shimmers. None of the shades have glitters and they perform well in terms of how they sit on the skin. I tend to dislike glitter in highlighters and even though microshimmers are acceptable I do gravitate towards highlighters that just provide that beautiful sheen blinding glow to the skin or someone’s eyes! Ouch!:)

Final verdict ;

I feel like I enjoy each and every shade in this palette- as I usually tend to only constantly use a specific blusher in a blush palette and in hindsight would have been better of purchasing one blush than the multitude of blushes in that one palette  as they do not get used and don’t forget the extra excess packaging that comes with palettes.

However contrarily, this palette for me  would be one that I would even travel with;-why?  Well it has a nice sturdy BIG mirror, blushers, bronzers and highlighter shades AND what makes it even more versatile is that the pigmentation of them allows them to be amazing as eyeshadows . With the use of the amazing shimmery shades, and matte brown bronzer shade as a transition shade, a variety of looks can be created.

So all in all – you get the drift- it’s an amazing palette worth the £6 price tag and 8 shades I highly recommend – each pan is 75p. Totally worth it and an amazing bargain!

Until next time, I’m signing off….


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