Makeup  revolution Monday:Makeup revolution luxury powder -Banana (comparison to the Ben nye version ) Is it better? 

Welcome to my new series Makeup revolution Monday where I’ll be reviewing products from Tam every Monday 

Today’s focus is on the fairly new  Makeup revolution luxury banana powder. 

I really don’t know why I had been hesitating to pick this up for so long. I had anticipated the launch of this banana powder as you all know- I love ❤️ banana powders but just didn’t come round to picking this up- probably because it’s never stocked in  my local  Superdrug.And I am one to walk into  store and pick up something because it caught  my eye than to order online especially if there is shipping costs involved, which is then not worth it if it’s only that 1 product your on the hunt for.

The Makeup revolution banana luxury powder is a clear  and undeniable dupe to the Ben nye banana powder, especially because the packaging is so similar or in fact exactly the same . However the question is; How do the products compare to each other? Well read on and let’s find out. 

First impressions: I applied my corrector, concealer, highlighted and then blended it all out before going in with the MUR banana powder. FYI just before I go in with any powder I use a sponge and further dab the areas to pick up any excess product that could sit into my my fine lines just before setting. I  then used my real techniques beauty sponge, as this is my preferred application method for baking, and applied a generous amount under the eyes and across the highlighted points of the face. Immediately I could see how my under eyes were mattified, brightened and set. 

I then continued with my eyes and after a few minutes dusted of the baking, being left with a smooth creaseless, slightly highlighted under eye area. 

It was one of those days were with my makeup first impressions I instantly knew that I will love the product and one that I would constantly use. ❤️ 

: Makeup revolution banana powder 

Bottom: Ben nye banana powder 

Both swatched heavily and blended out. -Just look at how similar they are.

The shade of this powder is perfect, not too yellow nor too pale. In fact as depicted in the picture above, both powders are almost exactly the same colour as each other;Maybe the Ben nye is a a tinge more yellow?but not significantly noticeable after application or when used side by side.

I also find the consistency and texture of the MUR powder to be very finely milled and smooth; even a milliscool amount more so than the infamous Ben nye banana powder. 
Moreover this powder for whatever reason  feels just as silky as the original and hence the finish on the skin seems very smooth. With the Ben nye version, excessive powder when used for baking could sometimes cause dryness under the eyes and so  I found too much application of the Ben nye powder could cause cakiness especially when used with a thicker concealer. However this MUR powder has not given me that dryness and is one that I am constantly reaching for…as it creates a flawless finish on the skin.

In conclusion I find this MUR powder to be more luxury as it’s name suggests and I feel this powder is just as good, if not has an even better formulation than the Ben nye version  even though the ingredients of both products are very different- Now that’s a statement.

Now as you all probably know by my statement, I am absolutely loving this powder and realising that I may never need to purchase my Ben nye (bye)powder- especially as it more expensive than the new MUR powder and less readily available. 

In regards to the MUR powder I feel that the only disadvantage is its packaging. Just like how everyone disliked the packaging for the Ben nye banana powder, I see how this packaging is not efficient either. Once you dispense the amount of powder for baking it is difficult to re-insert the remaining powder back into the pot in which case there is is wastage. What I usually do to combat this is use a big  fluffy powder brush and usually use the remaining amount to set the whole face. Nonetheless the original standard pot like powder packaging would be way more efficient especially since banana powders are used more for baking in which case a lot of powder is needed. 

This powder brightens and sets just as well as the Ben nye banana powder and and so a great alternative if you are on the look out for  a good powder. 👍 

For £4.99 you get a whopping 42g (like the Ben nye) which will last you for some time. I picked mine up on a 3 for 2 at and so was even more inexpensive -£3.33 to be exact!, yet totally way worth its very inexpensive price tag! This product can also be purchased on my favourite site:

And so that’s it guys, highly recommend this product. Let me know if you’ve tried it and what you think? 

Until next time, I’m signing off…
*Not sponsored. All products in this post was purchased by myself and if sent for review will marked with a (*) . 


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