Tkmaxx finds: Measurable difference contour palette by Chrislie *AmazinG*

Firstly take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the lady looks on the packaging of this contour palette. It looks like a painting but it’s actually photography. Stunning.👌

Whilst rummaging through the isles of Tkmaxx, my eyes 👀 instantly caught site of the brand Measurable difference. A brand I have been on the look out for, and so I instantly picked it up quite firmly making sure I didn’t let go, looked at the price and gasped, not even let anyone see it and secretly took it to the till with immense excitement and paid a mere £4.99. bargain! OK a bit over dramatic here but you get the drift- I was thrilled 😁.

Your probably thinking why and how I picked it up or even noticed this brand as it is not readily available here in the U.K nor hyped up as much and so many UKers are probably unaware of this brand.

Well me being a beauty lover;always on the hunt for different beauty products,was searching for a good contour kit, when I stumbled across a video reviewing the Measurable difference palette by a fellow YouTuber and saw how amazing the pigmentation was and immediately was drawn to the beautiful pigmented yellow banana powder.

In the demo I was in awe of how much it brightened the under eye area and so have always been on the look out for it as that YouTuber had bought hers on discount at Tjmaxx ( a store similar to Tkmaxx in the US). And so when I saw this at Tkmaxx I was so happy and just thanked the lord. 😃oh my gaaawddd….*excitement to  the max*

Now if you didn’t know, let me just re-iterate- I have a thing for Banana powders/ yellow brightening powders/ matte highlighters- whatever you want to call it- It’s just amazing on warm yellow (like the simpsons ) olive undertone skin. It sets the concealer beautifully and blends and meshes  into the skin seamlessly and at the same time brightens very well. Non-ashy and corrects the darkness/pigmentation too!

Now when it comes to the consistency of highlighting/baking powders, I have found loose powders like my much used and adored Ben nye banana powder or it’s fantastic dupe- the w7 banana dreams powder review here – which are amazing for baking and brightening the under eye area and the highlighted points of the face. A dust of loose banana 🍌 powder all over the face works well and delivers great results in setting foundation and concealer  and just brightens up the skin.

But  in regards to pressed highlighting powders I have not yet seen one that has provided the high amount of coverage and brightening in a banana/ yellow powder as seen in the Measurable difference palette- it surely does give a Measurable difference after using this duo-now that’s something!

The powders are very pigmented and quite soft to touch- not too creamy to the point it crumbles and not chalky either. As depicted in the picture above they blend out well  but without bending out into nothing and the lighter shade brightens very well- and you really can build up the intensity by packing on more product.Kim K highlighted look? After that? This will give you just that.

Both shades in this palette is all you really need to contour and highlight.Super simple and easy especially to someone who’s new to the whole contour/highlight game or even someone who has a minimalist approach to makeup .Fuss free.

The contour shade is also a good contour shade in that it is not too orange based and not too cool and makes for an excellent sculpting powder. I find this powder quite pigmented too and even more smoother and creamy than the lighter shade- not sure why but maybe it’s  do with the ingredients?I find that  with  the contour shade ,only a little bit is sufficient as the powder is quite a deep shade and very pigmented and so effortlessly allows me to create my desired contoured effect.

On a downside note, I do find the powders to kick up a little bit of fall-out but for what I can achieve when using this palette – I just can’t complain. Also considering that the palette was very affordable with a whopping 24g (12g in each pan -maybe?) it doesn’t bother me or stop me from using it. In fact with the yellow shade I end up using the fall-out powder to bake with so I don’t necessarily loose any product. Also it will help if you gently dip your brush in the pans to avoid too much fall out.

Now onto a bit of background info as I’m sure many UK readers may have not heard of this brand.Measurable difference is a US brand based in California  by Chrislie- and actually is more of a mid- to higher priced product range than the prices at Tkmaxx- (you see why I love this department store!) but do offer great quality products as seen by this palette. Also for those of you who only use cruelty free products- this brand is cruelty free!

I have seen the palette run from anywhere between $25$30 online  at but like me, I have found US bloggers find it in their local stores equivalent to Tkmaxx, at more discounted prices. 

Now for me regardless of the packaging which is very standard -once the sleeve cover with the pretty model is takenoff, you get the standard sleek plain black packaging with the brands name on it. No mirror included but the palette is quite sturdy and does open and close well. However for me I wouldn’t even mind paying the extra few pounds because the products performs well and you do get a lot of product so I still recommend it if you was to purchase it online at a higher price.

It’s disappointing  that this palette is not readily available here in the UK🇬🇧 because I highly recommend it so be sure to check out your local Tkmaxx as I have also recently picked up another Measurable difference 6 pan palette as it was very inexpensive and I just couldn’t pass up on it after using this one.

I’ve recently found some amazing highlight and contour palates at Tkmaxx so be sure to follow for more reviews as most of them are amazing for the price!

Any great products you’ve picked up at Tkmaxx recently? Comment below

Until next time, I’m signing out…


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