Poundland haul: ft sleek makeup

SERIOUSLY what is happening? Sleek makeup at poundland? Yes you heard that right! I have recently picked up so much sleek makeup, probably products that have become discontinued or even re- launched and so nonetheless amazing products.

I have seen these products at Poundland for the last few weeks and so I’ll show you what I have picked up…I even ended up picked up 2-3 of each item as you can’t really go wrong for a pound..so without further ado lets get into what I picked up!

1. Sleek bare skin foundation

Now from what I remember this is a fairly new foundation release to sleek so I completely did not understand what it was doing on the Poundland shelves. #gobsmacked

I picked up 3 shades and a point to note is that all sleek base products I found in Poundland was in deeper shades. In fact none of the shades above even fit my nc35 skin. However with todays mixing mediums I thought I’ll still be able to give them a whirl. Also great to have to use on other people with deeper skin tones.

I did also find the older discontinued Sleek revive foundation in a very deep shade which I thought could be used for contouring.

2. Sleek base duo kit

Touching more on bases, I found these cream and powder duo face bases which if I remember have been discontinued.

I just couldn’t help being awestruck seeing this , as this product has a cream base and then powder on top and the compact also has a mirror and I found it for a pound!wow!

Now these cream bases were also only in deeper shades like the foundations but who doesn’t love me some cream contouring and so I snatched up 3 shades.

I must confess I have used these a few times and I really do love the consistency of the cream and it does an amazing job at contouring the face and 1 of the creams work well for color correcting as it is a shade with an orange undertone.

The top of the compact has the powder and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the powders were considerably lighter than the foundation and so I found that I could use these as an all over powder and even under the eyes, especially because of the strong yellow undertones. Superb!

3Sleek  blue mascara and sleek dip it eyeliner in forest green 

The mascara that I frantically put in my basket was in fact in the shade blue and so I don’t think I’ll be putting that to the test as I don’t think it will be suitable. However one side of the mascara has a white mascara primer which will hopefully help in creating longer and thicker lashes.

Contrary to the mascara, I really like the dark green eyeliner. Easy to use and adds a different touch to the eyes as opposed to the usual black eyeliner. I am sure this eyeliner is still available as I have seen the black shade in stores.Highly recommend it even for its full RRP.

4.Sleek Eye and cheek palette -dancing till disk 

Keeping the best to the last… When I saw this in Poundland, my eyes popped out and I grabbed 4. Not only is this beautiful for myself but even as a gift. With 2 beautiful blush shades and 4 eye shadows for £1- I don’t think you can ask for more.

Sleek has to be one of my favourite budget brands- vibrant colours, highly pigmented and reasonably priced! And so this haul was beyond a bargain!

And so that’s it guys! Hope you enjoyed this post- Next up is an NYC makeup Poundland haul. Have you picked up anything recently that’s been worth it’s every 100 pence!? Comment below

Until next time, I’m signing off…


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