Want to try products that are not released here in the UK? ; Fragrance Direct haul 

Fragrance Direct is an online beauty and fragrance store that is now very well known and undoubtedly has an array of amazing low to high-end cosmetics & splendour  fragrances to choose from.

Now this haul was particularly exciting for me because all the products I purchased were  products that are unavailable here in the UK ( or only available online) even though they are from brands like Loreal or Maybelline which is easily accessible  for us here in the UK. However these are products that are just not released here in the UK and so when I saw them at such incredibly low prices I grabbed them and then thought I should show you what Fragrance  direct have to offer.

 So without further ado let’s get into it!

Maybelline superstay better skin powder foundation.

Now if you regularly watch youtubers or read beauty blog posts then by now you should know this new ‘Maybelline superstay better skin powder’ was released in the US, some months ago and was being hyped up and most- if not all reviews have said that it is amazing.
‘Lightweight, smooth formula with great coverage’- is what everyone has been spreading and so we just needed to put that to test!

And so when I saw that Fragrance direct was selling it for £3.99 it made it an excuse for me to even make this order from Fragrance direct. The only difficulty I had when purchasing this product was that after a bit of research, I realised that the shades on the  US maybelline site were not the same as the ones on Fragrance direct and so assume that these are coming from Australia. ( as one aussie review had a similar shade!).

And so I picked a guess and went for the shade 03 Sand sable.With only 3-4 shades to choose from I think I made a pretty good decision. More to come on this ; Hopefully I will love it just like everyone else  and in that case stock up very soon. Also considering that this powder retails for anywhere between $9-$13 in the US and if it does get released here, it will surely be £3.99 or more, and so that’s all the more reasons to get a back up!

First impressions:
I’ve used it for a few times and when using alone it provides about a medium coverage. However I did need to pack on the powder and it wasn’t a one swipe- full coverage kind of powder ( which is what I was kinda expecting!). Nevertheless it didn’t look heavy or make my face look ‘made up’ after application.

One thing that I did expect the powder to be is very very soft- People mentioned it in their reviews, yet I felt like the Loreal nude bb powder is more softer upon swatch and dare I say more silky on the skin. However I do need to try this more and I will definitely be using it on top of foundation and alone with different methods of application and see how well it performs, and will report back.

Calvin Klein one – ck one all day perfection face makeup with spf20

Next up is another product that I was soo excited to try! And that’s the Calvin klein’s ck one all day perfection foundation. This retails for a mere £5.99 on the site  which is about the same as some highstreet foundations ( and that’s only in comparison to Rimmel or Miss sporty foundations!).

Now as we all know ck is a high end brand- with some fantastic fragrances and I even do remember that ck beauty launched here in the UK sometime ago ( maybe in debenhams) but for some reason was discontinued.

Also from reviews online, the ck beauty brand is quite well known in the US and still readily available and from reviews it retails for a lot more than £5.99 in the US!

Now in terms of packaging;  sleek transparent & white glass bottle which feels quite weighty- looks classy with  a fantastic efficient pump that dispenses the right amount of foundation,offers spf 20, offers a nice color selection; all just adds up to the luxury highend feel… And so regardless of the price, I still had very high hopes for this foundation.Especially because every review was raving about it and just had good things to say. I’ll be testing it out very soon and hopefully like it claims -it gives me all day perfection…

FYI- I picked up the shade warm sand and it is a nice medium warm  undertoned shade.

First impressions: The foundation does blend and hold up on the skin for atleast 8hours+. However I just wished that the foundation shade had a more yellow undertone to it as my face is paler than my hands and arms and so it oxidised to a more beige shade.

Nonetheless I didn’t give up, and added a tiny amount of a paler foundation, and it was perfection. Sits and looks beautiful on the skin, lasts well and feels light weight on the skin. A gem of a foundation and the quality and texture is truly high-end-  thanks to Fragrance direct.

Next up is the Loreal silkissme eyeliner in midnight blue. Just as an FYI, One can never have enough eyeliners and I remember quite vaguely seeing this pencil being used in a tutorial and was in awe of how effortlessly it glided onto their eyes.Plus I was pretty sure I hadn’t seen this in Boots/Superdrug.Click. In it went into my basket:)

I have swatched this pencil and am in awe of how pigmented and creamy it is. I hope it works just aswell on the eyes.

Touching more upon  bases, I also picked up the Loreal nude bb stick. I remember seeing this in Carrefour France on the makeup isles but was hesitant to purchase it as it retailed for around €15!! Thank God I passed on it as Fragrance Direct have it for £2.99!

I really do love the Loreal nude magique foundation,bbpowder,rollonconcealer, and blur primer in this range and have just ordered the bb cream and so this maybe a nice edition to the line BUT one which isn’t released here in the UK. Considering that this line usually retails for £9.99 here in boots and superdrug, I just had to give this a go..Maybe a full review on the whole line in the future:)

Update:  This is the most beautiful natural looking bb/foundation stick I have tried. I have used it several times now since purchasing it and even considering to pick up another one as a back up.

Numerous impressions : Applied one layer of this and saw that it is initially too creamy for my liking . Didn’t give up,and buffed out this first layer onto the skin. It provided my skin with a sheer to light coverage- just slightly evening out my skintone. And so I went in and swiped on another full layer all over the skin and buffed it in. Wow. I could see a difference. My skin looked even, radiant but yet ever so natural and skin-like. Beautiful. And guess what I think I have found my holy grail no makeup-makeup look foundation.

I do feel the need to set this bb stick as like I mentioned before, it is creamy and moisturising and have done so with translucent powder and found it to look nice. However recently I set it with a Max factor powder foundation which provided additional coverage and this gave my skin an even more flawless, yet light, non-made up and very skin-like appearance.

Moreover the wow factor for me was how it lasted so well on my skin and I even wore it to a house party and my skin looked great for the 9 hours I attended! I usually don’t wear a foundation consecutively for days because I have so many new bases to try and so when I do it surely means something!

FYI- I picked up the shade light- medium- a tad bit too light for me but it has a nice yellow undertone. I can make it work and I like the undertone and would rather this shade just in case the med-dark shade is not as warm ( they only have 2 shades to choose from!).  And another fyi that I’d like to add, is that I was least excited  or more specifically sceptical about this bb stick even though I love this line from Loreal. Maybe it was the thought of what it possibly could offer, BUT to amazement  it truly offers what it claims.  That nude, bare skin like beautiful skin. Love it and highly recommend!
And lastly I picked up 3 more items because they were super inexpensive and it made my cart up to £20+ so I could qualify for free delivery which is something I always look for when shopping online!Good on you Fragrance direct:)

Technic water proof gel liner– Now this was only £1.25 and with all year round hayfever and allergies I thought that this may work. I hope it is actually is waterproof as they also had they maybelline studio gel liner for under £3 which I really do love but didn’t pick it up because I thought I’d try something different- Maybe a Technic Tuesday review?

W7 loads of lashes– As much as I do love false lashes I really find it a bit too much to wear on the daily and even though I can wear about a tonne load of makeup for my job I still try and go for a natural pair of falsies or half lashes just to make my lashes appear thicker and a little longer.Otheriwse I’ll just use my favourite Maybelline mascara and I’m  good to go. And so this little w7 lash product is to be used with your favourite mascara to give you those falsies without the need to wear a pair and so this will  definitely be put to test! Hope it does work and maybe be featured in a w7 Wednesday post? Keep a look out.

And lastly I added the Body collection pink baked blusher to my cart as it looked beautiful. And for 99p- Oh my God – It gives the most beautiful sheer pink colour to the cheeks with a gorgeous sheeny glow. I love it already!

That’s it guys, what a great haul! What did you guys think?. I definitely think there will be a part 2 to this post as there was another Maybelline bb cream foundation that is not available here in the UK ln yhe site and also so much more from the CK beauty range!

Let me know if there is any products that you would like an in-depth review on and I shall do that for you.

P.s sorry for the delay with posts -I lost my beloved phone and I didn’t backup my photos so I am now so behind with my posts- However I am now on track so be sure to read my posts every Wednesdays and Sundays..X

*Not sponsored and all products were purchased by myself.

Until next time I’m signing off…
SabZ x


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