Tkmaxx highend beauty haul! part 1

I have recently picked some amazing products from my special beauty store- Tkmaxx. Here is a break down of what I have got with prices.

1.) Nars Andy Warhol palette; Consists of 2 blushers and 4 eyeshadows. – £6 ( on clearance  ( original Tkmaxx price -£39.99)

2.) Illamasqua powder blusher duo; Consists of 2 blushers. Tkmaxx original price £6.99

3.) Too faced melted liquified long wear lipstick- Melted Frosting;  £1 ( on clearance) Tkmaxx originally RRP  £5.99 (p.s A lot of the metals are in store now)

4.) Too faced Shadow insurance ; Tkmaxx original RRP  £6.99

5.) Too faced glitter glue; ( not shown in this haul) £3 (on clearance ) Tkmaxx original RRP  £6.99

6.) Too faced bulletproof 24 hr shadow liner in get lucky ( green) and white lie ( white) ; £1 each ( on clearance)  Tkmaxx original RRP £5.99

7.) Too faced #Tf no filter selfie powders; Tkmaxx original RRP  £9.99 ( Amazing and so many left in store! !)

8.) Cargo gloss in Rio; -£1 ( on clearance) original Tkmaxx RRP  ( I think) was £3.99
9.) Bare minerals set; Consists of hydrating veil, matte foundation and brush £7 ( on clearance) Tkmaxx original RRP was over £20+ and they are all full sized products.

10.Laura mercier  stock face colour in Coral glow ; £3 ( on clearance) Tkmaxx original RRP  £14.99

11.) Single ciate London glow pop; £3 ( on clearance original Tkmaxx RRP was set of 3 for £12.

This is part 1 to the highend Tkmaxx beauty finds.  I will be uploading some more pictures to  show you close up shots to the products but I am actually doing some individual reviews on some of the standout products and will be keeping you updated!

I have used most of the products and just to conclude would say from first impressions I felt that the;

-Too faced shadow sticks for £1 were beyond a bargain as they are just as pigmented as the NYX jumbo pencils and so for even £5.99 they are a bargain.  I just got lucky! 🙂  Moreover they stay in the waterline like no other gel liner. I love using the green in my waterline as it glides on and once set, stays ‘bulletproof’ like it claims!

Also other amazing bargains were the Bareminerals set as it was brand new and they are full size products and so for £7, it just blew my mind.

Also the Illamasqua blusher duo is fantabulous- super pigmented and the shades are beautiful. Considering there are 2 in the set, each one for £3.50 for an illamasqua blush is superb.

And lastly I must mention that the biggest bargain for me was the Laura mercier face colour stick. It’s beyond gorgeous on the skin and truly is sooo luxe. It retails for around £32 a pop,and so Tkmaxx selling the product for £14.99 was a bargain in itself and because mine wasn’t in it’s packaging they offered it to me for £3 and I just couldn’t say no. Came home smiling that day! 🙂 #scored

A lot of these products were bought very recently so grab a bargain and pop into and your local Tkmaxx if you can! The more different ones you go to, the more variety of products you’ll find!

Hope you liked this, stay tuned for a part 2 as it’s contour palette crazy and products that I am just overwhelmed with!:)

And guys let me know what goodies you have picked up recently in the comments. We could keep this post a way to let people know what products they are stocking!As I sure would love to know too!!

p.s  I have recently seen some  Laura geller products, lots of illamasqua and Urban decay!! Ahhh..don’t you just love Tkmaxx!- However it still slightly does breaks my bank!:))haha.. On that note…

Until next time I’m signing off:))



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  1. February 8, 2017 / 6:01 pm

    I never find great stuff like this at my TK Maxx 🙁 The beauty products are all rubbish. Great post though 😁

    • February 8, 2017 / 6:03 pm

      I know every Tkmaxx is different..they stock different products and thankfully mine always has great stuff! wait till you see my part 2, picked up some amazing contour palettes!
      Thank for reading hun! x

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