Tkmaxx beauty finds: City color cosmetics 

I just love it when I rummage through the the Tkmaxx beauty isles and find brands that are not available here in the UK. I find it quite exciting to be able to try makeup that isn’t readily available for us and so it’s just that little bit more special and a kind of -I need it beauty purchase:)).

I did research for these sets for a few minutes before purchasing them but actually couldn’t find them online. I do see some of the products in this post sold separately but not as a set like I found at Tkmaxx. Not quite sure why but it’s better value for me I suppose!
I picked up quite a lot of City color cosmetics on multiple visits to Tkmaxx and as I had so much thought I should compile it all into a blog post.

It was considerably cheap, I think maybe a little more expensive than it’s original RRP when converted to US currency but still a very inexpensive budget beauty buy.In regards to price everything was under £6; a bit like Freedom /Makeup revolution’s price range. Also you may notice that I went a bit highlight contour crazy in this haul but I’m totally loving it right now.

Also just an FYI, I picked all this up in the last few months and even whilst writing this post have found some City color cosmetics at Tkmaxx so you may still find it if there is anything you like…

( **enough of the rambling now, let’s get into the haul..**)

So what did I pick up?

Highlighter duos -£4.99 each

I picked up 2 of these highlighting duos. Each set came with both products and a brush which I don’t really use as I have so many others- they are ok and could be used for when on the go!
I actually picked up both of them as I wanted all the products in each set equally and instead of choosing one, decided to buy them both.

There was 2 liquid highlighters, but both were in different shades; the left is more pink undertoned and the right has a gold shift and no one can really have enough highlighters.Liquid highlighters are so versatile; you can mix it in with your foundation, apply before foundation or even dab some on the cheekbones after foundation for that glow.

The other 2 products that came in each set were powder highlighters but 2 that were very different from each other and one of my favourite purchases.

The city collection powder highlighter is a pale champagne shimmer highlight that can be built up for that intense highlighter on the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, brow bone etc.A kind of glow that is beautiful but shines miles away. You can apply this lightly for a subtle and mild glow -definitely a very nice highlighter.

The second highlighter is Matte. I was so intrigued to try this because on the box, they mention that your supposed to use this heavily packed under the eyes, left for sometime and then sweeped off for a highlighted effect, which is obviously referring to the baking method.

I really do love the way this highlights the under eye area and brightens. It’s something difficult to find in the drugstore and although it is not a banana shade which I tend to prefer, I actually do like this.

Blush and bronzer palette- £4.99

OMG- this palette is one that I really hesitated to pick up. My thoughts of whether ‘will I actually use the palette?’ vs ‘the shades are so pretty and right up my street ‘ and finally picked it.For £4.99 I just calculated that each blusher was less than a pound, and in that case even if I didn’t use it as much it was OK.

But lo and behold, like always it’s one of my favourite products from everything I picked up!

Beautiful shades, pinks, bronzer shades and even my favourite mauve shade.

This beautiful blush palette is hella pigmented and blends beautifully on the skin. It definitely does kick up some powder but because of the shades and lasting power on the skin I still enjoy using them.

A palette that I’d probably take with me if I’m going away as I love every shade in it which is unusual with a blush palette.

I would also like to quickly add that these are very pigmented and so if your are very pale than I highly suggest that you very lightly dip your brush into the blusher, tap of excessively and apply in a sheer quantity as even with my medium skintone I can go overboard with this if I’m not careful.

Blush, highlight and bronzer -£6.99

These single bronzer and blushers have been raved about a lot and so when I saw this set retailed for £6.99 I thought I’d give it a go. Each product equates to £2-ish a piece and in my opinion Makeup revolution or Mua do products just aswell or even better.

The products in this set aren’t bad, but not amazing either. I find that the bronzer is a little powdery.However even though these are good I actually tend to prefer the blush/ bronzer palette.

I definitely need to test this set out more and maybe I would enjoy the blusher as I do love pink shades on the cheeks.

City color collection Contour and highlight powder set -£4.99

I liked the look of this set as the contour shade seemed quite cool toned and as the highlight shade was quite a yellow pale shade thought it could be used to dust a little under the eyes to brighten it.

The powders blend out nicely on the skin and even though the contour shade seems super dark you can see that against my medium complexion, it’s not extremely dark because it has a grey undertone and so works wonders in Chiselling out those non-existing cheekbones.

So far I do like it but I need to use this this a lot more to give my complete opinion.

City color collection cc powder set-£4.99

These cc powders caught my attention firstly because Mac do these, and secondly because there was a yellow powder in this set. Instantly I thought of how amazing this may be under the eyes and even though I realised that the other 2 powders may be harder to work with as I tend to use an orange corrector under the eyes and don’t really require a green shade, still went ahead and picked this set up.


I find the orange powder to be quite hard to apply under the eyes as it is very pigmented and so I need to make sure that it is covered well with a high coverage concealer. I do find that however with some effort it can work. But the question is if I’ll even reach for these powders when I have many fantastic creamy corrector alternatives that are so easy to apply, non- messy and correct the skin even better..

And as for the green shade, – I’ve never really needed to use green as my medium yellow/olive skin doesn’t tend to get red! so that was definitely not for me.However I still feel like this set was worth it as I can always use the orange cc powder as as a blush and really do love how the yellow cc powder brightens the face and the under eye area. Also just to add, the powder is very yellow so I use very little to achieve the brightening affect.

And also I forgot to mention that the powder is finely milled and blends nicely on the face. Each cc powder contains 3.2g which may seem like less but for the price and amount you need I think this is a great budget buy.

Color correct contour cream palette£4.99

I bought by this palette as I had seen many reviews on it and most of them were positive. I use the orange shade as a corrector and find it to work quite well. However just like I mentioned with the cc powders I do not use the other shades much and so in hindsight would be better off buying just an orange corrector only. However I could use the deeper shades for cream contour and the banana shade to highlight but I only do cream contouring occasionally. So for me this wasn’t a real necessity nor did it blow my mind.

(update; I have almost finished the orange shade and have only had this palette for a month so it hasn’t lasted me too long. I think the product is quite creamy, and so I maybe picking up more product than required and blending it out. Nonetheless it is still a nice product that I would recommend, especially due to the price! )

And so that’s it guys. A mix of hits and misses and so thanks to stores like Tkmaxx that let me purchase cosmetics that readily unavailable in the UK at an affordable price!
Hope you guys are liking my new Tkmaxx beauty finds series! Please like, follow and share for more…:)) very much appreciated!
Until next time, I’m signing off!
SabZ x
*Not sponsored and all products were purchased by myself!


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