Introducing ‘Tkmaxx beauty finds’ series!

Hello everyone and welcome to another new series on my blog: Tkmaxx beauty finds!

Why I decided to start this series?

If you asked me what my favourite thing to do was in my spare time or even if I was busy, then I’d probably say that I like going into Tkmaxx to rummage though the Isles of beauty and skincare..and furthermore would like to visit every Tkmaxx I can travel too and see what I could find. I think there’s the thrill of going to a Tkmaxx store not knowing what beauty product I may find.

 Some days I’ve hit the jackpot and some days I come home with nothing…every visit is different and more significantly for me, so exciting!..So much so that my brothers, mum, hubby, friends & even work colleagues know that it’s my favourite store- in fact my ‘ secret beauty store’. Secret because I feel not many people know that you can find such amazing beauty/ household products there and when I do share my finds, people are usually gobsmacked!

For someone who loves a beauty bargain and loves makeup, Tkmaxx is the store to visit so next time you pass a Tkmaxx be sure to hit up the beauty isles as you’ll sure find some amazing stuff!

Numerous reasons as to why it’s such a great place to shop!:

  • You can find high-end beauty products discounted for a reasonable price. From stila, Too faced, Guerlain, –  to brands which have been recently stocked  like Nars and Laura mercier- you just won’t believe your eyes.
  • Sometimes it’s understandable that the products have either been discontinued or a brand that is not as well known here in the UK and so been discounted. This would be examples of products like Physicians formula, sukin, or even City color cosmetics!
  • You discover new amazing brands! Orico London was a brand I found at Tkmaxx and I fell in love and bought the whole range. Little did I know, Feel unique stocks the brand and it’s quite a highend brand. I purchased most products from as little as £3- £6. And guess what the Orico London Superico vitamin Rich oil  featured in my picture above was £4.99 at Tkmaxx and online on other sites, retails  for anywhere between  £28-£31!!! now that’s what you call a saving!!:)))Also the lip crayon set by style essential was a new find.  I picked it up for £4.99, working out to be £1 for each lip crayon and I must say they are beautifully pigmented, moisturising and very comfortable on the lips! ( and I love the shades)Win win!:)
  • However it’s even more fantastic when you get beauty products on a discount and they still are on the market for its original retail price!
  • Also aside from just cosmetics you have an amazing range of skincare ( they are currently stocking Peter Thomas Roth). Amazing body creams and scrubs. I picked up a Emma hardie body scrub for £10 and it originally  £30+.
  • Furthermore you have the option to shop for designer bags, coats, clothes and even my kids love it because of the wide variety of toys! ( my 4 year old daughter loves the dresses!)
  • Discount, discount, discount!! not only do you get products that are already discounted, but after some time they go on clearance and are further discounted! Oh God! 🙂

Also coming back to the point that you  are able to find products that are not widely available in the UK -I just wanted to add that some inexpensive products bought online directly from their site or from  any other foreign beauty retail provider, you would automatically know that the shipping price is exhaustionate and so you’re better off buying a high-end product for that price.

However at Tkmaxx the most exciting factor for me is that the prices are so much lower than even it’s original retail price in its country. For example:

I purchased a Physicians formula blusher and bronzer duo for £4 and I have never found it cheaper than £12 on any site and that was sometimes without the shipping cost added.And my logical explanation to this was because the product originally retailed for about $10-12 and so it will obviously be priced higher as they would include overseas shipping charges etc.

Also other amazing beauty deals are on brands like Stila that are quite high-end and  I luckily bought quite a few products for £4-£6! The stila blue eyeliner featured in my post was £2.99 and I absolutely love it! A total steal for the price!

Beauty products that I have continuously seen at Tkmaxx for atleast over a year now are the following:

  • bare minerals- single foundation  pots for usually  £3-£10 depending on the size ( usually over  £20). Also the bare minerals kits usually retail for around £14.99 and are a lot more elsewhere.
  • OPI nail polishes- I’m not really a nail Polish gal and so mostly pass them up but usually from what I remember OPI can be expensive. I’ve seen so many colours for around  £4-6!! RRP is usually £11+!
  • Sukin- an Australian brand skincare brand which is difficult to find in the UK. However recently boots seemed to stock it and the prices are quite high. I have seen some sukin products retail  for around £4-£8 for masks, face washes, oils etc in Tkmaxx, so super affordable ( it actually is an affordable brand anyway ). In fact I am in love with the Sukin treatment oil I picked from Tkmaxx for £6 in a duo pack! bargain I know:)

Current offers on the Tkmaxx website  have some Nars, Laura mercier- which is not discounted much still slightly less than its RRP.

Now in every fantastic place we shop there may be factor’s that can be seen as a downside and so that’s what I’ll be discussing next in regards to the Tkmaxx beauty isles.

  • Firstly the display can really be destroyed with hundreds of people opening and swatching the products. Sometimes they are completely destroyed ( broken or indented- like girl did you scoop some out and take it home!) and that is just beyond me as to why this occurs. Also some eyeshadow palettes could be shattered so you need to make sure that you check the product properly before purchase as they may not let you return it later. Also if your buying a extra discounted item ( red label) and it seems like it could have been used then be sure to sanitize it before use as it’s most likely to be tampered with, hence the reduction.
  • Another major disadvantage is that you will have selective shades of a specific item. For example, they may have a superb high-end  foundations on discounted prices but they may only be on a few shades. This has happened to me with Guerlain, Smashbox and clinique foundations- so I was soooo disappointed! but if it’s the perfect shade for you then you’ve scored!

And so that’s it guys…I shall be sharing with you gradually on what I have bought over the years at Tkmaxx. I thought it would be fun just to let you know what can be bought there.And then you’ll also seriously  see my love for the store!

And oh yes, just to quickly add- don’t be disheartened by the fact you may not be able to get any of the products featured on my blog for the discounted price but instead be sure to follow me to see what Tkmaxx beauty holds for the future as I’ll be updating regularly on what’s new and available at Tkmaxx.
So until next time, I’m signing off and I’ll be back with a new post on what I’ve loved, hated and recently picked up so keep a look out!
Thanks for reading!!! AND Please comment below and let me know what you have found..I’d love to know as we could be Tkmaxx bargain buddies! ha!

SabZ x

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  1. February 1, 2018 / 8:41 pm

    Yep was surprised to find a couple of physicians formula products in there today(am sooo late lol)bought a mineral powder for £3.99!…usually pay way more for their butter bronzer online☺️

    • bbeautyblog2015
      February 1, 2018 / 8:45 pm

      Omg I spent over £20 on physicians formula today!…like just a set of mineral powders is £15 from so i went crazy!! I live 5 mins away from a tkmaxx so u can imagine! Even though im a Nars makeup artist I really love trying other brands! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Xx

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