w7 Wednesday: dupe for Lipstick queen – Frog prince: W7 lip wizard magic lip color!! Sea Scape & Bonjour


Today’s w7 Wednesday is on a product that I have been really enjoying for the last year which is the ‘W7 lip wizard magic lip color’.As we all know, w7 is always known to dupe all high-end products and guess what- they do it well!

I picked up the w7 lip wizard magic lip color’ sometime ago- probably about 10 months ago to be precise and it’s still going strong and one lipstick I may have to repurchase and stock up on soon.

So what’s the dupe?

Now if you’re familiar with a premium brand of lipsticks known as ‘Lipstick queen’ which is sold in a few places- to name a few; space NK  and even Heathrow world duty free as far as I’m aware and a few  very well known on-line stockists like John Lewis and feel unique.

Personally though, in all honesty I learnt about this brand via my job at WDF- heathrow, hence why I once passed up on it at Tkmaxx for a bargain :((.If only I had known *sigh*

Now Lipstick Queen isn’t aswell known as for example Mac’s lipsticks or be it the Nars audacious lipsticks but recently have gained its popularity to its number one seller ‘Frog prince.’

Whilst working on this stand at world duty free I got to try a lot of the lipsticks and must admit that the quality is top notch and some of the more expensive premium matte lipsticks in the line are incredibly comfortable and pigmented. Also without a doubt the packaging is nicer than the w7 and in comparison they look nothing like each other; one is a lipstick style packaging and w7 is like a chubby stick style packaging. However whenever I applied Frog prince it reminded me of something I had in my collection….

And that’s where I realised that the w7 lip wizard magic lip color was a dupe for Frog prince. The reason that this instantly didn’t come to my notice is because the w7 lip wizard lip color I own is the blue version, and so in appearance it looks so similar to Lipstick Queen’s ‘Hello sailor’ lipstick. Hello Sailor  is a blue lipstick but gives off a sheer blue with berry undertoned color on the lips. And so I didn’t instantly realise that the w7 version could be a dupe.

The Frog prince lipstick by Lipstick queen gives of a sheer-medium pink tint to the lips and is very comfortable on the lips. I do feel like the pink deepens upon wearing it due it’s technology  and upon it’s first swatch, only a slight tinge of colour is apparent on the lips.This can easily be built up to  a nice pink shade which is then more visible on the lips.

Comparison to the w7 version?

* both are swatches of w7 magic wizard lip color in sea scape.

Now as for the w7 dupe,  I adore how beautifully pigmented and easily applicable it is on the lips. No mirror is required and even a dab of this on the lips is sufficient for a hint of colour. It initially shows some blue tint as seen upon swatch but after a few seconds, it completely becomes pink. Once you apply a few layers, the pink is quite vibrant, definitely  more so than Frog prince. And so I find that with the w7 one, a more versatile product as you can just dab a touch of colour when running errands/ for that natural lip tint or even go full on for beautiful deeper pink lips when required.

*lip swatch of w7 magic wizard lip color in sea scape.

Another factor that makes the w7  version a spot on dupe for Frog prince is because that it is just as moisturising on the lips as the Frog prince and provides a  beautiful sheen on the lips and most significantly is very long lasting.

In comparison, both lip colors have the same  finish ( I suppose w7 had frog prince lipstick in mind when creating this lip color!),  and can even go on to say that the w7 version lasts on me more so than the Frog prince as it stains the lips and  I am left with colour on the lips throughout the whole day i.e from when first applied to when I take it off myself.
This then means that this is perfect for when you just can’t keep maintaining  your lip colour and just go about your day, eating and drinking, and whatever else you do and just know that there will be some lip colour on your lips.

The sheen does wear off after sometime and initially it is not transfer proof. Once the first layer of sheen is worn off then it almost because transfer proof as only the tint is left behind.

My final thoughts;

In all honesty I have reached for the w7 magic wizard lipstick way too much over the past months and I have almost finished it! This means so much as I have a tonne load of lipstick and to use one that is so inexpensive over my high-end lippies mean a lot. I love pink shades and this shade just brightens up my warm olive complexion. I also like to use it as a base  prior to wearing other lipsticks on top, as firstly it moisturises and furthermore will stay on once the other lip color on top has worn off.

So in conclusion, for the price-  I bought mine from savers for 99p and I wish I had picked up 10!!! – as opposed to lipstick Queens which is tax free retail price at wdf for  £18.30, and so I just can’t see the difference in performance and can’t justify the price difference as in total honesty I feel like the w7 performs just as good.

However a disclaimer I would like to state  whilst doing this review is that I haven’t actually tested both lip colors equally to conclude if one works better than the other.Also if your very pale or wanting something more natural and sheer and price isn’t a factor, then Frog prince may be the better choice for you. Plus as I don’t own Frog prince I couldn’t show any swatches for comparison.

However all I can confirm is that from the limited time I have used Lipstick Queens Frog prince and hello sailor ( which is in fact very very sheer) I do see the w7 version as a dupe!

I also do have to add that  if your one to look at ingredients in lip products, I do know that  the lipstick queen’s Frog prince has shea butter and vitamin E in it for your lips to be hydrated and so has treatment benefits too. Also Lipstick queen do claims that the lipsticks adapts to your pH and skintone and so is unique to everyone person as no 2 people will have the same shade of pink on their lips which is definitely very interesting and unique!!

And so in regards to this there maybe a good reason for the price difference, but nonetheless the w7 one is a good one if you like the idea of it and are on a budget.

Also if your not a pink lipstick girl like me, then by all means give  the  w7 lip wizard magic lip color in the shade ‘coral sweet’ a go as that deepens to an orange shade on the lips, or the red shade that is called  ‘red devil’which will obviously be a red tint on the lips.

And for those of you that want an exact dupe to frog prince; in terms of appearance, then be sure to pick up ‘Bonjour’ from the w7 lip wizard magic lip colour line as it’s a green lipstick like Frog prince and also develops into a pink shade on the lips!!  I definitely will be picking up more of these as they are so comfortable and moisturising on the lips- almost like a balm but providing a good amount of colour on the lips!
(You  can purchase these at www.w7cosmetics.co.uk for £4.95 each ( still so worth it!)
That’s it guys. Thanks for reading!
Until next time,  I’m signing off!

SabZ x


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