Freedom Friday: #ProArtist professional London HD PRO finish  powder- Banana

Welcome to Freedom Friday. This week has sure been a tam beauty week as if you didn’t read Mondays post here it was on Makeup revolution pro illuminate highlighter so have a read of that if you haven’t!- It’s a great budget highlighter.

I  was  able to go in to my local superdrug and see this product: Freedom makeup  #ProArtist professional London HD PRO finish powder – Banana, in stock ( as most of the new releases isn’t available  in my local Superdrug’s 🙁 )..

 I was just so excited to get my hands on this new powder ( I kind have been obsessed with loose powders recently! ) .

And guess what, to make things even better and exciting Superdrug has a 3 for 2 offer on which makes it all the more merrier to pick up an additional 2 products! 🙂 and this powder by my luck was the only one on the shelf.No tester and no more stock- how lucky am I!? (only makeup  junkies will understand!)

I guess a review was destined…So let’s get into the deets…

What freedom claim that this hd pro powder will do: 

Smooth the skin whilst warming the skin tone with the HD Pro Finish Banana Powder. Set your foundation and reduce shine.Use across the nose, cheeks and foreheads to ensure your makeup lasts longer with a unique micro finish sifter to sieve the powder to prevent clumping and ensure easy application. It is normal for powders to settle whilst shipment and therefore may not look full on arrival. Please shake the bottle before use.

(-taken from the tam beauty site)

Product description 

This powder as the name suggests is supposed to be there pro powder and HD as it’s name suggests so a great budget alternative for events and parties or I guess a more professional budget cosmetics range and great for the kit if your an MUA!


For £3 I do have to say that this powder has by far the sleekest packaging than any other loose powder in the highstreet. Moreover the the most efficient  packaging of this product is that the powder has a mesh like soft sifter or as freedom describe it; a unique micro-finish sifter to sieve the powder out or  you could just dip your brush or sponge into it to pick up any product. Now that’s contending with highend packaging dare I say! because even some of my expensive powders have no lock or sifter mechanisms or even mesh and all the powder is sitting on top of the sifter holes and one drop when it’s opened and there’s your £30 + down the carpet! 🙁

So packaging is a total thumbs up from me!Only the amount of product you require comes out and I find this packaging less messy and quite convenient to use.

First impressions? 

Now this powder is called a Banana powder or is in the banana shade, and so automatically I would tend to compare it to contenders like the infamous Ben nye banana powder or w7 banana dreams.
However unlike those powders, this powder only seems to have a tinge of yellow to it and does not show up/ or very lightly shown on the skin.


I applied my concealer of choice, and then patted it down with my fingers to make sure the product was blended out. I then took my RT blender sponge and pressed under the eyes to remove any excess concealer and smooth out any wrinkling.

I  then picked up this powder with my real techniques contour brush and applied some under the eyes. It set the concealer beautifully without visibly leaving behind any excess powder on the skin. It reminded me slightly of the Nars crystal reflecting loose powder.

I then went a step ahead and even tried to bake with this powder and used a wedge shape sponge to apply an excess amount of product onto the skin.However as this powder is very very finely milled it just diffuses into the skin with very little powder visibly showing on the skin.

Nonetheless after baking for a few minutes, I dusted off the very little visible powder excess on the skin and the results seemed very similar to how it appeared when just using a small amount and just setting it with the RT contour brush.

So to round up my first impressions here are my pros and cons! ( no cons really If you are looking for a decent setting powder!)


  • a powder that doesn’t look like a powder on the skin
  • you get a whopping 8g of product for £5 which will last you for some time- especially considering that you only need very little to set the face.
  • sets the foundation beautifully without altering the foundation finish.
  • feels light and velvety on the skin
  • smooths out the skin
  • very finely milled
  • brilliant to set a full coverage foundation when no additional coverage is required
  • yellow tinge- great for warmer skintones as sometimes translucent setting powders can look grey on the skin. However this powder has only a soft yellow tinge and so I think all skintones can use this and it will just add some warmth and radiance to the skin.
  • They also have a translucent version – So if your really worried about the shade showing up on your pale skin then you can get the translucent version.
  • It will matify the skin- but not sure how it will control oil ( as I don’t have oily skin). However it does claim to reduce shine and I completely agree that this powder may do this as it gave my skin a soft matte appearance after use.
  • It didn’t accentuate any dry areas on the skin.
  • It supposedly is to help with your makeup to last longer- it has definitely worked in reducing any slight sheen on my face but the long lasting claim needs to be tested more.
  • Looks great in photos and I have found no white visible white cast.


  • no brightening properties – typically my love for banana powders are because how brightening they are for the under eye area
  • no additional coverage- I usually like my powder, even if translucent to give that slight coverage and flawless finish. This powder doesn’t do that and I suppose that a ‘finishing’ banana powder isn’t supposed to do that anyway- It’s not a powder foundation for Godsake SabZ!
  • Silicon based -as this is the first ingredient in this powder I thought it’s worth mentioning.And  so if you don’t like high in silicon based powders then you may not like this. However this is the reason why the powder is so very soft to touch and feels velvety on the skin.

Final thoughts…

So far  I do like it. I definitely need to use it more but what I can tell you is I like it as a  first step to set my concealer.

I really like the way it sets the concealer and almost smooths out the under eyes making the lines under my eyes less visible. I also think this is an amazing tip before baking because sometimes when you have an emollient or thick and wet/ tacky concealer, and you go in and pack a heaavy amount of powder under the eyes  and do not press the powder in properly, it can cause cakiness- especially if your in a rush. And so to eliminate this,  you can use a finely milled powder like this one and set it immediately and then go ahead and bake.

You will love this powder if you don’t like to apply powder as it looks heavy or powdery on the skin.This is because this powder feels very light on the skin and blends in effortlessly. It also blends well without leaving behind a powdered effect on the skin.  In terms of whether it helps with oiliness-my skin is normal to combination and in different seasons my skin changes ( more oily in the summer and can by dryer in the winter) and so I can’t test this as of now. The weather is cold now in the UK but my skin is still quite normal.

So that’s it guys, hope this helped.

Thanks for reading and let me know what you would like me to review next.

p.s: This was £3 in superdrug but retails for £5 on the tam beauty site. I’m not quite sure what the actual price is but I do think it will be £3 as the same hd translucent version is £3.

I picked up another 2 products on 3 for 2 and so it was even less than £3 and worked out to be £2 so a total bargain! Let me know if you have tried it! x


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