Cheapest online drugstore beauty haul you’ll ever find- UK

Trying new makeup Tuesday is here! Just read on to find out more!….

If you’re a beauty lover like me, then  your probably one of those beauty junkies that are always on the look out for a good beauty bargain. My scenario: ‘ need to pick up some socks for my kids’ or ‘ need to buy a pair of shoes for work ‘ and end up home with not only shoes and socks but a whole bag of new makeup AND some more makeup!
However as much as I love to shop around, swatching and rummaging through the Tkmaxx isles, on days that the outside world is too gloomy, cold or the more real reason; my kids do not permit me to step outside, I like to differ my approach in beauty shopping. how? well that’s online beauty shopping..( as nothing just stops me!)

If your an online shop-a-holic like me ( love receiving parcels )then 1. You probably love watching beauty hauls  ( and then run out to buy it if they’ve sold you on it!), 2. Check out hotukdeals in the fashion section  and 3. search online in Google with ‘beauty/makeup sales/discount codes or 4.check out any beauty offer emails that land on your mail step…

And that’s where landed in my mail box with an offer running with  20% off from their whole site. Now what makes this the most ‘cheapest makeup you’ll ever find’ is because cosmeticfairy even have a 99p or less section *(gasps)* yes you read that right…. I mean the cheapest you’ll ever find any cosmetics is probably the Pound store and this was even cheaper..

Also what just makes this even more of a fantastic site for beauty budget buyers is that they offer free p&p in the UK when you spend £10 or over!  ( they also ship worldwide).

So you buy everything super inexpensive and it gets posted to you for free,I mean just c’mon it’s just too good to be true!

So let me get into the AMAZING products I purchased and you’ll realise just how awesome this deal was…..and I’ve tried most of it so I can give you a first impressions on the products too!

Loreal glam matte intense matte gloss- original price : 99p each ( 80p with 20% discount) RRP  £7.99 each 

The first product that  even prompted me to definitely make this purchase was when I saw the L’Oreal glam matte intense matte gloss for 99p.

Seriously! where have I been? Why didn’t I try these? To tell you the truth I could easily have bought these for the full price  and been content because the formula is just perfection..

I adore how these matte lip glosses- apply like a gloss but set and dry on the lips to a soft hydrated matte  lip cream. They smooth out the lips, feel light on the lips and more significantly feel soo comfortable on the lips ( especially if you’re like me and find it difficult to wear  a liquid lipstick that sucks the life outta your lips after a few hours!!)

It lasts on the lips for quite some time (5 hours approx) on the lips and fades away evenly, always leaving some colour/stain on the lips even after eating or drinking. Honestly a full review is required on these and all I can say is just get them! They are as good high-end matte lipsticks and my favourite lip products to use right now.

513-Zip it rouge :  ( left) dark pink shade

 508-coral denimista: (middle) a beautiful coral shade. Finally a coral that is flattering on my skin tone

510-cherry crop ( right): a bright pink shade
Super beautiful colours ! !!

Next up is:

Collection 2000 lasting colour gel liner in gold and teal -99p each ( 80p each with 20%discount RRP £4.99

 These collection 2000 lasting colour gel eyeliners are from their old range and so discontinued, hence its low price tag.This brand  is now known as Collection and they do have a similar product still in there range.

I find these gel liners to be quiet pigmented and find I will use the gold shade as an eyeshadow base and the teal shade would be amazing for the waterline and as a base. They most definitely are not as creamy as other gel liners like the maybelline or inglot gel liners but for 80p/99p each, you just can’t go wrong!

Hard candy show girl loose glitter- Vegas baby  ( US brand) 99p ( 80p with discount)  RRP £3 -$4 not widely available as discontinued 

This gold glitter by hard candy was only added to my basket for fun…and for the mere fact that we are unable to get Hard candy here in the UK. So why not try it? and I’m glad I did!

I think this glitter by hard candy is now discontinued but honestly for the price and the amount of glitter you get (7g) it surely is a steal!

I wore this gold glitter to work and the amount of people that asked me what glitter I had on my eyes was testimony to how beautiful and shimmery it looked! p.s and it took me so long to explain where I got it from as so many people assumed it was Urban decay’s glitter liner in midnight cowboy!

The downside to this glitter is the packaging, as it can get a little messy. It is also quite difficult to dispense the glitter out and so I just tip some out using the brush that comes with it. But regardless of this,it is so beautiful that I would happily go through that difficulty and just make sure that I apply the foundation after doing the eyes because there is some fall out during application.

The picture does not do justice to how beautiful it looks on the eyes ( a tutorial coming soon!).

Do note that a good glitter glue is required so that it sticks onto the lid. I definitely will be picking up more shades in this  glitter as they do have  pinks and blues…!

Loreal  colour riche eyeliner in violet and cobalt -99p each (80p with 20% discount) RRP £4.99 

These liners are  supposed to be for a smokey eye look so that the liner could be smudged out. This is why both the pencils have sponge tips at each end of the pencil. These liners were ‘Loreal’ so I had to pick these up and for 80p each this was a no brainer.

Left is the cobalt blue swatched and then smudged out next to it using the sponge tip applicator and right is the violet shade. Not as creamy as the Maybelline chromatics but these colour riche formulas are a bit harder but they can be blended out. I definitely  prefer these to be used on lids as an eyeshadow base or for a smudged top liner look, and not so great for the waterline.

Maybelline NY master drama chromatic in turquoise vibe- 99p ( 80p with 20% discount) RRP £4.49

OMG! This Maybelline’s chromatics liner  should have been in my life a long time ago! It’s definitely a DUPE to 2 of my highend liners ( dupe alert coming soon!) and I was just blown away at how pigmented and vibrant this pencil liner was- It just glides on the water line and then sets, lasting very long on the eyes ( claims to stay for 16 hrs! maybe that’s why!!)

I also love the turquoise shade which I find to be very flattering on brown eyes! This eyeliner on Superdrug’s website mentions that it is a khol ( Aren’t khols usually more dense and harder in formula!?!?).However, upon swatch and in the waterline this eyeliner performs like a gel.And so the pigmentation is amazing and I’m just super impressed!

orifalime  liner in green-99p ( 80p with 2o%discount ) 189 Indian rupees =£2.22

You’re probably not familiar with this brand: Orifalime- A popular brand in India.  Retailing in the mid-price range, ( still more expensive than 99p!lol)   I thought I shouldn’t hesitate to pick it up see how it performs.

Here  is a swatch of the orifalime liquid liner.  A beautiful  bright green with hints of golds. The swatch is promising and hopefully it will perform just aswell on the eyes.

Maybelline better skin concealer – 03 medium  £2.75( with discount ) RRP £5.99

This concealer is fantastic. I actually applied some of this in store a while back and realised how nice the texture and consistency was. I also liked the shade in medium and  was thinking that I should  pick it up when a 3 for 2 was on.  However when I saw it on the site for less than £3, I thought what better time to buy it than now. I’ll be sure to review this in a separate post along with the foundation so be on a look out for that. So far- so good.A nice creamy consistency providing medium coverage.

And so that’s the end of my haul.. I have to say I am honestly super impressed with all the products that I purchased and mostly amazed at the amazing brands this site had to offer; Maybelline, L’Oreal  and even Hard candy which is not available in the UK. The products like the Maybelline better skin concealer and the Loreal infallible matte are fairly new on the market  and still on the beauty shelves retailing for its original price and so how they offer it at this price is just beyond me!

I guess it was money well spent in this haul and perfect for those of you that are students or on a budget…

  • Just for a little fun, I calculated how much this haul would have cost had it not been with The total would have been a whopping = £59.61 as opposed to the real total for this haul  which was £12.61 and then with a 20% discount code came to £10.64 with free shipping!

The code is not available anymore but nonetheless these products are still super inexpensive ( without the discount) and so go grab them. I shall be definitely picking up more of  the Hard candy glitter as for the price they were just amazing! And do look out for any other discount codes as Black Friday is just round the corner.

Also I have informed a lot of people of this site so not sure if everything I have hauled is still in stock but be sure to check it out. Nail Polish lovers? there are Loreal nail polishes for just  49p!!ha!
Thanks for reading!

* This is not a sponsored post and all products were purchased by me.

 Until next time I’m signing off.
SabZ x


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