NEW p.s love Primark haul and first impressions 

Aren’t you all excited for this haul? well I definitely was when I saw some new beauty goodies stocked at my local Primark.  And just to clarify my Primark  ( which is inside London) is the last one to stock any exciting beauty products and so when I saw a whole new selection I couldn’t help but grab it all..( and c’mon, I have the excuse that I’m a beauty blogger uhmm uhumm:)

So let’s get into it!…

Brow fixing gel – £1.00 

Honestly these products are just fab!  For £1 a piece you just can’t go wrong. The clear gel is just amazing at combing through the lashes and setting your brows in place.I like to use this clear gel in combination with other brow products. However the brow fixing gel in ‘dark brown’ works well alone and can be used on those days where you just need an extra little fix  ( as my brows are naturally not too sparse and thin).

Today I used this when picking up my daughter from school ( have to put on a natural face of makeup- the no makeup-makeup look!) and suprisingly they looked more defined and shaped. The brush isn’t too small nor too big; BUT I would have preferred it to be a touch smaller as it would be better for anyone with the thinist of brows to someone who has very thick full brows.

Another significant pointer to note is that they didn’t set to a crispy uncomfortable finish! So far so good…so a definite bargain:)

Concealer palette – £3

In all honesty if your on a budget and you need a decent cream concealer palette, then this is for you. The consistency is a nice creamy texture; one that isn’t too oily nor too dry. The concealer can be built up to a medium coverage without feeling too heavy or cake-y under the eyes; like some inexpensive cream products can feel. And there’s more,it is  even  better for covering blemishes on the skin. However for me, when it comes to concealer: I need it for my panda dark circles under the eyes and this did a superb job in concealing  after I used my usual corrector…( I always use a corrector to neutralise and correct the darkness) .

Another pointer to note is that as with all cream products you would need to set it with powder and so this compact concealer palette has a beautiful finely milled translucent powder for that purpose ( first shade on the right) and a clear mirror. All in all- a sturdy compact concealer palette perfect for travel too!

3. 8 pan p.s Cream contour palette -£6

Truth be told; I’m usually not a cream contour gal..WHY? .. because I find cream contouring to be one of too many steps in my makeup routine and find the end finished makeup look to be kind of heavy and perhaps overdone ( too chiselled and with more layers of product build up on the face!)

But contrarily,  I think it’s great for parties or weddings ( or even work in my case as I work as an MUA) but on the daily, a definite no- no; especially when it’s in this type of pan style packaging!( just too lazy to pick up the palette!ha)

Nonetheless (me being the beauty junkie I am)   I have to still own contour palettes , and so was mainly drawn to this palette because of the yellow shade that was just screaming out to me… I just love anything yellow, ( well not with clothes!:)) be it powder or cream highlighters for my under eye area.

I just find that after  the whole concealer and corrector shabang,  applying yellow under the eyes just brightens the area so well ( like the infamous Ben nye or  w7 banana powder, mac light boost etc- you get the drift!).

So whats my thoughts on this palette? It’s ok- could be better. Why? because I felt like the creams were too thin in consistency and did not give enough pigment when picked up with a sponge, brush or fingers. I feel like you really have to layer the product to get any decent coverage, especially with the lighter shades. However with the darker shades, the more lighter skinned you are the more easily you will be able to see the product on the face and on my medium skintone I could still make these work- but still in  general, it’s not as pigmented as I anticipated it to be…

Also upon first impression I felt like the product feels a little heavy on the skin. It almost has an oily kind of texture to it. However once the cream sets, I actually liked the way it felt as it suddenly feels more comfortable and lighter on the skin.This palette can be made to work with but I feel like I need to put in the extra effort to make this work.

On a better note though, the nicest part that I enjoy in this palette is the cream silver highlight which is actually really flattering on the skin and gives off a beautiful sheen on the skin so I’ll most definitely be using that! ( would be a great highlight for pale skintones too!)

In all honesty it’s not the best cream ‘inexpensive’ palette out there but some may like it for the reasons I didn’t like it;because hey you might want less pigmentation so in that case, give it a try.

4. 8 pan p. s master contour palette-£6

In contrast to my thoughts on the cream contour palette, I think for £6, this powder palette is fantastic. There are 4 highlight shades and 4 contour shades.  I love the banana powder highlight shade to set my under eye area as it brightens and actually gives more coverage under the eyes; that’s something I always look for in my under eye setting powder.

Also there is a silver intense highlighter aswell as a peach highlighter shade in this palette which I’m sure some people will love;very very pigmented and give a nice sheen to the skin. I haven’t done any swatches on this palette in this review because I thought I will do a detailed review on this palette if anyone is interested and maybe compare it to the original 3 pan p.s contour palette which I reviewed here ( do let me know in the comments!)

And the deeper shades are nicely pigmented,and blend on the skin beautifully….The powders are a little powdery but still pigmented and superb for the price.. Right! enought said- go get this palette! 🙂

p.s contour and glow -£3.50

The p.s contour & glow duo is definitely one my favourite products from everything I have picked up.This retails for £3.50 and it’s fantabulous!.  As seen in the swatches there is the light pale cream highlight shade which gives off a nice glow on the face. The contour shade in my opinion, is in between a bronzer and contour shade. I feel like the shade warms up my skin like a bronzer  as it isn’t complete matte ( slighty sshimmer) but yet chisels out the cheekbones too.

This product is packaged in a nice sturdy compact with a clear decent sized mirror aswell which makes it compact and travel friendly; a double thumbs up from me..

p.s contour sticks – £3

These contour sticks are so good that you may well have re-packaged this with a high end brand and I kid you not; you will still  would be content with the quality and blendability of these products at a higher price tag! They are easy to use, and  you can apply them precisely to where you want it. Also the blendability is so effortless as the product is quite creamy. Furthermore as they are in chubby stick form, contouring areas like the nose is made so much easier.

These contour sticks contain 3 shades, a pale yellow undertoned cream highlight shade with 2 contour shades. One leaning more cooler for contour and the darker brown shade which is more warm for bronzing up the face.

They sit and feel comfortable on the skin and are a supposed dupe for the smashbox contour sticks.- I haven’t tried the higher end version but am satisfied with these that I find I don’t feel the need to purchase the highend version:) So yep- you  definitely need these in your life!

Contour duo- £1.50

And last but not least is another contour product. The last contour sticks I showed above retails for £3.00 so if your looking for something even more inexpensive, than this would be for you. This contour duo retails for £1.50 and comes with 2 shades; a highlight and contour shade.

Both shades are just as creamy and blend-able as the 3 contour stick set. I find this duo to be great for when your on the go. It’s also travel friendly with 2 products in 1 and easy to use; a quick application of where you need to highlight and shade, blend well and your good to go…

The only downside to this product is that the actual contour shade is quite warm. For me, on my medium tan skintone I find this to add some warmth to the face and warm up any foundation that maybe a little too light for me and just bring  back colour to the skin.

This product is just as great as the other contour products mentioned. I just feel like it depends on the colours you would require to suit your skintone and so you would need to see which one would be best suited for your needs or pick up them all like I did and just rotate it’s use!
So woAh, that was a long blog post, hope it was helpful..Definitely a few must haves to pick up if you are a beauty junkie or on a budget.. and good news is that there’s still more Primark beauty reviews in the line up so wait for a part 2!:))

Let me know if you have tried anything from the range and if there any recommendations then please let me know!

Until next time, I’m signing off 🙂

Thanks for reading!

SabZ x


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