Urban decay: New Vice lipsticks: Ruby rose collab*


With a whopping 100 new reformulated old & new shades, 6 different finishes, and gorgeous new vamped up packaging, one must be lying if they aren’t excited for this superb new Urban decay Vice lipstick collection. Because I definitely can’t wait to go in store and swatch all of them and pick up a few of my faves!!!


However today I am lucky enough to bring you 5 shades from the new vice collection and let you know my 2 cents on what I have opinionated about them.


I was grateful to to be sent the shades ( from left to right..which one do you like????) *backtalk (comfort matte),*firebird (cream)– *714 (mega matte) — –*pandemonium (mega matte) –*big bang (metallized)–amp; So let’s get into the deets.


In all honesty one of the THE best brands for that rock chick packaging has to be URBAN decay.

I must confess that I absolutely loved the packaging on their lipsticks. And so I’ll have to be honest and say I did feel like the older packaging was more luxury with the way it felt. It was made of metal and much more sturdy and heavier. The new packaging is more light weight, metal looking but seems to be made of plastic. Nonetheless they still are beautiful to look at placed on your vanity with silver and gold packaging, more modernised and chic looking I suppose.

Different finishes?

The 6 different finishes we have are: sheer,sheer shimmer, metallized,cream, mega matte & comfort matte…Today I do not have sheer or the sheer shimmer finishes to show you but here’s what each finish will be like:

sheer- a punch of colour with a sheer shiny finish.
sheers shimmer- slightly transparent finish with a floating pearl and smooth texture
cream- the original; creamy badass luxury
metallized- cream with high level of pearl
mega matte- super intense matte
comfort matte- our creamiest matte

( taken from UD website)




Big bang- (metallized)

A beautiful pink shade which is filled with micro shimmers ( they call it pearl). I actually didn’t think I would like this shade when I saw it in the tube but to my amazement it’s actually quite flattering on the lips. The shimmer does create a metallized finish on the lips which would be great for nights out and a total glamorous look- Just not sure of I would use them on a day to day basis. I also think that this formula could be used on the centre of the lips to just add a bit of sparkle and highlight..:)



714 ( mega matte) –

This shade has already been featured in my Gwen stefani UD post and so it’s already one of my favourites. However this is in a mega matte formula in the new collection. Still super easy to apply on the lips. This shade is the perfect red shade with orange undertones.



pandemonium (mega matte) –

This shade is a gorgeous deep purple shade. Bold and beautiful on the lips.A must have if your into your purple lippies!!



Backtalk ( comfort matte) –

This shade is a gorgeous dusky pink based nude. Upon swatch it actually seems darker than when on my lips and looks a bit odd. However paired with a dark pink lip liner, I think I have found my perfect nude lipstick. Moreover this is a comfort matte finish and I totally can see that these glide on even more smoother than the mega matte formula. Super comfortable creamy matte on the lips and I also love applying this shade on top of darker lipsticks to lighten them up!!



*big bang ( cream) –

This shade is already a favourite as it was featured in the Gwen stefani UD collab like 714 and is a beautiful super creamy ( as the name suggests) dark pink shade with a hint of mauve/berry undertones. I love the shiny finish this shade gives and it’s definitely one I’d wear when my lips aren’t in it’s best condition. This formula smooths over the lips effortlessly, creating gorgeous moisturised plump lips!! if you have severe chapped lips then this is a must have!!


As if the formulation on UD could get have got any better, Urban decay have further perfected their formulation with these lipsticks. Even the ultra matte lipstick finish glides on smoothly on the lips without tugging and are not very drying at all. I also feel the comfort matte shades are more creamier in texture than the old formulation of the regular matte lipsticks and would be ideal for those that love wearing a matte lip bit just can’t find a comfortable formula.Now you can. 🙂

I also appreciate that there is the sheer and sheer shimmer finishes for those people that don’t love full on opaque lipsticks.

As I’ve said in previous Urban decay lipstick posts, these lipsticks last pretty well on the lips. Especially if you’re not eating or drinking ( approx 4-6 hours without looking a bit faded) and there is slight fading in the inner rim after eating and drinking. The matte formula is definitely more long wearing but all the darker shades do leave a stain. 714 which is matte finish left a stain on my lips even after applying it for this post. I also really like the way firebird, can leave colour on the lips at the end of the day even though it is a cream finish and so regardless of being more transferable when eating and drinking it still has longevity.

So in conclusion, with 100 lipsticks to choose from there is definitely something for everyone. Be it a particular colour; reds, brown’s, purples or nudes,Urban decay have it all. More over to make things even better there are different finishes; want a matte look? want a very creamy lipstick? super matte? metallized for a party? or sheer for work? It’s all at Urban decay so I think Ruby rose and Urban decay have teamed up and released an amazing lipstick heaven!:)

That’s it guys, have you tried any? comment below? which one is your fave?

You can purchase these at www.urbandecay.co.uk for £15 each! 🙂

Until then, chow! 🙂

Thanks for reading

SabZ x

( products marked with * were sent for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own. Please read full disclaimer for further information)


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