Brand focus: Technic cosmetics* review

Sometimes you end up with a product from a  specific brand, try the product and see how amazing it is and then look at the brand name. Now that’s how Technic cosmetics will amaze you with the fantastic quality of their products.

Unfortunately technic cosmetics doesn’t have an official store or stand whereby you can go test out products. However, beauty base do stock technic now and I have always been intrigued to try some of their products.

Super inexpensive but beautiful products from the range and today I’m here to show you a few products that I was sent which I really here goes;

Technic GET GORGEOUS bronze highlighting powder*;

This bronze/gold highlighter definitely just stole the show. From the beautiful swirled engraving in the pan, to the pigmentation and feel of the product;It’s definitely beyond the small price tag of this highlighting goodness…

For deeper skintones this would be an amazing highlight.  The product is finely milled without any shimmer or glitter particles and translates on the skin with a beautiful gorgeous sheen and glow. I even like to use this as a blush on the apples of my cheek for that radiance and even as a blush topper, paired with a matte blush. I also have been using this as a glowy bronzer to be used around the perimeters of the face.

I have seen a paler shade in this  ( more champagne and silver ) range and will definitely be picking it up!

Technic superfine matte blusher*

This is superb budget buy as you get 3 shades in this 1 blusher. All super blendable, but do note that they are soft and so prone to break ( and so don’t make the mistake of leaving it on the vanity for your little baby to get and throw on the floor! ! 🙁 )

With this blusher you get a variety of shades from light pink, a coral shade and deeper pink/red coral shade.

So far I’m loving this brand and have found some suprisingly amazing inexpensive products. For under £4 a piece you just can’t go wrong!  Definitely more to come.. let me know if you have tried anything from technic, be it products you loved or hated, comment below:)

p.s I already have a review on the technic contour kit here which is great for the price! so check that out too!

You can purchase technic cosmetics at

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( products marked with an * were sent for review purposes but all opinions are 100% my own and true)


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