Budget buys: Wet and wild eyeshadow palette; comfort zone


Comfort zone. That’s exactly how I feel about the eyeshadow shades in this palette. These colours are shades that i’m comfortable with…Super buttery neutral shades that you can wear everyday. Some may feel that the khaki/green colours are a bit much for them and out of their comfort zone,but personally the khaki green shade is more of a neutral tone that I would wear day to day. The other darker shades in the palette are always required to deepen the crease and even define the lash line if you prefer to not use liquid liner.

Fast forward back, as you probably know; living in the UK, you’re probably wondering how and where I got this palette?? Well I was soo excited to get my hands on  some Wet and Wild products when I went on my holiday to Barcelona,  Spain a few months back. Primora was my favourite beauty place to shop; they stocked so many US brands from Milani to  Catrice and Jordana ( however the wet and wild stuff was limited to only a few products; but better than nothing I guess)

This palette from Wet and wild retailed for €4. That’s less than £4 and so I just had to snap up this deal.

Upon first impressions, I noticed that for the price, the shadows are soft, buttery and very pigmented.  The only downside would be that as the shadows are soft, if ‘you drop the palette’ it will become a loose pigment! lol ( yes breakage- so beware!)

Also the packaging isn’t spectacular…sturdy enough for the price you pay. Now atleast the product is fantastic as that’s what matters. However on that note, I must add that this palette isn’t travel friendly as it may easily break if put in a makeup bag.


Now on a positive note, this palette is perfect for a beginner that’s just starting out with makeup. It tells you exactly where to place each eyeshadow giving you a choice of 2 looks to create. Also there is a range of light to dark shades that could be used for a subtle day time to smokey night out look.

I must confess that I love the shade khaki and so for me, this keeps me coming back to this palette. Moreover the uniqueness of this inexpensive palette lies in the dark shade in the khaki column with definer engraved in it. This shadow has a duo chrome effect with brown and green and is honestly something you would most probably find in a high-end palette. I even think it could be a dupe to Mac’s blue- brown pigment!!! So unique and beautiful:)

In terms of longevity and creasing I have had no problems, but I do use the Too faced shadow insurance eye primer underneath so this could aid in it’s wearability ( but in all fairness I use some sort of primer with all eyeshadows).

So all in all, a superb budget buy!… I have so much more Wet and wild product reviews in the line up so keep your eyes peeled for that and don’t forget to follow:)

Until next time, chow!:)

Thanks for reading!


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