Ace base: Simple kind to skin perfecting beauty balm cream review


I just love trying any new face base products. There’s just something so exciting about the thought of how beautiful my skin may look and if I’ve finally found the best revolutionary flawless skin perfector. ( even though there’s so may foundations and bases I love, still always on the look out for something better!)
Now here’s the thing, being the beauty obsessed I am, I’m usually aware of any new releases but guess what;
Simple launched a bb cream- ‘Simple kind to skin perfecting beauty balm’ and in all honesty I hadn’t heard a lot about it.So much hype around Simple’s inexpensive skincare line but not many have spoken or written about the ahhhhmazing ‘Simple bb cream’ and so that what I’m here to do today.

I do recall that this is the latest version of their bb cream as there was a universal shade which I didn’t hear many good reviews on. Maybe that’s why I subconsciously passed on this and didn’t purchase it earlier.

Why do I love this product?

Apply on the face with your fingers-done-out the door kind of bb cream.Good coverage. SPf 15.Natural finish. Simple. That’s what it is.

I have mine in the shade ‘honey’ ( not sure if there are any other shades) and this shade is just perfection.  I love the yellow warm undertone this bb cream has as it just brightens the complexion and once blended out, looks like skin and most significantly not ‘made up’.

First impressions:

Put a blob of this bb cream on my fingers, ( way more than I should of) warmed the product up with my hands, distributed product onto the face in a patting motion and then blended.

Response: blown away. Why? because of the amount of coverage this product had, and how even after blending with my fingers, the bb cream didn’t sheer out to nothing or provide a light coverage like many base products do. In fact I felt I had used too much that I went over my face with a beauty blender and further blended out the bb cream. I felt that the damp sponge picked up any excess product and really pushed the bb cream onto the skin. Thereafter I always used this method when applying this bb cream.
This beauty balm also blurs out any lines on the face as it claims to do so if you have fine lines this is great.


It is quite a thick bb cream, hence maybe the reason as to why you get a lot of coverage. Blending is key, in order to achieve a natural finish to the skin.

Longevity ?

Pretty impressive.  It holds up on me as a normal foundation does which would be around the 8 hour mark. I do set it with powder, concealer and the rest and I swear by the moon that you would never know that I wasn’t wearing a full coverage foundation. In fact it makes the skin look brighter, less made up but still with a put together full- coverage face. (- if you know what I mean. )


I would say it is a natural finish or more of demi matte skin like finish.

Final thoughts?

The fact that I hadn’t heard much about this bb cream and bought it on a whim was why I have been so overwhelmed by how well it performs.Perfect base for when your on the run and need a good coverage base which will perfect your face without too much effort.

I also am not an avid lover of using the hands as a tool to apply any face products unless it’s applying cream blush or dabbing eyeshadow on the lids to make them pop. In regards to bases I always have felt that I have the nicest finish with a brush or sponge and so even though I have tried this after seeing some people apply their foundation this way, it just wasn’t for me.

However with this Simple bb cream things are quite different. They do suggest to use fingers and for some reason when using my fingers I get optimum coverage and the finish is unlike any other tools. Soo flawless.
I have tried a brush and didn’t feel it blended properly and so went in with some more and used my fingers.And again it was perfection.

I also want to add that this bb cream is a good base product to prolong the wear of any foundation or use up any lighter coverage base products you didn’t like on its own. Sometimes I like to use this bb cream and then use concealer or even foundation on some areas of the face that I would like to further perfect. However this is usually for a glam look that I’m wearing to attend a party or event or even when I’m just feeling the #glamlife!:) for an ultra perfected base, and this will really make my base budge proof.

On a daily though,the coverage this bb cream provides is sufficient.

Also please note that when you swatch the bb cream on your hand, you do see little tiny specs of glitter. However these do not transfer on the face at all. I only realised it had these particles when I swatched the bb cream on my hand to take photos!

This simply is an amazing bb cream that I would highly recommend.

Please also note that I am unaware if there is any other shades, so be sure to check that the colour honey will be a suitable match.I do feel this shade will fit around an NC30- NC40 (mac reference.) ( otherwise just use the body shop lightening/darkening drops and you’ll be fine! )

Perfect for summer, school events, running errands!!..I highly recommend, it definitely is up there with my well used Missha and Garnier bb cream! ( Only complaint is that I wish it had a higher SPF! )
Also perfect for sensitive skins and I do feel this bb cream will be suitable for any skin type. Claims to have 3 minerals and 4 benefits to the skin.Even better!

This retails for 6.29 on and currently half price at for £4.49!! £8.99 ( Bargain! )

That’s it guys, thanks for reading!

Have you tried this? What’s your holy grail bb cream? comment below:) Until then, I’m signing off! x



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