Primark’s p.s love contour kit review


Chizelled cheek bones, brighter under eyes to make you look more who doesn’t want that??

And so that’s why contour palettes are being released from every brand.Their version and take on it and in all honestly each one I have tried so far have been different from each other. Personally I love powder contour kits over cream- It’s just so much more easier and sets everything into place. Totally just rocking the whole slightly contoured cheek bones and highlighted under eye area.

And so you can imagine how eager I have been to get my hands on this inexpensive contour kit from the P.S love range from Primark.  Retailing at a mere £4, this little gem is just too good to be true!

From initial  online reviews I couldn’t just help thinking how similar in packaging it looks to the smashbox contour kit which has a steep price tag of £28…I haven’t tried the high end version so can’t compare it with the quality….

This contour kit finally landed in my local Primark and at the site of it ( my eyes popped out lol) I immediately wanted to pick up a handful, a few to give to friends and maybe a few back ups but held back and just bought 1 to see how well it works.



one word-AmAZING.  The colour, consistency and blendability is fantastic in this contour kit. Moreover the color range is suprisingly good for such an inexpensive kit. The three shades consists of a medium brown warm shade- beautiful for giving some warmth and colour to the face: a bronzer. Then there is a cooler more mid brown shade- superb for contouring: a contour shade and lastly a pigmented yellow powder- used for highlighting the face.  I really found the yellow powder to be exceptionally brightening for the under eye area.


The powders kick up some fallout but are not too chalky and blend on the face very well. Upon swatch the powders are pigmented and have a good texture to them. All 3 powders are matte. The contour and bronzer shade is pigmented but at the same time buildable. You won’t get intense pigment when contouring or bronzing the face, which is good for creating a realistic cheekbone contour and it allows you to build up the color intensity to the amount you require. However as mentioned before the highlight shade is more pigmented which is essential if wanting to highlight and brighten certain areas on the face.


The palette also comes with a brush: not amazing quality but it does the job ( a little flimsy but still soft! ). It will definitely come in handy when travelling and not to mention the good size mirror in the palette: again great for travelling or when on the go.

And for those of you who are new to the whole contour and highlight shabang- then the little leaflet will be useful- as it gives a little demo and explanation, New to makeup? then this will definitely come in handy!

The only downside to this palette is that this palette comes in only one shade.

This means that people with a light to medium complexion will only be able to use this palette properly, putting to use all the powders in this palette.

However paler skintones may find the highlight shade too dark for them and vice versa, deeper skintones find the contour shades too light for them.

Nonetheless paler skintones can still make use of the contour and bronzer shade, and deeper skintones will enjoy using the highlight shade for reverse contouring. For the price, and very well packaged- sturdy contour kit, with a good-size mirror this kit is worth it’s every penny.

This palette is just an amazing budget buy if your still at school or not willing to spend too much money on makeup.

Now I’m off to definitely buy 1 for a friend and maybe a back up too?

Thanks for reading…Let me know if you have tried this and your thoughts on it…

SabZ x


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  1. May 21, 2016 / 2:12 am

    Great post! Looks like a stellar product for a great price! x

  2. Abbie
    July 20, 2016 / 8:19 pm

    Hey so I’ve used this and I really like it but I’m coming to the end of the powders and I tried to buy anyother one from Primark but every time I’ve gone in now, there is only darker shades and they don’t go with my skin tone. Was just wondering if you knew where else to get the kit from??

    • July 20, 2016 / 8:47 pm

      you’ll have to just try amd find them at different Primark stores..because you can’t get them online. New look does the exact same contour kit but it’s £6!…If you can’t find it try the makeup revolution contour kit, just as good but it’s £8. However you do get 6 highlight and contour shades aswell as 2 highlighters.

      Hope this helps. Thanks for reading x

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