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Today’s budget beauty buy is on a lip tint I have been recently using and actually really enjoying.  I bought the sasimi lip gloss (definitely a lip tint) from ebay for £1-ish ( can’t remember exact price but will include a link for you to purchase product). For the price of this product I’m super impressed by the formula and color pay off this lip tint delivers…


This lip tint can be used to create that korean trend of a bitten lip. The formula of this lip tint is of a runny, thin gel-like consistency and so feels very light weight on the lips. You can build up the colour to quite a opaque colour intensity which is great as I feel you can rock a red lip color without the fear of it smearing or transferring. Once the lip tint dries, it is kiss proof and leaves a strong red tint on the lips. I find it to be very long lasting and fades quite evenly throughout the day.

The lip swatch above is with 1 layer and then I went back in and evened out the colour by adding some more and increasing the colour intensity on the lips. It almost dries within a few seconds after application- non-sticky or tacky on the lips. It is completely matte and almost absorbs into the lips leaving a pigmented lip stain behind.

This would be ideal for those of you that love your lipsticks, as you could use this lip tint to increase the longevity of your lipstick. Wear this lip tint as a base and so once your lipstick fades your still left with some colour on the lips…which won’t make you looked washed out or have the need to reapply your lipstick throughout the day.

From the the few lip tints that I have tried off ebay ( including the peel of lip tint version) I think this is the best so far; easy to apply and comfortable, non-drying on the lips. The applicator is great for applying the product smoothly and evenly on the lips.

The smell of the product is very faint, but at the same time not too unpleasant. I can’t quite describe the smell but it isn’t strong enough for you to dislike this product nor does it linger around after application.

The lasting power is fairly long as I have always had atleast some lip colour left at the end of the day so this will last you atleast 4-5 hours without fading too much…:)

That’s it guys, a fantastic budget lippie, perhaps great for summer- fuss free and a great way to add some colour to your complexion…drink, eat or kiss and it’s still on your lips! you don’t feel it on your lips either…super lightweight:)

Thanks for reading!

p.s sorry this post is late guys,however this means I’ll posting again today so keep a look out for that! 🙂

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