Budget beauty; w7 mini power puffs-beauty blender dupe?


Today’s amazing beauty budget is on a dupe for the micro mini beauty blender sponges that come in a pack of 2. The amazing dupe comes from w7: w7 mini power puffs….

I picked these up because of how similar they looked to the micro mini beauty blender sponges…from colour, size and shape and since I haven’t tried the original beauty blender, I thought I should give these inexpensive makeup tools a go!


As soon as I opened the product I immediately was so keen to see how the product worked and when it was makeup application time- soaked it with water, then squeezed out the water ( as per instructions) and OMG- lo and behold – this little cute sponge became super soft and quite noticeable bigger in size, almost double the size. I would say in comparison to the real techniques- this little baby is softer! ( so bloody cute too- that my kids think it’s a toy for them:))

I have been so impressed with this sponge because apart from the real techniques miracle sponge, I have not been impressed with any other inexpensive sponge and had the real techniques not released their version of the beauty blender, I would have forked out £16-ish and bought the original beauty blender! why? because other sponges are just not soft and pleasant to use…but wait…we’ve definitely found a fantastic dupe….


How well does it work?

This sponge is amazing to blend out concealer and even more so to set the under eye area with powder. Because the sponge is a little damp it sets the under eye area beautifully,whilst at the same time it picks up any extra concealer that you decided to layer on your dark circles!… Also as there is 2 in the pack you can use 1 to blend out concealer and 1 to set it which is fantastic..

I purchased this product for £3.99 and in all honestly I think this is just as good as the original micro mini beauty blender sponge. The softness and blendability of this makeup application tool has surpassed my expectations and I really hope to see w7 make the original beauty blender in the larger size with this same soft sponge-y material. It would definitely be the best dupe out there….( NB: w7 do have a larger beauty blender but it’s no where near as soft as this!)

An amazing find that I’m super impressed with and for any of you out there who wanted to try the original micro mini, try this…as you won’t be dissapointed with this beauty tool. It’s definitely a pleasant and cooling beauty tool to use under the delicate eye area or even for spot concealing, so a total must have for me now!:)

I purchased mine at Beauty base in the UK, however you can find it online too ( amazon and ebay!)

Thanks for reading.

Let me know if you try it…

SabZ x


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