Ben Nye banana powder dupe : W7 banana dreams loose powder


I have been so excited to write and share this post as I feel as I have found a fantastic dupe to my much loved Ben nye banana powder. I have used this powder for over 3 years + and find that it is super brightening and complimentary for my olive/yellow warm skin tone.
I love to ‘bake’ my under eyes with this powder and have found no other powder to give such a brightened and flawless highlight.  I like to use the Ben nye powder sparingly and find it to be of good quality and for the amount of product you get for the price, it is definitely great value.

I purchased mine off camera ready cosmetics, and 2 years + ago it was less than £10. I used it non stop for about 2 years and only recently stopped using it and have kept it for special occasions because I’m running low and the fact that I need to use up my other translucent powders.

The only downside to purchasing this was that the postage from camera ready cosmetics was a little expensive! Especially if you only wanted a few items ( can’t remember exactly but it was roughly £6-£7)and so including shipping the product works out to be a bit more.

The Ben nye powder currently retails for £12.55 for 42gms.

However I have been super excited to see an affordable range do a similar dupe to the powder for less than half price with p&p included!  Introducing the fantastic w7 Banana dreams loose powder*….


I was kindly sent this powder by w7 cosmetics and am in awe of how fantastic it works. It is finely milled and just as yellow as the banana powder but maybe a slightly paler yellow powder ( however upon swatch they look exactly the same and there is no real significant difference!)


( left: W7 banana dreams and right is Ben nye banana powder )

I’ve tried this powder and must say that this definitely has replaced the need for me to re-purchase the Ben nye powder as this also provides a beautiful highlighted flawless look to the skin, especially the under eye area.

The w7 banana dreams loose powder is also quite finely milled and comes in more efficient packaging and allows you to pick up product easily using a sponge or brush..( but I do think the Ben nye powder has been repackaged!!)

The powder sets the under eye area perfectly and has found to keep me looking more matte all day; if used all over the face. I find the powder to keep the highlighted areas bright and it also does not dry out my skin either which is advantageous.

I highly recommend this w7 powder and with 30g for £3.99-£4.99 you are all set to go for a while! Give it a go if you haven’t…

I have seen this powder on many sites and ( I think it’s £2.99 on here!! 😉) and even ebay and Amazon and so is readily available.

Let me know if you’ve tried it….

Thanks for reading!

SabZ 👍 x


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  1. March 30, 2016 / 10:03 am

    I’ve never tried the ben nye powder but always wanted to, think I’ll give the W7 a go, thank you!

    • March 30, 2016 / 10:59 am

      omg thanks for stopping by!…and hope you like it! 🙂 x

    • April 1, 2016 / 10:12 am

      yep it’s so similar and works just aswell, super bargain:) thanks for reading hun x

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