💋Matte lips for 99p💋: Is it worth it? Qibest #ebay finds


I’ve been quite excited since I’ve found some new matte liquid lipsticks on ebay after the long craze of the meNow lip gloss matte liquid lipsticks that everyone was purchasing and the reason my blog is getting so many views 😆 ( see post here ) So now introducing a new find 😆 Qibest liquid lipsticks

How do these differ ?

In comparison to the original me Now matte liquid lipsticks( pencil and liquid form) I do feel that these feel a little less drying and lighter on the lips. Not to mention that in terms of packaging these definitely look better, BUT they do have a slight plastic-y smell that you do notice when applying the product but not like the MeNow powdery matte lipsticks which had quite a strong factory smell. 😕

However I must inform you that these are by no means comparable to high end matte liquid lipsticks- 1) because I haven’t tried any 😂 2) because for the price and hype I’m sure they out perform Qibest ( maybe they dont but i cant compare until I’ve tried one!!)

However they are probably on par with the Mua matte liquid lipsticks or Sleek matte me or even slightly better which retail at about £3-£5.

There are 12 colours to choose from, and I have purchased 10 from the 12 available. The colours are very vibrant and bold- statement lips (apart from 1) .. and the 2 colours I didn’t purchase were paler colours that would look like death on me! 😨

I think for 99p, as long as your lips are in good condition and exfoliated well then these will apply beautifully with full opacity with just 1 layer. Just to add, I recommend that you only apply 1 thin layer on the lips by first applying some on the bottom lip, kiss your lips together so that some product transfers onto the upper lip and then perfect it using the applicator.

I find you don’t need a lip liner with these because the applicator allows you to neatly coat the lips.

Also remember if you build up the liquid lipstick I feel as though after it dries matte, it crumbles off the lips(because it’s too thick) and it also feels more drying. less is better with this product- just 1 thin layer over the lips is sufficient.
Also I did try these when my lips were chapped and it accentuated the dryness more, showing the fine lines on the lips, looking very unflattering. And not to mention my poor lips felt quite sore afterwards. 😕

Nonetheless the advantages of this lip product for the price definitely lives up to it’s claims of being kiss proof, and long lasting! They will wear off a little on your inner lips when eating and drinking but for the most part, you need to take this off completely at the end of the day. Honestly speaking they are drying but c’mon even some expensive MAC lipsticks are drying and retail for over £15 each! 😉

So for those budget beauty buyers who don’t look for perfection in formulation and don’t mind adjusting in compensation for a beautiful lip colour then here goes!


From left to right: 03, 06,09, 18,22

From left to right: 25,28,32,33,36

p.s These liquid lipstick do not just come off.You definitely need a makeup remover or even oil to break them down. So my lips went through a lot (but it’s worth it for you guys! 😗)

And PLEASE NOTE that all the lips colours did dry down DARKER than shown in the pictures so please keep that in mind and also if you are paler ( I am medium-tan nc35-nc40) then these will be darker on you so you could even try the 2 lighter shades that I did not purchase in this range! 👍

03- a pinky purple with strong purple undertones showing through. It’s not too opaque but still satisfactory.


06- a muted warm wearable pink shade. Upon initial application it’s looks quite like a bubblegum pink shade but then dries down to a more muted pink. Definitely one of the less darker colours in the collection.


09- a warm bold purple shade. Definitely dries darker becoming more muted and wearable than depicted in the picture. I really do love this shade.


18- a beautiful brown/red/pink undertone nude shade. It definitely looks very light from the outside packaging. Upon first application it looks like a creamy brown-pink nude but then darkens to a brown- red undertone shade and on my skin a kind of dark nude. On lighter skintones I can see this as a lighter version of the Kylie Jenner lip colour!! 💄👌

22- My absolute FAVOURITE shade from the bunch! I love this shade, the perfect Kylie Jenner lip colour- a dark pink-with red and brown undertones. This shade is very pigmented and will definitely look darker on paler skin tones. This darkens even more after it’s completely dry.


25- A bright warm dark pink shade. You will love it if you love your bright bold lippies!

28- a warm orange based red. I really did think this lipstick complimented my warm yellow/olive skin tone! beautiful 👌😍


32- This is very similar to the shade 28 but it is slightly more darker and less orange based. Definitely dries more darker than shown in swatch.


33- a beautiful maroon shade. It has some brown-red undertones. Definitely border line vamp-ish on me or just maybe the indication that I need to wear these kind of darker shades out more often…Like all of them it dries darker than depicted in lip swatch…..perfect for winter. 👌


36- Lastly a dark pink shade. In the tube you see some shimmer or iridescence which doesn’t translate on the lips. A bright dark pink shade which is similar to 25 but more brighter and darker!

So that’s it guys! Which one is your favourite and have you tried these?

Thanks for reading!

SabZ 💄


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