Contour palettes: Makeup revolution Ultra contour palette #1


I have recently purchased so many contour palettes and thought it’s time to test each one out individually and based on their price point, and quality of the product see if it lives up to it’s claim ( or even outperforms for the price!)And so today I will be reviewing ‘Makeup revolution’s Ultra contour palette…πŸ˜†.. I suppose it’s the first one like this to hit the drugstore..πŸ‘

So let’s get started….

The palette has a variety of 8 shades to choose from. From the 8 shades; 3 are shimmery highlighters ( which are beautifulπŸ‘Œ), 2 matte highlight powders and 3 contour shades.


The powders are of a nice soft texture and blend on the face beautifully without any uneven blotchiness.

The left shade is a pink-ish matte highlight shade; next to it is the much loved banana shade. I was very excited to see a yellow shade but must say that I was slightly dissapointed with the pigmentation. I find these matte highlight shades to be quite sheer as the above swatch has been built up with 3 layers. Completely let down by the highlight shades because for a brighter under eye look or for areas of the face that should be highlighted it is essential that the matte highlight shades have brightening properties and pigmentation, and I find these to be only very subtle.

A tip I can give for maximum effect from these powders is to use them after setting the under eyes and preferably after cream contour ( if you like to cream contour) , and used with a sponge (as you can pick up more product!).


However contrarily, the 3 deeper matte contour shades are very pigmented. The swatches above are only one swatch and they don’t need to be built up. The 3 matte shades, bottom row from left to right is a medium warm brown shade, a neutral cool medium brown shade (not too cool that it looks muddy) and lastly a deeper warm brown shade. I find the second cool toned brown shade to be perfect for contouring and creating a chiselled contour to the cheekbones as it sculpts the face effortlessly creating a shadow.

The other 2 warm brown tones are perfect for bronzing the skin. I do wish that one of the contour shades were more darker so that deeper skintones could take advantage from this palette.


Now I must admit, being the highlight junkie I am, I could just buy this contour palette for the gorgeous shimmery highlight shades in it.

The peach-y/pink ( first swatch,first right above) shade is one that could be a subtle highlight for day time and provides the skin some luminosity.

The silvery highlight shade (second swatch, top left) upon swatch seems a bit shimmery and chunky and I thought it would be too strong as a highlighter but somehow when buffed into the skin looks beautiful on the skin and makes those cheekbones really pop and I actually really like it ( didn’t think I would until I tried it so do give it a go).

The last shimmery highlight shade (which is situated in the bottom right corner) is a very subtle gold/bronze-y highlight which can be used with a heavy hand as it is sheer (the most sheer of the 3) and could be used to achieve a dewy finish to the skin or for day-to-day use ; Perfect if you’re just starting to try out highlighters or if you like a more natural glow as it’s definitely more finely milled.

Overall conclusion:

This palette is a great start to the release of contour palettes in the drugstore as without forking out Β£30+ you couldn’t own any kind of contour palette especially with this kind of variety. And not to mention this palette retails for only Β£8 on the price! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

Like I mentioned before, the only thing that I felt that could have been better in this palette is the matte highlight shades. Especially if you have loved the much hyped about Ben nye banana powder which is amazing at brightening the face.

On my medium skintone I feel as though these matte highlight powders only give a subtle highlight ( the technic palette banana shade is powdery but gives more highlighting properties) and so when using this palette I mix the yellow shade with the paler highlight shade and it adds a bit more brightness to the face.

This also means that paler skins may find that the highlight shades do nothing for them in terms of highlighting and brightening the skin.However they still can be used to set the areas and for a finishing powder step.πŸ‘

On a positive note though, the powders are not chalky or powdery which is fantastic. Even though I do believe this palette could have been better but for the price, the shimmery highlighters and contour shades definitely make up for it and are very good. And so I feel as though no one would actually be very dissapointed with this pallete but perhaps wanting more!!! ( especially if some of the higher end contour palettes are amazing and well worth it’s higher price tag- need to try one!)

In all honestly I still do really like this palette regardless of the cons I’ve mentioned as I haven’t tried any high-end ones but my next step would be try one and maybe compare these together. And so for now, considering the price, I think this is well worth it and I totally recommend ! !πŸ‘

Let me know how you get on if you have tried this… or if there’s any you recommend…?!?

Until my next review you…πŸ˜† Keep smiling ✌

Thanks for reading 🌹

SabZ x


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  1. January 26, 2016 / 10:22 pm

    Coincidently we share a similar desire for yellow banana powders. Im waiting for you to come with some excitement saying wahayyyyy I found the banana powder!!

    • January 26, 2016 / 10:55 pm

      I know it’s all about the yellow banana powder!! I just love the way it brightens the skin…

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