New in: Maybelline velvet touch foundation😆 and maybelline 24hr setting spray😕: First impressions + update ( finally available in the UK!!)


Hooray!! even though there are hundreds of new releases of foundation or other products from one brand in the US and èvery youtuber is featuring them in their what’s new at the drugstore videos, we UK beauty lovers have to keep are fingers crossed to see if atleast 1 or 2 of them become available here in the UK and so when I saw Maybelline’s new dream velvet- soft matte hydrating foundation ( that EVERYONE is raving about- haven’t seen one bad review 😬) and 24hr setting spray on Superdrug’s website AND on a 2 for £10 offer I immediately purchased them both!


I must admit it was very difficult to find a good color match; – one because there was hardly any UK reviews of this online ( and they have different colours in the US) and secondly because in previous foundations in the Maybelline line I have found the colour ‘sun beige’ to be warm but oxidise on me and ‘fawn’ to be a little pink and so opted for the ‘nude’ shade in this foundation and hoped that it is of a neutral shade or even better: yellow undertoned!

I do think sand will be a much better match as it’s a shade darker than nude and so if it is a better colour match and warm undertoned than I may pick that shade up.

What the foundation claims to do?

Maybelline new dream velvet- soft matte hydrating foundation.
Innovation: our 1st gel-whipped foundation.
A fresh new flawless…Dream velvet whips a fresh gel into a velvet-soft texture. Complexion looks perfected and smooth with a soft matte finish just like velvet . Skin feels fresh and stays hydrated all day.

-Smooth and velvety upon touch
-looks very flawless with very little foundation
-medium to full coverage with 1 layer
-nice gel-like consistency
-blends beautifully on the skin

-Needs to be buffed into the skin because it is full coverage
-Too much can cause cakiness
-Maybe not suitable for very dry skins
-Can cling onto dry patches

First impressions:

I applied a pea size of the foundation on my hand. The consistency is gel-like and also could be described as a whipped mousse/cream consistency.
I used the pea size amount and distributed it around my face and immediately whilst buffing it out (using my real techniques brush) noticed that 1 layer had given impeccable full coverage. Almost to the point that I felt I had used too much as it looked like I had a super full coverage foundation on and needed to really sheer it out with a damp sponge. My face definitely needed bronzer and blush but it was still not a flat matte finish: I see why they call it a ‘soft matte’ foundation.

I also did notice that the foundation needs to be buffed in really well so that it seeps into the skin.It blends beautifully on the skin and unlike their older mousse foundation that some people holy grailed( but I disliked) does not look dry on the face. I did at one point feel like the foundation just sat on the skin and so used my real techniques sponge and pressed it into the skin. BUT even though I dislike using my fingers for foundation this foundation looks amazing when used with fingers. You just need to make sure to not use too much and build up the coverage slowly and smooth it onto the skin well.I think 1 layer immediately gives a medium coverage and when used with fingers gives a natural finish to the skin.👌

It definitely smoothed out the skin and made pores less visible ( no primer used) and upon touch it felt very velvety too, as Maybelline claims to offer.
It wore well through the day and lasted on me for atleast 6 hours.

One of the main things I adored about this foundation is about how light it feels on the skin but yet offers high coverage. Only when I looked in the mirror did I realised I had a full coverage face on! and towards the end of the day didn’t have the urge to immediately wash it all off (don’t ya just hate that feeling!?!?!😣)And so I would assume this to be a dupe for foundations (because of coverage) like Kat von d lock it tattoo foundation or even Tarte’s amazonian full coverage foundation.

Color match?

I am unsure to how many colours maybelline offers, probably around 7 shades. The shade ‘Nude’ in this foundation is definitely a tad bit too light but it has a warm or even neutral undertone because upon swatch it looks more peachy but I need more yellow undertones in my foundations. But nonetheless it does settle well into the skin and throughout the day looks even better (for reference I’m am in MAC an NC35 but lighter skintones of even NC30 could make this work- I may need to get a darker one to mix in or even custom drops or just make sure I bronze up the skin well😉).


Also the fact that I have combination skin allowed me to test both factor’s that this foundation claims to deliver; 1)hydrating & 2) Matte! Firstly it doesn’t feel very matte and mask like on the face, in the sense that it still kept my face ‘hydrated’ and non dry looking and simultaneously the oils on my T-zone were very minimal.
Another key point to note is that I didn’t powder the foundation or feel the need too (and hopefully won’t look dry if I did 😑) and it still lasted very well on the skin but I do feel that I prefer a more demi-matte finish foundation but this is more ‘powdery matte’.
I would think that all skin types could use this foundation but if you are very dry I wouldn’t recommend it. For slightly dry dehydrated skin like mine (I have oily t-xone only which = combination skin 😣) just make sure to prep your skin and keep it well moisturised before application. I do think oilier skins will enjoy the mattifying aspect of this foundation but because it doesn’t dry the skin out it could work if your slightly dry. However if you have dry skin patches it will most probably cling on to them and even accentuate them.

Did I love the foundation?

I think it’s good and can see many people enjoying it but for me, ‘Maybelline’s flawless nude foundation” that came out in 2015 beats it by far. I love the coverage, consistency and feel of that foundation and definitely will be posting a review of it up very soon!!!


Now initially when I did use this foundation, I used the Maybelline’s 24 hour setting spray and the foundation lasted me on for 10 hours but the next day I used the foundation without the setting spray and it only lasted around 6 hrs! and so the longevity of the foundation could be contributed to this product. It does claim to extend your makeup wear and gives you fresh look to the skin.

The setting spray did also help with the makeup to mesh into the skin but the only thing that I would have preferred is if the nozzle sprayed a more finer mist like Urban decay’s All mighter setting spray! This sprays more product in one area but this could be an advantage if you need to remove any powdery residue. Nonetheless for the price, as your getting 75ml of product and it only retails for £7.99, if it does work and lock your makeup in for 24 hours then you’ll be able to wear any foundation and not worry about it melting or fading away!! and so you could get past the nozzle defects.😆

And so in conclusion:It’s so far so good, but I definitely need to use it much more and will update you once I have tested it a bit more with foundations that haven’t lasted well on me and will give you my feedback very soon!!

Hope this was helpful guys and if your wondering whether to get this then go for it, but do make sure to get colour matched properly as it’s full coverage (can be sheered out so don’t worry!) but less forgiving if it’s not the right shade!

Get this online at and it retails for £7.99.
I think it will be in-store on the shelves from next month as that’s what one of the sales associates have informed me on.

UPDATE: I do think my shade is either sand or sun beige because as the foundation is pretty full coverage I feel like going even slightly darker as it will give a more natural look to the skin and maybe I can mix it with the shade I have (which is nude).

UPDATE ON SETTING SPRAY: Sorry to be harsh but I must be brutally honest and say I really dislike the setting spray! 😕 It dispenses too much product on a specific area on the face because the nozzle does spray a mist that is fine enough to not disturb the makeup. But the reason I truly detest this setting spray is because it disturbs my foundation, causing white spots all over the face. The first time this happened ( it actually happened after the 2nd time of use for some reason) I literally had a mini heart attack because I was just about to leave and panicked about how I was going re-do my makeup again!!…thankfully by rubbing them away they disappeared but this still left me rubbing away some foundation, highlight and blusher!!! On another occasion, I have even tried it before applying foundation after mosituriser and it does the same!!…even though I don’t mind blending the dots into the face. However for the amount of effort required to correct the product on the face after application it is totally not worth it even if it actually made my makeup to last on the face for 48 hours!! 😣 I really don’t know why this is happened and have tried shaking the bottle vigorously as it does claim to be translucent on the face- no difference and I have tried to spray it at a far distant and still white dots visible!?!?!? Is it the product, or I’m just going crazy!! #seeingthings😕

Let me know if you’ve experienced the same with this product or if there is another way to use it!!

So for now guy’s I totally do NOT recommend Maybelline’s setting spray!!

Thanks for reading 🌹

SabZ 👍


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  1. Saleena
    February 10, 2016 / 6:42 am

    Lovely review ! Thank you 🙂 im yellow undertoned too and it sure is a struggle finding the right shade. I thot of nude too but reading ir review im considering another shade. Any suggestions hun?

    • February 10, 2016 / 9:56 am

      it depends hun, for ref im an NC40 in MAC and so nude is a bit light and so I would think sand would have been a better match. Also it’s probably more yellow as the darker it gets it should naturally have more yellow undertones. Thanks for reading! x

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