Happy new year! Thank you and new blogging goals 😆


First and foremost I just wanted to say ‘Happy new year’ to all those that follow my blog or just read it once in a while! 😉

I started my blog for the love of beauty as a little hobby which just allowed me to get away from the daily chores of being a house wife and taking care of kids and family ( which I love doing) but this allowed me to share something I love to others who have the same interests.
But now I look back and in the 8 months of my blogging world, am very thankful for the opportunities that have come my way; be it a recognition from brands on any of my posts or products recieved to review and even the likes and comments on my blog. I definitely want to now make my blog bigger and better offering more blog posts and a systematic layout that enables my fellow blog readers to know when they need to come back for a new blog post (also for those that haven’t followed)

And so here are a few things that I have decided to implement on my blog.

1. I will post on set days of the week. Either 2 or 3 times a week. For now I have decided it to be Wednesday and Sunday. 😆

2. I will do a foundation review every week because I just have so many that I coud review and that information could be of use to a lot of people -just to let you know I’m a foundationholic..😣

3. I will be revealing myself more, which means more tutorials and looks will be created and featured on my blog and I will do more get to know me tags: not because I’m important or anything but I feel if you know the blogger more there will be a better blogger and follower relationship. ✌👍👍

4. I eventually want to change the style of my blog; not because I don’t like my unique header 😄but because I want to make my blog easier to navigate and ensure all posts are visible.Especially the follow button and social media links.

I also want to request for you guys to be more interactive: tell me what you want to see, more reviews? a specific product request?you name it and I’ll try my best to deliver ( in fact I definitely will 😆)

I also request for those of you who read my blog to follow me too (😙😊). I definitely have more readers than my wordpress shows as my view count is much much higher and so please follow!! ✌

twitter : @SabzBbeautyblog

That’s it guys….Lastly once again thank you for all your support, I wish you all the best for 2016.

Thanks for reading



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