Ebay finds! MeNow matte foundation (aka cream contour palette 02)


After the success of my MeNow matte lipsticks blog post review I have been intrigued to try out more MeNow products and see if there is any other hidden gems.

And so today I bring you a first impressions for the new MeNow cream foundation quadrant in the shade 02. There was 2 shades to choose from and I opted for the darker shade as I am of a medium complexion. I thought this would be great as a cream contour kit because of the variety of shades it offers and so let’s start this review and I’ll tell you my thoughts…

The cream palette retails for only £1.25 on ebay (will post a link soon) and consists of 4 shades, and looks very similar to a fashion fair concealer trio I have used in the past.
I recieved this product a few days ago and immediately upon first impressions had to get my review up.Mainly because I had a few requests and also because of how I am so overwhelmed with the quality, coverage and consistency of this product.

MeNow have advertised this product as a matte ‘foundation’ and so from this I had high expectations that it would offer great coverage.

On the packaging it claims to be

“Bareminerals matte foundation 4 color – Visibly minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Help smooth skin while increasing firmness
Deliberately provides optimal coverage for scars and shadows”

I do agree that this foundation does dry to a matte finish and you don’t really need to set it but it would be better if you did as cream products in my opinion should be set so it stays in place.


I cracked open this little beauty and used a tiny bit of the peachy shade (top right swatch) as a corrector under the eyes. Upon first impressions it beautifully blended out under the eyes and colour corrected a bit of my pesky (very) dark circles.
I then used the flesh toned shade (bottom left) which is lighter then my skin tone and it gave my dark circles a medium coverage. It definitely is high coverage as I had used both a corrector and concealer and considering how bad my circles are I would definitely think that others would find this very pigmented and even full coverage. I could have layered the concealer but I did feel with 2 layers that it was heavy and so a few more layers may have felt uncomfortable. The 2 layers of concealer did blend and cover my under eye circles nicely to the point that it looked natural.

12.00pm- applied corrector ( peachy shade) and then I applied the f shade ( it is pinky but looks ok after set with powder). I then set it with powder.

2.00pm- still looked as it did when freshly applied.

4-5.00pm- slight signs of fading and creasing

6.00pm-7.00pm – dark circles showing through.

And so from first impressions I would say it lasted about 6-7 hours but I must not to forget to mention that in that time period, I did splash my face with water. And so the concealer creasing could be due to this and longevity may have also increased. So I definitely need to test it out more.

Even though I was not totally impressed by the feel of it on the skin ( it’s not unbearable or anything,just a little heavy initially once put on) but it definitely IS pigmented, creamy and blendable and will cover acne scars. It also has a slight sweet chemical smell but this didn’t bother me or linger around after application.

Now this palette is amazing for the YELLOW cream shade!!! I placed it on the cheek bones, bridge of my nose and blended it out effortlessly with a brush and it immediately brightened up the face! Then I used the darkest brown shade and contoured the face. The contour shade is a bit warm for my liking but it did blend out nicely and looked beautiful on the face. I then set the areas with powder products which gave a flawless complexion to the skin. Also I thought I should just add that if you find a good colour match with this foundation, then
you could just use this palette to highlight and contour and skip foundation because it has coverage- just a tip I thought I’d share!.😉

All in all, I have completely been suprised by this product as it really has surpassed my expectations ( especially when some brands have these type of cream contour kits that have little to no pigmentation! ).

This product definitely outweighs it’s quality for the price paid. And so if your looking for a peach inexpensive corrector OR a brightening yellow cream highlight, then this is a good place to start! 👌

Let me know your thoughts and do let me know if there is any other products you would like me to try out! 😆

Thanks for reading 🌹

SabZ 👍


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    • May 14, 2016 / 11:43 am

      I would suggest that it will be ok for oily skin too as long as you set it well with powder. The consistency of the cream is not oily and so should be good for all skin types. Hope this helps. plus make sure to use a good mattifying primer too!

      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  1. May 29, 2016 / 12:43 am

    I just bought this product but haven’t try. I hope it well on my skin.


    • May 31, 2016 / 1:13 pm

      it should work well hun…just set it well if you have oily skin. thanks for reading x

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