serozinc spray toner, Mac dupe? & a comfortable matte lipstick: buys…


I was supposed to do a Sephora haul as I travelled to France a few months ago and picked up a few bits and pieces. However I just held back as I thought I should give the products a try, rather than just showing you a haul blog post.

I only picked up a few bits and pieces as I was actually visiting France to attend a wedding and so I only had a limited amount of time to grab what I really wanted (even though there was a lot more things I wanted to get! 😕)especially the sephora spray foundation! & Becca cosmetics!)

1. Sephora cream lip stain


This was a ‘must have’ product on the list. I just had to see why everyone raves about this matte lip cream..and because it was only  €12 I thought I should give it a go; didn’t break my bank and so was great.

First impressions;

This lip product definitely feels very light and comfortable on the lips. For £10 I didn’t  think it had an exceptional formula but nonetheless it was still very good but the question is, are the any cheaper alternatives that perform just as well out there? (still on the hunt…maybe colourpop??)

However on a positive note it definitely does sits well on the lips and doesn’t feel drying as some matte cream lipstains do after a long day of wear. It also doesn’t leave a stain behind after total removal of the lip product.


I ended up only purchasing one shade because I only wanted wearable everyday shades and there was only one in the line,which is in shade 13. This shade is a beautiful dusky pink shade that would look amazing on fair skin and maybe a ‘your lips but better’ shade… However with my skin tone, I feel like it’s almost like a pink nude shade and would have preferred it to be slightly darker! (a darker lip liner does the job 😉)

There were more bright bold shades in the line, including reds and fushia pinks which I knew I just wouldn’t wear as much. I prefer more muted pinks, or warmer pinks and mauve shades.I even like to rock purple-y-pink shades to deeper burgundy shades which wasn’t in the line.

Verdict; This is a good lipstain and feels to me to be of similar consistency as the NYX lip creams which are half the price (and now sold at boots)or even Collection cream puffs that are a couple of pounds.
A great lippie but just not outstanding and overwhelmed by it’s formula…so do give it a try and tell me your thoughts….

Sephora microsmooth baked face compact- medium 30 sable sand powder


From the moment I lay my eyes on this powder it immediately reminded me of my very much loved Mac mineralised skin finish and so thought that this may be a good alternative if it proves to deliver.

The packaging and even powder upon swatch, feels very similar to the Mac’s version. This powder retails for €17, so around £15. It is still expensive powder but atleast somewhat cheaper than Mac’s version. Nonetheless even though this powder gives a beautiful finish on the skin I did feel as though Mac’s version does give a bit more coverage and a slightly more reflective sheen to the skin.

Breathable, natural finish with refined minerals and coral radiance complex


This is the difference I see between them but definitely a nicely finely milled powder. It would be ideal for setting foundation, especially when you worry about the drying aspect powder may give to the skin. This powder didn’t make my foundation look heavy and provides a beautiful satin finish to the skin.
Is it a dupe? The finishes are quite similar, giving a natural finish to the skin but even with the differences it’s the closest formula I’ve found to Mac’s mineralised skin finish which retails for over £20.

The shade I purchased in this is medium 30 ( sable/sand) and I usually get medium plus in Mac’s version because of it strong yellow undertones and highlighting properties on my skin tone and find this shade to be of a similar colour.

Serozinc- a toner or face mist? whatever you wish it to be!😊


This product is another cult favourite amongst the beauty community and when I saw it retailed for only €6 I had to just try it. I for one, am very lazy when it comes to the whole ‘shabang’ of cleansing the face. Especially after having 2 kids, I feel like I have very minimal time to cleanse my face at night, which is usually the most important routine because I may have a bit of makeup on. In all honesty though, I am guilty of only using wipes and micellar water to remove my makeup but mostly try to be strict about my skincare routine- especially cleasing before bed time. However as I do get tired after a long day of daily chores and kids I always tend to leave out toner and that’s where I feel this little holy grail toner has come into use. The multi- purpose use of this product and it’s ease of use makes it all the more enjoyable and effortless.A few sprits of this on the face and it tones the face after a cleanse , and even if you haven’t bought along your proper cleanser ( say your away from home or your just a lazy bum and can’t be bothered 😋) this mist could be used alongside a cotton pad and will remove any excess oil and dirt. Moreover I even like to use it after I’ve finished my makeup, especially when you feel like your makeup hasn’t set in well and to remove any powdery residue on the face.This is achieved beautifully by the fact that the product comes out as a very fine mist and even multiple sprays does not drench your face with product. It’s the perfect amount of product on the face.

Now what does it actually do?

With all honesty I purchased it because I heard skincare goddesses like amodelrecommends and Carol Hirons recommend it, and so I just blindly purchased it.

However from research, I have found that Zinc is said to be soothing on acne prone skin and so I would assume that it means great for sensitive skin, and may help soothe break outs and irritated skin. From my usage of the product I must admittedly agree that it is truly soothing, has kept my skin clear as I do use it religously and to take it a step further, I’ll probably carry it around if I was on a hot summer holiday!!- its so cooling and refreshing!!

At the back of bottle the little blurb does mention ‘toner for oily problem skin, soothes razor burn’ ( guess you can get your Mr one too! 😉) and it also states ‘Helps prevent diaper rash’ – and so definitely multi- purpose too as you can keep one for your babies too!! So guy’s that just sums it all up; a fab inexpensive French pharmacy must have product! ! and no you don’t need to go France – as you can purchase it at for £6.75- currently on sale and the cheapest I’ve found it!!

That’s it guys…

Thanks for reading…👍and let me know if you’ve tried any of these??!? would love to hear your thoughts…✌

SabZ ❤


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  1. December 14, 2015 / 11:26 pm

    Great read! Im sooo tempted to purchase the mist!! Its so important to tone our skin as we lose ph levels when cleansing away… To balance the levels again, we should definitely tone!… With this, process made easy!

    • December 14, 2015 / 11:29 pm

      that is soo true!thanks for the science behind it! x

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