Imagic works it’s magic! imagic palette and matte lips!! Ebay finds;part 1


I’m finally here with my much awaited Ebay finds that never seems to disappoint some…. Today’s ebay finds is dedicated to a specific brand; imagic. I had to pick up the imagic professional cosmetics 12 flash color case palette when I heard it to be a dupe for the pricey Makeup forever flash palette.

So what do I think?

I must say from first impressions and even after using it for a few weeks I am 100 % completely satisfied with the product to the extent that it makes one wonder whether the mufe palette which comes with a hefty price tag was manufactured in the same factory… ( I’ve heard that the ingredients of both are almost the same too! πŸ˜‰hmm, ???😏)


For the price; Β£8.49, the palette has a lot of product; 70g to be exact!! and is superbly pigmented. I have swatched and tested each colour as can be seen by the picture depicted above and every colour is highly pigmented( sorry i had to use it before reviewing it and another advice is do not leave the palette near kids as they assume it to be paint as my 3 year old was mixing up the colours in the palette but thankfully it was saved by the bell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)!!

Back to the review, moreover there is no smell or waxiness to the cream products; beautifully creamy to the point where they blend and set nicely on the skin. The creams surprisingly last on the face for a reasonable amount of time ( tested for 8 hours) and if set properly, stay put. They also did not accentuate any dry patches nor make my skin really
Another significant point to note with these creams is that less is more and so using a little for blush or foundation is key. Using too much will cause severe cake-iness and feel heavy on the skin and look very made up! ( unless that’s what your going for…βœŒπŸ‘)

Now I can see so many people thinking that the use of this palette for the whole face is an amazing innovation to the beauty market, however the question is, is it practical? To sit there mixing 3-4 colours to make your foundation and then your concealer? Well honestly, and most definitely in my opinion in slang terms; ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’!!!…especially if you only spare yourself at least 15 minutes to do your makeup…and you like to do a whole face of makeup for work or college.

Now being the beauty lover I am, I did definitely try to use this palette for foundation using the peach, yellow, brown and white pigments and created a good shade match. The coverage of the little concoction of foundation was amazing and as a concealer, it pretty much gave me full coverage under the eyes which was ahh-mazing! I was astonished at how little foundation was needed to even out my skin ( in comparison to 1 pump of foundation I probably used less than half) and moreover the fact that it blended seamlessly on the skin and set nicely too; really surpassed my expectations for this colourful palette πŸ‘Œ. So in case you want it for that then I do totally recommend it.

However the reason I bought this palette is because of how many uses I can still achieve with just each pigment on its own, without the faffing wround of mixing and shade adjusting. Here I have listed them below.

Or/gold 004 and argent/ silver 003- to mix in with your foundation for luminosity or as liquid highlighter on the cheek bones!

corail/coral 002 – Now this shade is truly the star of the palette. It is very difficult finding a cream inexpensive corrector and this works as an amazing corrector under the eyes!!! super awesome….

blanc/White 010 – to lighten any foundation or concealer and as a white eyeshadow base

turquoise 000- as an eye shadow base

rouge/red 017 & fushsia 005- as blush and lipstick- they suprisingly work very well as long lasting lipsticks!!

bleu vif/bright blue 014- to deepen the lip shades…and as a eye liner as I love dark blue as an eyeliner. .looks soo beautiful πŸ˜†

jaune/ yellow 013- to change the undertone.of a foundation, if it’s too neutral or pink you can add some yellow.

vert feuille/ leaf Green 008- to counteract redness on the skin

marron/ brown 023- as a cream contour and to deepen any foundation or concealer..also as a brown eyeliner for day-time.

noir/ black 011- as an eyeliner

and not to forget all of them can be used as eyeshadow bases so all in all I’m in love with this palette! Highly recommend! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

I used this palette exclusively for the whole face and can say that it definitely is possible and works really well. However I like this palette for the corrector shade, deepening and lightening of foundations and for the yellow to correct undertones, as this is what I struggle with on a day to day basis. A superb palette that is worth every penny I paid! πŸ˜†

IMAGIC PROfessional cosmetics beauty lip gloss (-seriously it is NOT a lip gloss, but I’ve noticed all ebay matte lipsticks are named like this!)

Next up is a fabulous imagic lip product I came accross…. It is a matte liquid lipstick with the consistency of matte lipsticks like Collection cream puffs or even the sephora lipstain.

I also love the tube it comes in; a see through tube with a black lid which looks very nice and is quite sturdy.It also has a lip gloss type applicator which applies the product beautifully.More significantly the smell of this lip product is pleasant! ( Thank God! !)

The only downside is that this lip cream takes longer to dry than the others I have found on ebay and so because of this they feel ever so slightly sticky when you press your lips together . However the advantage of this is that once on the lips you have time to make sure it is evenly applied on the lips and correct any mistakes.Once set, they feel very comfortable and less drying on the lips because of the thinner consistency of this matte lip cream as opposed to the MeNow (link is here) or Qibest liquid lipsticks ( review on this in part 2!).


These are long lasting too and the colour in 09 is an absolutely gorgeous pink-y berry mauve shade which looked flattering on my skin tone. Moreover I adore the way these matte creams smooth over the lips making any lines less visible with an overall smooth finish.

I must also add that these retail for Β£1.58 and so are more expensive than the other ebay lipsticks I have tried. Nonetheless imagic has not failed to impress me and for the price these are still super inexpensive and I see myself picking up a few more of these little gems!!

That’s it for this ebay edition but stay tuned for part 2!! Please follow and like for more ebay beauty finds!!

Thanks for reading!! 🌹

SabZ ❀


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  1. April 6, 2016 / 2:23 am

    Where can I find the owner of Imagic. I would love to sell these in my store

    • April 6, 2016 / 11:17 pm

      I honestly wouldn’t have a clue but what you could do is contact ebay sellers that stock this product and ask them or even purchase in bulk from them to sell in your store!
      hope that helps. ..:)

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