Cover girl outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 vs Max factor facefinity all day flawless 3 in 1 foundation. Dupe?


As we’ve all heard it before…. Cover girl and Max factor are apparently ‘sister companies’ and so have very similar products, – if not the same product but just re-packaged differently and labelled according to their brand. 

And so when I kept hearing  every youtuber rave about the Cover girl outlast stay fabulous 3 in 1 foundation -about how well it lasts and how much coverage it gives  being the beauty addict I am, I went on a search….I really tried to get my hands on it and ended up finally purchasing it on ebay for £8.50 in the shade medium beige. 😆

The shade was somewhat of an okay-ish colour match and I was so pleased to find it in the UK for such a reasonable price. I used it for a few times and did agree with what other people said in terms of coverage and longevity…but the problem was….I wasn’t in love with the foundation like other people were 😦….- to me it was a standard foundation that had a normal matte finish.

I then ended up purchasing the Max factor facefinity all day flawless 3 in 1 foundation only because it was on sale ( £2-ish at Asda 😲 – a serious bargain). Ironically I actually have enjoyed the consistency and finish a bit more than the Cover girl ( after all that searching and wishing to get me hands on it! 😕). This foundation lasts just as long as the Cover girl foundation AND is readily available in the UK but hasn’t received as much hype as the Cover girl 3 in 1 hence why I didn’t even think about purchasing it before..(makes me wonder how many undiscovered amazing beauty products there is out there which hasn’t been tried and tested much because there is no hype amongst the popular beauty bloggers!)

So are they dupes for each other?

(left- Max factor face finity in GOLDEN 75 and right- Cover girl outlast stay fabulous medium beige/beige moyen -below is them blended out)

I would say they are definitely very similar foundations…They both have the same 3 in 1 claims of primer, concealer and foundation in 1, and both have an SPF 20. Moreover the packaging is even very similar apart from the colour scheme of the bottles! However in my opinion they are not the EXACT same product – this is soley based on how they feel and in terms of texture as I haven’t looked at the ingredients and so it could be that they are in fact exactly the same and I am just blind! Both foundations have a similar consistency and a very similar finish on the skin but the only difference I notice is, that the Max factor’s version is slightly less matte than the Cover girl’s hence why I probably prefer the Max factor’s finish on the skin. They both have medium to full coverage and I find 1 layer of this foundation is suffice to provide a flawless base. 

More significantly I find the Max factor’s foundation to somehow feel slightly lighter on the skin and this could be because it doesn’t feel as matte as the cover girl 3 in 1 foundation.

So if your a eager beauty addict here in the UK dying to try the hyped up Cover girl 3 in 1 foundation and sigh everytime you hear rave reviews…then look no further and pick up the Max factor foundation as in my opinion it’s just as good if not better! You definietly don’t need to own both unless you just like to try new foundations.
I picked up the shade golden in the Max factor which is the deepest shade if not second to last deepest shade in the line and that’s still tad bit light for me! Both shades in these foundations are not a perfect match for me as I do prefer more yellow in my foundations, however with the help of some bronzer I can still make these work.So unfortunately  deeper skin tones won’t be able to find a shade.

Also a point to note is that both foundations perform just as good as each other, so I’m not really saying one is better than the other but the fact that we have an alternative to the hyped up foundation. Moreover I must also add that the Cover girl foundation does have more darker shades and so you may need to search for that brand if you want to try these foundations.

To conclude, I can say that if you have very oily skin then the Cover girl version may work better on you ( some say it’s a dupe to Estée Lauder double wear!😉) and more normal skin or even combination may prefer the Max factor’s version.

That’s it guys, that’s my thoughts. ..👍

Thanks for reading! 🌹

SabZ 😆 x


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    • November 7, 2015 / 10:34 am

      if you like medium to full coverage matte foundations then do give these a try! 🙂 thanks for reading! 🌹

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