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Another new post for super inexpensive make up finds!!

So I was contacted by and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a few of their products.. Me being the beauty obsessed didn’t hesitate to say yes. I chose 2 products and have been eagerly excited to wait for them to arrive and see how well they perform for the price!


The eyebrow pencil came boxed with a pamphlet inside-definitely well packaged.
Next up,was the magic colour adapt lip product which I have been intrigued to try as I wanted to see how it works (as I have used a product like this for years whereby the lipstick was green but it left a bright fushia pink stain which lasted for ages!!Yep you indo/Pakistanis/arabs would know what I’m on about and in fact Barry M has something similar to this type of lipstick; looks clear in the tube but gives the lips some colour.
So let’s get on to my thoughts and opinions of the products

I honestly have been super impressed with this eyebrow pencil. If you had read my great budget buys post then you already know I love my Rimmel brow pencil! This definitely is as good as the Rimmel, but for those of you who prefer to not have a waxy textured brow pencil, will love this; it will be perfect for you!

The brand of this eye brow pencil is ‘max dona’.The packaging is very sturdy, with the lids closing well. It actually reminds me of the Hourglass brow pencil (not as luxe obviously) packaging with the slanted pencil to fill in your brows. Moreover I absolutely adore the fact that it comes with a good spoole-y- one that isn’t too harsh and hard and grooms out the brows very well.image

The colour of this brow pencil is in 06. I am unaware of the colour selection but feel as though this shade will work well with lots of  skin tones. It is not too warm and quite a neutral colour. It is a blend of brown, taupe & dark brown.
I also admire the fact that as the brow pencil isn’t too soft or waxy you can build up the intensity according to your preference. Hence with this product one will be able to achieve a full on- drawn on- strong brow, or a very light- natural brow.You just have to use lighter and shorter strokes making sure you give little pressure.-This is the way I prefer my brows to be, and for the price I find this brow pencil to have no flaws whatsoever!- Now that’s a statement:)

This can be purchased  here  and retails for $2.39

Here is my brows without anything;

and this is with the brow pencil:


I have only slightly filled them in as I prefer it to look natural. However it is possible to have full brows with this product; nicely pigmented and easy to apply, and a fantastic spoole-y to brush through.

I would give this a 10/10 and see a lot of people to enjoy this product! For the price it performs really well.


The magic lipstick is more of a tinted moisturising lip balm. The colour of the lipstick is supposed to adjust to the colour of your skin tone. For me, on initial application it turned my lips more pink than my natural lip colour. It definitely is very moisturising and comfortable on the lips. It also smells like apple candy which is quite pleasant.

As the day did go on it did go more darker and is great for everyday use when you just want a bit of something on your lips; a product that’s faff free and great when your just out and about running errands..

This only retails for $1.42 and so is super inexpensive.

So that’s it guys, so far so good. I recommend this site for super inexpensive but good products.
They have also given me a 10% off code for my readers so you can use that for extra discount! – SMAH10

and the best thing is that they offer FREE international shipping!!!😆

Let me know if you get anything!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. December 4, 2015 / 12:10 pm

    Thats soo tempting! They’ve got great acrylic makeup organisers…. I think I’ll shop around there later on

    • December 4, 2015 / 12:17 pm

      yes so inexpensive and I’m still using the brow pencil and it’s amazing!!! Thanks for reading x

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