Get your glow on!: Ole henriksen’s 3 little wonders mini skincare set



Want a natural healthy glow?Always on the hunt for products that give some radiance to your complexion? need to reduce dark spots and resurface your skin?

yes! that’s exactly what I’m on the look out for; always on the search for a new product that will boost collagen production, ultimately giving younger looking skin and some radiance to the complexion. Get back that glow- the glow that comes skin deep and just seeps through your makeup (-no highlighter required😉).

I tend to give a great deal of importance to skincare. It is crucial to make sure your skin is well hydrated, prepped and primed for a more flawless looking base, and more so if you want to be makeup free. That’s why some people achieve a more radiant and flawless complexion than others even when they’ve all used the same products because there canvas is well maintained! (unlike mine😣)The only answer is either their genetically blessed with a beautiful complexion or their skincare is on point! 👌( and not to forget a healthy lifestyle! )

And so you can imagine how estatic I was to recieve the Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders mini skin care set* in the post! – Especially this set because Ole henriksen is a well known prestigious brand that have amazing products that work well and surely deserve it’s premium price tag. This set is award winning for a reason and so let’s get on to my opinions of the products!😆

First and foremost I must mention the fact that you able to try these 3 mini size products for less than the price of 1 full size product in this set is a total steal.

The Ole henriksen mini set retails for  £18 at little set at this price is definitely amazing as you can see whether these products work for you.

(the same full size set is £55 on feel!


So what do you get and claims?

Restore the youthful glow back to your complexion with the Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders mini kit, a triad that fights the signs of ageing.

The professional strength products work in unison to combat all visible signs of ageing, revealing healthy and radiant looking skin. Nurturing textures and indulgent scents will allow you to experience the delight of treating your skin to the finest products and care.

This Gift set includes:

  • truth serum collagen booster 9.76ml: the vitamin C rich serum boosts collagen production and restores radiance back to the complexion.

  • Invigorating Night Treatment 7g: the overnight resurfacing gel dramatically improves the texture of your skin, helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

  • sheer transformation 7g: an everyday oil-free moisturiser that works to improve the skin’s tone and texture whilst helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots.


Truth serum collagen booster :

I use this in the morning and evening and like the way it restores life back to the complexion, even after a rough nights sleep (I have kids 😂😴). The texture of this is of a runny, light orange coloured water-y consistency. It feels amazing upon application and immediately absorbs into the skin. For me this is a star product because of the immediate results I have observed after application. I have used this along with the other 2 products for just over 7 days and with this product upon first impressions, I immediately felt as though my skin was more supple, brighter and I honestly saw a glow 😲. This product has vitamin C, hence restoring radiance to the complexion and it also does claim to boost collagen production.

I think this product is essential in my skin care routine,especially because my skin lacks radiance, is dull and uneven and so I can clearly confirm that I will continue to use this, and it will be a staple skin care product from now on…

Sheer transformation 7g:

This product is a light moisturiser that caters for any skin type. I find that it adds the right layer of moisture to the skin without making it feel greasy or heavy and comes with the benefits of anti-aging. After applying the truth serum, I find this moisturiser to further hydrate my skin; sheer transformation to the skin as the name suggests, making it the perfect supple base to apply any makeup (and just to add foundations sits beautifully on top).

Moreover as this product claims to help reduce dark spots, I see it as an additional benefit that is not seen in many moisturisers. For those of you that suffer from dark spots and need a good light moisturiser, especially if you feel as though your current one is too heavy or makes your skin too oily- then this would be perfect for you.

Invigorating Night Treatment 7g:

After immediately application of the invigorating night treatment, I felt it to be very similar to my Alpha-H Liquid gold (in terms of how it felt) and this could be because this ‘overnight resurfacer’ as it is described, has 12 sources of AHA complex. This could also be the reason why it slightly stung the face upon initial application ( a light sensation that you would know if you have used Liquid gold- I actually like it because it feels like it’s doing something) and as it is a thin gel it does feel quite cooling. More significantly once dry it feels quite comfortable to sleep in ( something I always look for in overnight treatments! !)
The consistency of this is a clear gel with quite a water-y consistency and so only a little is required for your whole face.

The results I have seen from this is that it beautifully plumps my skin up in the morning, with a clear radiant clean look to the skin.Almost like I can visibly see that I have new fresh skin. I feel as though with regular use this treatment will definitely dramatically improve the texture of the skin, reduce the appearance of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

I say this because I do feel as though the tiny lines under my eyes seem less noticeable and overall my skin seems more plump and softer after using these products.
Also for those of you who dislike fragrance in skincare then I can assure you there is not any prominent strong smell(a very pleasant light smell) with any of the products and so that should not be an issue.

One more thing to note is that initially I did feel like this mini size was very small with under 10g of product in each pot. However after 10 days of use, I feel as though a little product goes a long way with each product.Especially the serum and night treatment because of the runny consistency- I still have more than half the product left and still seen results over a short period of time.

I have surely become very impressed with the Ole henriksen range and will without a doubt be a skincare line that I permanently use in my skin care routine and so now that I recommend these products I would not hesitate to invest in the full size products.
If your skin is like mine; lacks radiance and you have an uneven skin tone and your looking for new skin care to try then go for these little wonders and get on you glow with – Ole henriksen!


A definite highly recommend product from me!

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