performance outweighs price tag..great inexpensive beauty budget buys!…#1


Some beauty products regardless of the price perform remarkably well and you re-consider whether sometimes a higher price tag really does equate to receiving a much better quality beauty product!

Now undeniably with some high end beauty products, they definitely are exceptional when it comes to the quality and performance but when we have products that work so well but are just a few pounds,  I just can’t justify why I need I spend so much!

Not everyone wants to spend so much money on beauty and so if you was to be on a budget, or just don’t like spending on beauty, I think these few items mentioned in this post are superb. I have so many products in my stash so want to break this down, and will publish a series of posts that show case a great variety of beauty products that are very inexpensive yet fantastic..


1) Essense   I love stage eyeshadow base

I honestly have not seen any eye shadow base for such an inexpensive price that has this type of creamy consistency, providing good coverage. This base is very pigmented requiring very little to even out my dark uneven eye lids. This in turn makes the eyelids a clear base to apply eye shadow over which then allows the eye shadow to be vibrant and true to the colour in the pan.

Honestly speaking, if this product was re-packaged with a high end label I would be pleased with the quality and actually wouldn’t mind paying the higher price tag. And so at £2.50 I totally recommend this product and find would be a good budget substitute for products like the bare minerals 5 in 1 bb eye shadow or even some of Loreal’s eye primers that retail for about £8+. Furthermore this essence base is even better for me because it is a medium skin-like colour, and so will suit girls with a warm olive undertone.
p.s this brand is now available in the UK at wilko!


2) SEVENTEEN brow sculpting pencil

I could probably say that this brow pencil is hands down THE best brow pencil in the drugstore!  It most certainly, as the name suggests sculpts my brows!

I understand that there are other great options like Soap and glory archery brow tint and pen but this old school style pencil retails for  £2.89 ( as opposed to s&g £10.99) .

I think the colour and consistency of this pencil is just spot on. There is the right amount of brown, grey and taupe making my eyebrows look so natural.From what I remember and after checking online, I believe that there is only 1 colour available. However please don’t quote me on that as I do remember a fellow youtuber mention the shade ‘dark brown’ when referring to the brow pencil so please do check before purchase.
(Back to the product >)The pencil isn’t too waxy nor dry and I find that I have a beautiful natural looking brow when I use it.

The only con is that it doesn’t have a spoole-y at the end, and instead has a brush applicator on the lid. This brush applicator is decent for when you’re on the go but a spoole-y would have been fantastic.  Nonetheless atleast it has a brush, and I’m sure anyone who tries this brow pencil will enjoy it.

I feel that the colour of the brow pencil will suit a variety of people with different brow shades as the colour will adapt according to how lightly or heavily you prefer to do your eyebrows.  I usually like to use it lightly, applying very little pressure and with small hair-like strokes, I fill in my brows. It definitely is a total steal! 👌- I will definitely be doing a separate post featuring this, showing how I use it on my eyebrows.


3) LA girl semi permanent lip liners

I think these lip liners live up to their claim of being semi- permanent. -In the sense that they are very long lasting, and considering the longevity, I feel as though they are not as drying as some normal lip liners. They are not super creamy, but pigmented and creamy enough to cover the entire lips with opaque coverage!  For the price, – £1.50, these are superb lip liners and maybe substitute for some high end lip liners. A point to note is that these are drying but for the price it is definitely worth it. A quick tip- just make sure to ex-foliate and moisturise your lips before hand and they should be just fine!!

These can be purchased Beauty base in the UK.


Primers are something that I like to invest in because they improve the longevity and overall appearance of your base. And so when it comes to looking for a good primer, I’m definietly very analytic and really test it to the core. From the ones I have tried, I have really enjoyed the Primers shown below, and feel that they outperform even some high end Primers.


Nivea express hydration primer; This has been duped for Illamasqua hydra veil primer. I am not sure if this is true but what I can conclude is that it definietly is amazing for those of you who have dehydrated skin. It feels like a serum on the skin, absorbs beautifully leaving a refreshed, moisturised plump feeling to the face. If this product was re- packaged as a high end item I would have understood why it was more expensive! This is a must have for me especially in the winter cold months! and when my skin is feeling particularly dehydrated.

This retails for £4.99 at Superdrug and Boots and I have purchased it for a few pounds in Tesco- Keep your eyes pierced as this product goes on sale very often  (and that’s when I stock up)

Also to add, this primer comes for oily skin version too and works just as well. I like to use this version in the summer when my combination skin becomes more oilier in the T-zone area.

Nspa Instant Blur primer; This is very similar to Primers like the much hyped up ‘Benefit porefessional’ or even ‘Loreal’s nude magique blur primer’ but the nspa primer is relatively inexpensive retailing for £7 ( on offer at present – 2 for £8 on nspa) and exclusively sold at Asda.

This brand is quite new to me, and so far so good. I have found some great products from this line and this product in particular is brilliant at blurring out the skin and filling in pores. Even without applying foundation,  my skin is slightly perfected and evened out which I have seen with very few Primers.  The blur technology definitely works and I feel as though this product is totally an under rated product and most certainly outperforms for the price.


5) COLLECTION little mix I love palette – shade 1

To be able to get a palette that has the ability to create a beautiful look that costs £2.99 for 6 eyeshadows is undeniably getting amazing (in slang terms) bangs for your bucks! 🙂

The eyeshadows are pigmented and with a range of neutrals, browns , golds and a black. With this variety can create a neutral, gold or smokey eye look. The compact sleek cardboard packaging also enables you to just pop it into your bag when travelling! I think it such a good inexpensive palette that you will get a lot of use from….

That’s it guys, I have so much to recommend but this it is it for now, but watch out for part 2!

Thanks for reading 🌹

SabZ 👍 x


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