NEW ebay MeNow pro; ‘powdery matte, kiss proof’ soft lipstick…my thoughts?


This is the latest addition to the original MeNow liquid lip gloss style matte lipsticks!

These are in pencil form. I actually enjoy the packaging- black sleek style pencils like the maybelline color drama pencils or even nars!!



I was super excited and amazed; because for less than a pound a piece, they came in a box and have the shade number labelled on the box PLUS the actual lip stick. And wait there’s more, each box contains a little pamphlet which gives you some information about the lipstick!! yep you guessed it right, due to the success of their original MeNow lip gloss ( that’s the way they called it but it’s definitely a matte liquid lipstick!  😥) they have now created a pencil form.

What do they claim?

This liquid lipstick instantly lifts & hydrates lips. Gives rich,creamy long wearing colour!


I bought the whole range of lipsticks (to review for you all 😙).19 colours to choose from and you can buy it on ebay as a bundle. I paid approx £16.50 for all 19, which works out to be just about 86p a piece! 😲

The link to where I purchased it is here. This link is to buy the whole collection but do look around as you may find it cheaper than I did, and if you want to purchase just 1 or 2, then they should be around £0.99 or $1- $2 a piece (anything more, your being ripped off!!- just warning you!)

Now before getting into the pros and cons of the matte lipsticks I thought I should show swatches of them to show you the variety of colours they offer.

From left to right-  001 002 003 004 005 006


left to right; 007 008 009 010 011 012


left to right: 013 014 015 016 017 018 019

What’s my thoughts?

Upon first impressions, you swatch the product and will feel that they are quite pigmented and apply with ease. However whilst applying them on my lips, I initially did feel that they are slightly drying. The product applies nicely, not dragging accross the lips and because of the precise pointed nib you can achieve smooth neat application and full coverage.
Once on the lips, they definitely do feel heavy, and even slightly sticky when you press your lips together. However after a few seconds, they dry ‘powdery matte’ as they claim. They are very pigmented and opaque on the lips.

What’s it like after application and once it’s set?
I honestly have tried these on and off and can say that after a few minutes of wearing these matte lip pencils I have forgotten I was wearing a lip product and gone about my day. Once they are dry and set, they definitely do feel more comfortable on the lips. HOWEVER they still are slightly drying and so don’t expect a creamy matte lip product.

Are they dupes for contenders like Maybelline color drama pencils or even Revlon matte balms?

The answer is a simple no. They don’t even compare to my much loved  £1.50 p.s love Primark matte lipsticks, as I felt that they definitely feel more comfortable on the lips. However you have to remember that I am not used to wearing these type of matte lipsticks!!..These MeNow lipsticks claim to be kiss proof, and long lasting!.and I find that these don’t budge once they are on, and you need a makeup remover to remove them completely. I enjoy this aspect of them being transfer proof as this means that when your little kids pull at your lips, your dark lips won’t smear across your face ( and you die of shame if in public!😂) AND it’s okay to even peck your child with the 1000th kiss you give them during the day. 😙

So what would you compare them to?

Quite frankly, I would say that they are similar to the old style packaging lip stains(yep the ones that have the stain on one end and the balm at the other end) or even mua or sleek matte lipsticks…they are probably the closest dupe to the Elf studio matte lipsticks except that these don’t transfer. These for the price are only slightly drying and I even have a few tips to help you make these more wearable. Moreover I feel as though,if you are used to matte lips and have even experienced some high end lipsticks that are drying then you will think these are pretty good- especially for the super inexpensive price!


  • inexpensive
  • wide colour selection
  • wearable colours
  • widely available as they are from Ebay
  • average formula for the price
  • pigmented and opaque
  • nice packaging

So what’s the cons?

Apart from being drying, a major con for me and the actual thing I detest about this product is the smell. They have this plastic-y factory smell (maybe like petrol ) that makes you almost worry if whether the product is suitable for the lips! It is a strong smell which hovers around until application and then disappears. This to me is very annoying and if you could get past that then you may like these. Mind you, I don’t actually mind the formula of these as there are some beautiful colours in the range and the formula isn’t terrible…I would say okay.Average.

Another disadvantage is you MUST make sure your lips are well exfoliated before application. As with the original MeNow formula,I found them to mask the lines on the lips, wheras with these I feel like they accentuate them.This is more visible especially after eating and drinking and you would need to remove the product and re- apply for a smooth finish ( so maybe just good for running errands).

Some may see this as a disadvantage and others as an advantage; they do not come off with the swipe of a tissue, or even baby wipes! for complete and easy removal, a makeup remover is essential.

AND Lastly they don’t screw up; you have to sharpen them! I think that was something I didn’t expect because from the packaging I assumed they would have the screw up style lip packaging.

Are they similar to the original me Now lip gloss! ?

Not really…. They were matte liquid lipsticks with a different type of consistency.And on that note there is actually another lip product on ebay that I have found to be very similar and even better than the original MeNow liquid lipsticks so take a look here.

However these new MeNow lip pencils have a slightly different formula.

Any tips to make them work?

1) Exfoliate you lips properly.Make sure you don’t have peeling lips, and excess flake-y skin. They should be completely smooth and plump.

2) Just before application, apply a tiny bit of any matte balm on the lips and rub in vigorously. This is to ensure that the product has seeped into the lips, making them well moisturised before application (make sure no lip balm is sitting on top of the lips as this interferes with application and drying to a powdery matte finish).Also just to add, I tried dabbing balm on top of the lip product once applied but this also disturbed the finish(i.e it will just wipe off easily!)

Your favourite colors? any repeats?






From looking at the packaging one would assume that they are the same shades.There are definitely some very similar shades of pinks and reds but the undertones do differ. I love all these shades above!

(from left to right) 018, 014,002,013
018– is more of an orange red
014-dark pink
002-more of a fushia pink (similar to flat out fabulous by MAC but a bit lighter)
013– dark blue based red



(from left to right) 003, 011,007,001,012

003– dark purple with a red undertone. This is a little patchy upon swatch.It also isn’t as dark as you would think it to be from looking at the packaging.
011– dark purple with brown a undertone.
007 and 001– The packaging of these 2 indicate that they have shimmer ( as opposed to the rest). However upon application I noticed 007; is a pinkish colour and doesn’t really show any shimmer on the lips and is actually quite different to the outer packaging colour(-which seems like it would be a burnt orange colour). 001 is a orange-y pink with gold fleks; I didn’t like this shade because I don’t like shimmer in lipsticks!

and lastly 012 is a dark mauve purple colour.My favOUrite from the whole collection. It can be worn full on for dark lips or dabbed on for a ‘your lips but better’ look.



( from left to right 005,006,015,017,008)

At first I felt I had too many of the same shades of nudes from looking at them through the the packaging but when swatched you can see how different each one is.I also like the fact that they all suit my olive complexion on the exception of 1 ( 017-makes me look dead) and you have a variety of brown, beige and pink undertones.
005,017, & 008- reminds me of MAC’S taupe. They are just slight either a little darker or lighter

015– which is a pink mauve based nude is absolutely gorgeous and would be lovely on paler skins too.

And we have some unique shades;


from left to right; 016, 009,004 & 019

016 & 009- are corals with a hint of pink. 016 is slightly brighter but both are beautiful. I have never found coral shades that flatter my skin tone so this is great 😊.
004 – is a barbie bright pink; very unflattering on my skin tone and application on the lips looks patchy. This could be because the colour just looks awful on me,maybe better for paler girls.

And lastly 019– a straight up orange. Some people may love this but for me, I need to pucker up some courage to wear it, but without a doubt definitely a gorgeous shade too!

So that’s it, an in-depth review on some cheap ebay lip products! I would see some people loving these lipsticks and some people disliking them, so I say try a couple and see what you think? And do let me know your thoughts…

My preference is to dab these on the lips for colour as opposed to wearing them full on to it’s maximum opacity; just feel more comfortable and looks more flattering plus less hassle. I also enjoy mixing these with other more comfortable matte balms ( but do test them out as they don’t mix with some lip products well😉)

Hope this was helpful guys!

Thanks for reading!


UPDATE: 31/10/2015 I thought I should just update and let you guys know that the more I have used these and put them to test with my more expensive matte lipsticks I must say that I do like them more than I thought I did and for the price it is definitely a superb bargain!

Please do have a look at my latest ebay imagic post!!*sneak peak* – there’s an amazing imagic matte liquid lipstick find!! Go here


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  1. edelweiza
    February 22, 2016 / 6:00 am

    My sister introduced me to this lipstick a few weeks ago and I’ve been in love with no. 6 since then. I actually didn’t notice the petrol-like smell until you pointed it out. But still, for the price, color variety, coverage and such, I’d say it’s a good product! 🙂

    • February 22, 2016 / 10:49 am

      Yeh these are great for the price! I guess maybe coz I kept swatching them and then putting them on my lips I felt like the smell was strong! lol….if you did like these then try the imagic liquid lipsticks and Qibest ones too! I have a blog post on them too! thanks for reading hun x

  2. Pamela Aragon
    March 26, 2016 / 4:32 pm

    Hi! Can I use your photos for my local business? Im selling these menow kissproof and Im wondering if I can get your photos 🙂

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