#Beauty tips: 4 in 1 multi-use products: Eyeshadow, Blush, highlight & bronzer all in 1


As much as I love the process of makeup application, it sometimes just isn’t feasible to put hundreds 😜 many products we wish to apply on our face due to time restraints.
Your up in the morning, have literally 5-10 minutes to put your makeup on and look presentable ( as well as the other 100 other things you need to do, lock the doors, check if you have everything and if you have kids that’s a whole different chapter!) .

So your up, perfecting you base with foundation, bb cream or tinted moisturiser, concealer & powder (the main step in my opinion- a flawless base leads to flawless face! )and then you have your eyes and lips to beautify! The products featured in this post will not only be helpful when you have less time, but also when you need to pack when travelling,-have limited space AND even if you want to buy makeup but are on a budget, then you can purchase 1 product and find uses for it in so many ways! so when you have products  that  do blusher, bronzer & highlight in 1 step, and you can use the same product as eyeshadow then this is what I’ll reach for and recommend….



from left to right:

Cargo blush in coral beach-
This blush was definitely named correctly as it’s a beautiful  coral terracotta shade. This shade can be picked up individually with a brush depending on your preference and so the lighter shades will give a pink-ish brown colour but swatched all together,this product gives off this beautiful coral terracotta shade with gold shimmer running through it. A perfect shade for the summer to wear at the beach.👌

Natural collection in Sahara sun- (second swatch from left to right)

This is described as a sun tint and in the form of bronzing pearls. It definitely is such a fantastic budget buy as it is only  £2-3 and I was surprised at how beautiful this looks on the skin. This has bronze-y pink hues and the pearls are beautiful if applied over the cheeks for a sunkissed radiance to the skin- totally recommend!

Elf blusher in Rich rose– ( 3rd swatch from left to right)

This baked blusher has red and brown veining and so when swatched together, gives a deep bronze-y effect on the skin with a brown/gold undertone.  It also has gold shimmer (doesn’t show up on the skin!) and leaves a slight sheen on the skin.

Milani blush in berry amore-

This is a beautiful baked blush to even look at! 😍. It has many so different veins of colour running through it. Purple, pink, gold,peach and  brown hues are seen in this little beauty, which when applied on the cheeks, translates to a pink-ish brown colour on the skin. This product has some shimmer,and so there is a slight sheen to the skin upon application.

These 4 product above all have some pink/purple/peach-y hues, aswell as strong bronze-y shades- almost belonging to a similar colour family, with some colours being more dominant in some products than others e.g Cargo has more terracotta wheras Milani’s berry amore has more brown.They all also add a sheen to the skin…which I think are fantastic multi- purpose products that instantly give dimension, radiance and  colour to the skin in 1 step.
It’s like you can get away with wearing 1 of these products but look like you have blusher, bronzer and a subtle highlighter applied.These are especially great options for the summer for that sunkissed radiant warmth to the skin( and even in the winter if your skin is lacking some warmth!)


Next up, of the 3 products shown above, 2 of the products (Physicians formula & 17) definitely provide more of a sheen to the skin and are definitely more bronze. And so if you want more of a highlight to the skin then these will be great options.


Milani’s glimmer stripes in 09 terracotta glimmer face, cheek & eye colour-(first swatch fr0m to bottom)

This is also a multi-use product and can be used according to the shade you prefer as there’s browns and dark pinks in the pan, and so you could pick up which ever shades by dabbing it on that particular strip. Sometimes I may take a small brush, use the brown shade as a bronzer and the dark pink as a blusher on the apples of the cheeks and nobody could tell that I have only used 1 product to achieve that look!However a mix of all the colours provides a beautiful deep bronze shade with a slight terracotta(as the name suggests!) undertone. A point to note is that of the 3 products shown above this product provides the least sheen.

Physicians formula shimmer strips- sunset bronzer- (also described as a custom bronzer, blush and eyeshadow)The second swatch from top to bottom

This is not available in the UK but I picked it up at my local Tkmaxx😆!.It’s a beautiful bronze-y gold highlight which adds a beautiful glow and some warmth to the skin.

 Seventeen (17) gold bronze shimmer brick-

Th 17 gold bronze shimmer brick is an alternative to the Physicians formula highlight/bronzer shown above.This gives a strong sheen to the skin and if you want a glow then this is the one. The lightest strip in this shimmer brick is a beautiful champagne highlighter and is gorgeous if applied alone.
However all of the stripes swatched together provides a beautiful lighter gold-ish bronze sheen to the skin.(less colour and more sheen)

Moreover every single one of the products mentioned in this post is a multi-purpose product and can be used for the eyes as eyeshadow too! I especially like to use the 17 shimmer brick, Milani glimmer strips, physicians formula bronzer & the Cargo blusher to create a in- depth eye look as opposed to using the other products for just a wash of colour on the lids. This is because these 4 products mentioned above have a variety of lighter and darker colours in the pan (which makes for a beautiful eye look!)

And so I think these products are fantastic for those of you who need products that are quick, efficient,multi-purpose, travel friendly and even budget friendly and still beautify your already existing beautiful face! 😗 ( that’s my motto! ☺)

Hope this helped you my beauties!

Thanks for reading! 🌹

SabZ 😆


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