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As I had recently done a H&m beauty first impression & thoughts haul, I thought I’d do another haul as I enjoyed the whole process of swatching and finding new beauty goodies and so headed over to Primark to see what was happening in the beauty department!  I actually went to pick up a foundation and blusher as I’ve heard a few beauty vloggers mention products in their videos, but to my luck they never seem to have any in stock at my local Primark 😕! but wait do not fret, let me tell you my thoughts on what I actually bought.😆


To my disbelief the eyelashes I picked up in ‘sultry’ were pretty good for £1. The only thing is that I found them too long for my liking but someone who loves vava voom lashes would love these. However what was very impressive was that they were quite comfortable and light on the eyes.And a point to mention is that before the p.s love range was launched, I’ve used the regular Primark lashes which I found to be very plastic-y and uncomfortable and so I’m delighted that you can pick up some decent lashes for a pound.The glue that comes with it isn’t too bad and does the job! 😆

The lashes were definitely too wide for my eyes too, and so I had to cut them to the correct width. Nonetheless they still were too long in length for my liking as I like my lashes to look fairly natural and blended when wearing fake lashes and so only opt for something that gives a little extra volume, length and lift.So maybe next time I’ll pick up the natural lashes and give them ago. 👍


Next up are the lipsticks.  I picked up only  3 as the colours were very limited. The gold sleek packaging lipsticks are the matte lipsticks and the black lipsticks are regular lipsticks in a cream finish. I really appreciate that for the price the packaging is quite sturdy. Even the black tube has nice packaging, whereby the lipstick actually closes properly as opposed to some inexpensive products that have very flimsy packaging. I also really like the way the colour is shown on the packaging at the bottom,and is fairly true to the colour of the actual lipstick.
Also a point to note is that the lipsticks do have a scent. The matte lipsticks have a lovely vanilla scent wheras the black tube regular lipsticks do have a sweet plastic-y fragrance. ( -This is what definitely shows the price difference in both lipsticks)


The first 2 lip swatches are the matte lipsticks.  The first lip swatch is the shade ‘whisper’- a pink nude shade and I’m sure that the nude lovers will absolutely love this but on my olive skin tone it sure is too pale. I would describe this colour as a dusky pale pink nude.

However contrary to that I think I have found the perfect red matte lip. The second lip swatch is the red matte lipstick in the shade ‘Lady fatale’😉 .It has a warm orange undertone and suits my complexion soo well. It is pigmented yet at the same time wearable and quite comfortable on the lips!! I am so far enjoying this particular lipstick the most from everything I have tried.😗 At £1.50 I think they are an absolute bargain.
The last lip swatch is in the shade ‘Marsala’ and is a beautiful (as the name suggests) marsala- mauve/berry pinkish everyday colour that you can wear when running errands or to work.It isn’t too opaque even when layered and is quite creamy.. It is quite comfortable on the lips.  and for 80p you just couldn’t ask for more.. I think this will be perfect for those going to school, on a budget or trying makeup for the first time. 💄

Lastly I picked up a concealer in the shade, dark.I picked it up very reluctantly as it was only 80p😲! I was sceptical and thought how well will it conceal? Now being the beauty lover and beauty blogger (excuses to try and test everything ☺) I just thought what’s there to loose and bought it home!

Now they do say don’t judge something by it’s price and that’s rightly said..because it’s actually pretty good and has decent coverage. Moreover it isn’t too oily or dry and blends into the skin easily.


P.s love concealer in the shade dark (from left: elf, Revlon & p.s love)

I actually find this 80p concealer quite similar to the Elf and Revlon concealers. It has more coverage than the Elf but probably on par with the Revlon concealer in terms of coverage! I am not sure about it, in terms of longevity but c’mon you use it on those days your running errands! It even can be used as a cream contour for pale skinned girl as the dark shade isn’t too dark.This product is just is too budget friendly, and if you like these type of stick concealers than maybe give this ago!,( I prefer liquid concealers!) c   especially when there’s concealers out there for a whopping £38!! ( kevin aucoin sensual skin enhancer -review coming soon 😆)

So that’s it guys, found some decent products,  there was a few not so good buys, like a p.s love mascara I bought which didn’t do anything to my lashes.😕
Nonetheless still some great bits from the line…I’ll be out on the hunt for those blushers and foundation stick and let you know what I think!

Thanks for reading! 🌹

SabZ 😆


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