H &M makeup first impressions & thoughts


Now who doesn’t love makeup shopping? uhmm I DO but in all honestly i’ve neglected retails stores that have a makeup line and so I am not one to walk into h&m, Topshop or Next to buy makeup or even swatch them until recently . ..but now I bought a few items from H&m and found some fantastic makeup bits, (and as an added bonus, very affordable too) I’ll be definitely buying more!

I picked up 3 lip products and an eyeshadow palette and resisted in buying more just to see how well they peform before I go crazy buying it all! There were so many beautiful bronzers and blushers that looked lovely but I held back, paid for these goodies and left the shop.
I’ve only used and swatched  these products a few times so it’s really just my initial thoughts of  h&m makeup but so far
I’m impressed, especially for the price! ( I can’t remember prices for all products but the original retail was Β£2.99 each, & even less because some makeup items were on sale!)

This palette was only Β£2.99! ( a total steal and on sale for Β£2!) and the colours were just so beautiful that I grabbed it! The eyeshadows are well pigmented, a little bit powdery but nonetheless I created a  pink and cranberry look using the palette and it turned out beautiful. I really like the way the 5 shadows can be used together to create either a bright eye look with the pink and pale silver or even a dark burgundy smokey eye!!

It isn’t amazing quality (as in buttery smooth like two faced eyeshadows! ) but for the price you can’t go wrong! a little fall out but still very pigmented eyeshadows! 

This is a gorgeous pink lip pen as h&m call it in the shade ‘honeysuckle’.This lip product applies beautifully leaving the lips with a slight glossy looking finish. I also found that it stained the lips slightly when worn off which is great. The shade swatched above looks more red but this actual colour is more pink. It isn’t too opaque even if built up and is a ‘throw on your lips’, no effort required type of lip product!.It feels really comfortable on the lips and is most certainly very light on the lips and  moisturising!


The lip tint is most unlike a tint to the lips and a definite full on bright opaque lip!.I  am hesitant to wear this full on but because it dries to a matte finish I can pull it off with minimal eye makeup. This is in the shade ‘Raspberry red’ but to me has some pink and coral undertones in it ( sometimes looks pink on my lips!).It definitely looks slightly brighter when swatched but looks more prettier on the lips and perfect for summer!  Regardless of drying to an almost demi matte finish and staining the lips it feels pretty comfortable on the lips! πŸ‘


And saving the best to the last is this  purple matte lipstick! (can’t find the shade name😯) but oh my God. ..I seriously don’t own any colour like this little beauty…and didn’t think I could ever wear it!! Its not as daring as some dark purple lipsticks that look almost black but is a true purple lipstick.


If toned down (as shown in the second lip swatch) it actually can be a wearable shade( for those of you who are uncomfortable to wear darker colours including myself! ) of purple lipstick. It suprisingly feels comfortable for a matte lipstick and didn’t dry my lips out! πŸ˜†
I also love mixing this shade with reds and purple to make a perfect Kylie Jenner lip shade. Definitely will be rocking this in the winter and to be quite honest I’ve even wore it in the summer but just a less toned down version! Totally love it…😍

So that’s it guys…definitely loving h&m lip products…now en-route to Next and Topshop for makeup….seriously this is great, – don’t have to just pop into boots/superdrug and Debenhams anymore…got all these shops for great  makeup shopping!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†

Thanks for reading!🌹 let me know what you’ve tried from any of these stores and any suggestions?!!

SabZ x


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