The struggles of a newbie blogger!- My experience.

Today’s post is quite different to my usual posts about a beautiful lipstick or BB  cream. It’s a topic I didn’t think I could write about but now that I have been blogging for about 4-5 months and still a fairly new blogger I thought I could share the struggles I have faced so far…

So the question is:  What are the troubles/problems/feelings you have faced so far as a beauty blogger?

The biggest most troublesome problem is the pressure. The pressure you feel to get out there , not knowing where to start and gain followers. The pressure builds up to the point whereby you continue to look at your blog stats to see if anybody has visited your blog.

I sometimes even feel like giving up because of how saturated the beauty blogging community is….so many people doing well with the help of a good social network which then makes it easier for them to promote their blog. In my personal experience I was in the midst of giving birth to my second child, twitter and instagram was far off my radar .Regardless I decided to create a blog because of my passion and interest in beauty. And after creating I created twitter & instagram for my blog so starting everything from scratch was very difficult but thankfully I now have 323 twitter followers.

Also there are so many aspects I worry about, from whether I come across genuine and real, and if my way of writing is good enough to write a blog post and then comes the whole art of mastering good blog photos. (which is getting better!)

SOME days, blogging is fantastic and you have so many new followers via twitter, notifications via bloglovin that you have new followers, people have retweeted your posts, and liked your posts but on some days it’s almost like you don’t exist!😕😣 ..There will not even be  1 new follower and in fact you may even get 3-4 people unfollow you via twitter (because they only followed you so you follow back!!), in which case all that boost and drive of doing well just goes down hill!  I then start presuming that my blog isn’t good enough and start to worry whether this is worthwhile. And just to point out, for those of you who don’t run a blog, it definitely is hardwork. The process of writing a blog post, editing, swatching, photography,adding pictures and then proof reading is definitely time consuming! and so to feel that no one has read it apart from yourself is undeniably quite upsetting.

How am I overcoming these problems? How am I coping with the struggles of being a newbie blogger?

I ask myself why I  created a blog?  I created this blog because I wanted to share my opinions on beauty products and felt that my judgement and opinion on beauty products helped people within family and friends and so thought I could share that to the world. I also did freelance makeup (self taught) on friends and family and they would then introduce people to me and I became confident and better in makeup application. I was also the one that would find the beauty bargains, dupes and hidden highstreet gems and so thought it would be perfect to create my online space – where I get to interact with like minded individuals.

I have also understood that blogging success doesn’t come overnight and there is certainly hardwork that needs to be put in to eventually bring success.

The beauty bloggers that are successful today have been blogging for 5 years or even more and at a time when blogging wasn’t so common. Every bloggers that has attained success is because of their dedication and hard work and if I do the same I believe that I will get there.

I always want to remain real and genuine and so don’t look at other blogs for inspiration…that doesn’t mean I  don’t read other people’s blogs (because I love doing that!) but I try to write what I experience or feel about a product so that it is unique and regardless of there being positive or negative reviews online on a specific product. I like to speak my mind and have my unique thoughts incorporated in my reviews and so try to only research the  facts from a specific brand for a blog post and don’t let other reviews influence my decision.I think each blogs individuality and uniqueness is something that brings followers. I wish to show my personality through my writing and I guess getting to know someone takes time right? So people will read my blog and I believe will come back for my more! that’s the spirit!😉 ….

And lastly but not lastly,  how do I overcome the pressure of blogging?

This pressure will always remain as you want to do well and have people read your blog. That is the reason you blog in the first place, so people read it and comment on your opinions,thoughts and makeup looks. . and so I just try and reassure myself that people will come, and that I need to promote my blog more.  And surely people will find my blog and follow. I also tell myself that regardless of the blogosphere being saturated and even if I’m the billionth blogger,  everyone has their position and followers. There is  room for everyone and if people like you, your work and reviews then surely they will come!

What happened after implementing these thoughts!?
I definitely have become more optimistic and promoting my blog…
In this last month I feel as though I have definitely been more socially active, interacting with other bloggers especially via twitter and received some recognition from large companies like, LorealUK, GarnierUK and especially Urban decay (for my post on their all nighter setting spray here). The brands re- tweeting, favouriting or commenting that your ‘blog is great’, and’ blog posts are in-depth’ does feel very rewarding….appreciation given for the hard work and dedication put in.
This has in turn opened up some opportunities for me and gave me comfidence and I now have become determined that I will make this blog a successful one were people love to share and read my posts!

so on that note I just want to thank each and every one of you who have supported me, read any of my blog posts and followed me! I totally and utterly appreciate your comments, likes and shares!

That concludes this blog post but I’ll sure come back and do a part 2 in a couple of months to tell you how things have progressed.

p.s follow me on twitter @SabzBbeautyblog

I’d love to hear your opinions? what are the struggles for the new bloggers out there? Please feel free to share.

Thank you for reading 🌹

SabZ 👍


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  1. August 20, 2015 / 12:28 pm

    Hi SabZ,

    I started my first blog yesterday – so this post was super helpful to me. What amazing timing!
    Congratulations on your babies …. I’m impressed you find the time to blog, let alone do it so well!

    B x

    • August 20, 2015 / 12:55 pm

      thanks hun, hes 8months now and a handful!! yep blogging is hard work and there is pressure but if you enjoy what you do then you always make time and put in effort! thanks for reading and good luck hun on your new blogging journey! x ☺👍

  2. August 20, 2015 / 12:38 pm

    I felt the same at first but I went back to why I blogged to begin with and it’s because I liked doing it. I’m okay with no one seeing a post so long as I created what I wanted to get out of that post. Some bloggers make majority, if not all their money off of blogging and that’s amazing but I work two jobs; one salary that never ends even when I’m home and in school and have a teenager so my time is limited but i always appreciate the love of any reader and i know that in time, things can only get better if i keep at it. Don’t let his pressure you, we are in a technological world where pressure to be known out in social Media land will always be there but not anything to dwell on. You’ll do great

    • August 20, 2015 / 12:58 pm

      Fot me the happiness I get is from reader interaction as that’s why I created it…and for their to be interaction you need followers and I guess that’s were the pressure comes from….and yes your correct I’ve learnt to overcome it and stay optimistic! thanks for reading hun! x appreciate your comments ☺x

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